Chapter 1839 - Eighth Eessence!

Wang Lin had too many things he wanted to take out of his storage space. However, he only had one chance to take something out without damaging his storage space. After pondering a bit, he made his decision.

Right now, the puppet that was infinitely close to an early stage Void Tribulant cultivator was most useful to him!

The Yi Si Puppet he had obtained deep inside the Ancient Tomb appeared in Wang Lin’s mind. Without hesitation, he reached toward the space stone and his divine sense went inside. He opened his storage space inside!

The moment his storage space was opened, the space stone trembled. One of the spaces inside replaced Wang Lin’s storage space and collapsed.

The moment it collapsed, a monstrous killing intent charged out from Wang Lin’s storage space. In a flash, a figure with long limbs, scarlet tongue, and thin body appeared next to Wang Lin.

It was the Yi Si Puppet that looked like a thin monkey!

Bursts of roars and a fierce aura came from the Yi Si Puppet. It stared at Wang Lin and slowly remembered who Wang Lin was. Only then did the ferociousness in its eyes lessen a bit.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the fierce figure covered in killing intent and slowly said, “Yi Si, guard me!” 


The Yi Si Puppet’s eyes became fierce as it stared at the entrance to the cave, and its scarlet tongue dragged on the ground. It was a shocking sight. At this moment, if anyone entered the cave, they would be attacked by the crazed Yi Si Puppet.

Wang Lin was still worried and looked at the mosquito king ink tattoo. The moment he looked down, the mosquito king’s eyes revealed a cold gaze and seemed to be looking at Wang Lin.

The mosquito king was the last layer of protection Wang Lin had prepared for his closed door cultivation!

Only now did Wang Lin relax a bit. He sat down in the cave and looked at the water droplet with excitement. He took a deep breath and pressed the water droplet between his eyebrows.

The moment the water droplet touched the area between his eyebrows, the blood in his body seemed to boil. The water essence in his body immediately fused with the new water droplet and a shocking change took place.

During this change Wang Lin’s body rapidly withered as if all water and blood in his body gathered at one point.

His body rapidly withered. In just half an incense of time, he was like a skeleton. His hair was dried and his skin was covered in wrinkles. He was like a corpse that had been dried up for many years!

The water essence droplet had absorbed all the water and blood inside Wang Lin. It was crystal clear, but it was hidden inside his body and couldn’t be seen from the outside.

The condensing and absorption of the water essence was like this; it looked terrifying. This was because a cultivator’s body naturally contained water, and even blood contained water.

As he condensed the water essence, his body would naturally be affected. It was why his body looked like dried-up corpse.

Time slowly passed and seven days went by. During these seven days, Wang Lin remained motionless as if he was really dead. If not for the fact that his aura not only didn’t disappear but got stronger, people would think something had happened to him.

Two days later, Wang Lin’s dried body trembled and he opened his eyes. His eyes were cloudy as if even the water in his eyes had disappeared.

“Scatter, water essence…” A hoarse voice came from Wang Lin’s mouth and his dried-up hand formed a seal. The water essence droplet that had reached its limit suddenly exploded. Wang Lin’s body trembled and he quickly recovered.

This recovery happened in an instant. Wang Lin was no longer dried up and his skin was crystal clear. There seemed to be a light cycling inside and outside of his body.

He remained in this state for nine days. During these nine days, the water droplet that had fused with him rapidly rotated, and it was obviously smaller than it was 18 days ago.

It seemed like these nine days of condensing and nine days of scattering formed a cycle. After the first cycle ended, the second cycle immediately began!

On the 19th day of Wang Lin’s closed door cultivation, his body changed and instantly withered into a dried-up body. The water droplet in his body flashed rapidly.

This repeated many times. Wang Lin went through seven cycles of being dried-up and then saturated. After seven cycles, the water droplet in Wang Lin was less than 20% of its original size.

Several months passed.

Wang Lin ignored everything outside during these several months and wholeheartedly immersed himself in absorbing the water essence. He understood that once he succeeded in forming the water essence, his cultivation level would immediately increase!

And this water essence was a corporeal essence. It would have the same problem as his fire essence. The fusion and devouring of will.

However, Wang Lin’s water essence had only reached small completion before, and after fusing it with the water essence of the Immortal Astral Continent, the rejection wasn’t too great. He could endure it.

Time passed once more and another 18 days went by. Wang Lin had gone through the eighth cycle. After eight cycles, the water droplet was very small, and if one didn’t look closely, they wouldn’t even see it.

While Wang Lin was in closed door cultivation, his essence true body protected the cave outside. Inside the cave, the Yi Si Puppet guarded against everything.

The Yi Si Puppet hadn’t had blood for a long time and had become very irritated. It constantly roared and even sometimes looked at Wang Lin with a fierce gaze. However, it knew that Wang Lin was its master, and although this feeling wasn’t strong, it did have some effect in helping it resist its urge to devour blood.

The other most important thing was that the Yi Si Puppet felt that its master was different from before. He possessed an aura that terrified it. Although it was a faint connection, it had fused with its master’s soul.

This was the reason Wang Lin allowed it protect him. Although it was bloodthirsty, Wang Lin’s will still had an affect. As long as it wasn’t for too long, it would be no problem. As Wang Lin’s cultivation improved, his will would become even stronger and be enough to control this bloodthirsty puppet!

There was also that sliver of aura from his avatar inside his body. Others might find it difficult to detect, but the Yi Si Puppet could.

Fan Shanmeng was also in the mountain and had observed the cave Wang Lin was in for a long time. It has been several months now, and the thought in her might had become intense to the point that she walked out of her cave and headed toward the top of the mountain.

Fan Shanmen stopped 1,000 feet away when she spotted Wang Lin’s fire essence true body. Fear appeared in her eyes.

She wasn’t bold enough to act against Wang Lin when he was in closed door cultivation but wanted to closely observe him. Then she could complete her teacher’s order to slowly curse Wang Lin to death.

However, just as she stopped 1,000 feet away, Wang Lin’s essence true body opened its eyes and glanced at Fan Shanmeng.

Being looked at by the essence true body was the same as being looked at by Wang Lin. Fan Shanmeng trembled and lowered her head. She was about to retreat when a startling roar came from the cave. A thick, black mist came out of the cave and a pair of ferocious eyes appeared inside the fog. A scarlet tongue drooped down from the fog and swayed side to side. It twas a shocking sight.

Yi Si was inside the fog, and it had been without blood for months. It was very annoyed when it detected someone outside. It looked at Fan Shanmeng with bloodthirsty eyes and let out a roar before it charged at her.

Fan Shanmeng was at the seventh Arcane Tribulant and was already incredible. However, when she met Yi Si’s gaze, she trembled. Adding this on to her fear of Wang Lin, Fan Shanmeng retreated without hesitation.

However, she was obviously not as fast as Yi Si. The puppet let out a roar and charged at Fan Shanmeng. Its huge tongue lashed out toward her and the black fog blocked her path of retreat.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the sect. Most of the people in the Great Soul Sect had gotten the old ancestor’s order to not get close to Wang Lin’s mountain. When this occurred, they all looked over.

Yan Lu was cultivating when she opened her eyes and her expression changed. She had almost forgotten she had sent Fan Shanmeng to curse Wang Lin to death. There was a trace of fear in her eyes as she charged toward Wang Lin’s mountain.

Inside the cave, Wang Lin was experiencing the ninth and final cycle. Once he succeeded, his water essence would be complete and his cultivation level would increase.

However, the drop of water essence was completely used up and his body was withered. Wang Lin opened his eyes and a bright light shined from them.

“The water essence is not enough to complete the last cycle… I’m still missing a bit!! I need a large amount of water!!” Wang Lin looked terrifying right now. His dried-up body was almost like a skeleton.

As he pondered, he looked up and noticed the rumble outside the cave along with Yan Lu’s aura closing in.

“Yi Si, come back!” As Yan Lu closed in on the fog where Yi Si and Fan Shanmeng were fighting, Wang Lin’s voice echoed. At the same time, Wang Lin left the cave and arrived outside.

His dried body and terrifying appearance were seen by Yan Lu, and she let out a cry of shock.

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