Chapter 1838 - Three Gifts!

The box looked very ordinary, as if it was a mortal object, and was covered in dust. However, this box could prevent any divine sense from going inside, which was extraordinary!

There was a withered, yellow seal that seemed to be sealing it. It gave off an ancient aura as if it had existed for far too long. It had been a long time, and no one had taken off the withered, yellow seal.

Looking at the box, Wang Lin pondered, but then his eyes lit up and he tore off the yellow seal no one had taken off for countless years!

The moment the seal was removed, Wang Lin clearly felt a strange force enter his body. It cycled once inside his body and quickly left as if it was judging if the right person had opened the box.

The sealing paper seemed to age countless years in Wang Lin’s hand, and it turned to dust before Wang Lin. Only the box floated motionlessly before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was serious. When the seal was released, he felt a fluctuation from the box. This fluctuation was difficult to detect and easy to miss.

He raised his hand and waved at the box. The box opened, revealing what was inside!

It was a fist-sized black rock. This rock had an irregular shape and looked no different from a normal rock. However, its was covered in small holes and emitted faint fluctuations that spread out, filling the cave.

Looking at the rock, Wang Lin frowned. He didn’t know what it was. His divine sense spread out and extended into the rock. However, when his divine sense got close, it was absorbed into the small holes.

Wang Lin remained calm and allowed the rock to absorb his divine sense. He eventually saw what was inside, and his expression changed! 

“This is…” Wang Lin saw that this small rock contained contained immeasurable space. It looked like every small hole was its own independent space.

“This is a piece of space stone… This is my first gift to you… I know you just came from the cave world to the Immortal Astral Continent, so you will certainly have difficulty opening your storage space. At the cost of one pocket of space in the space stone, you can take out one item from your storage space without damage. However, not more than once; otherwise, the cluster of space will become unstable and will then collapse.” And ancient voice came out from the space stone.

“This is only one use of the space rock. It has another role: to nurture a Heavenly Dao… I know you have an incomplete Heavenly Dao with you. Nourish it here and it will slowly become complete...

“This is the first gift, I hope you like it.” The ancient voice slowly winded down until it dissipated without a trace. No matter how much Wang Lin searched inside the space stone, he couldn’t find a trace of that voice.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and his divine sense withdrew from the space stone. He stared at it and pondered.

He didn’t act recklessly but put the stone to the side. His gaze landed on the second box. The seal was still on the box. When Wang Lin waved his hand, the seal rolled off. With a bang, the box opened.

Inside, there was only one thing: a jade surrounded by fog. It looked like the jade was entirely made of fog. When it appeared before Wang Lin, the fog moved strangely.

Staring at the jade made of fog, Wang Lin frowned. His hand reached out and the jade flew into his grasp. The moment the jade touched his hand, that ancient voice appeared in his mind.

“This is the second gift I prepared for you… This jade was formed by my lifetime of cultivating the Soul Eye Dao. It can allow you to see the changes in the Immortal Astral Continent once, or it can divinate one thing for you...

“But only once…”

The voice disappeared. Wang Lin silently pondered and looked at the jade in his hand. He saw countless figures inside and felt like as long as he willed it, he could appoint a person to divinate with this jade.

The first gift would allow Wang Lin to safely access his storage space and nourish his Heavenly Dao. Although it was tempting, it wasn’t necessary.

However, the second gift was completely different and was several times more precious than the first gift. If what the voice had said was true and it could divinate the past and future of himself or someone else, then it was extremely valuable to Wang Lin.

At a critical moment, this jade could save his life!

Looking at the jade, Wang Lin’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. After a long time, he withdrew his gaze and looked at the third box!

“The first was already precious and the second was far more precious than the first. I wonder what the third will be…” Wang Lin put the jade to the side and his right hand grabbed the third box.

The seal on the box disappeared and even the box itself seemed to decay. It turned into dust, revealing a drop of crystal clear water the size of a fingernail!

This drop of water seemed to be filled with fog and gaze off a dazzling light that could capture one’s mind. When one saw it, they would be lost in the world of the drop of water.

A powerful water essence aura spread from the drop of water and filled the cave. This aura diffused across the mountain and almost made the flaming mountain show signs of extinguishing!

When Wang Lin saw this drop of water, his expression changed and his pupils shrank. He stared at the drop of water and a huge wave was set off in his heart.

This third item was something Wang Lin needed far more than the previous two. This was something Wang Lin had dreamed of. His water essence had only reached small completion on Planet Five Elements and hadn’t been able to progress. As a result, he was stuck at the late stage of Spirit Void.

Even after his fire essence true body formed, it still didn’t improve Wang Lin’s cultivation level; it only made his spells more fierce.

“I already have seven essences. Once this water essence becomes complete, I’ll have eight essences and reach peak Spirit Void. If I can get a ninth essence after this, I can merge them into one to break through Spirit Void and become an Arcane Void cultivator!

“At that time, although I will only be at the Arcane Void stage, with my nine essences, I will be able to battle early stage Void Tribulant cultivators without the use of these grand spells. Once I reach the late stage of Arcane Void, I won’t have to go through Arcane Tribulants one by one but all nine in a row!! Then I’ll become a Void Tribulant cultivator!”

Wang Lin understood that his path of cultivation was completely different from others. He didn’t have any Joss Flames and relied purely on comprehension and plundering the heavens and earth. After he obtained nine essence and entered Arcane Void, he would be vastly different from others.

It could be said that the key to Wang Lin’s cultivation was essences!

Although essences sound simple, obtaining and completing them was very difficult. Looking at  this drop of water essence, Wang Lin couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

This wasn’t the first time he had obtained the water essence droplet in his life; it was the second time! The first time was from the mysterious All-Seer. It was with that water droplet and his luck on planet Five Elements that his water essence had reached small completion.

However, the water droplet in his hand was far beyond what the All-Seer had given him. It was impossible to compare the two, like the bright moon to the firefly!

“This drop of water essence is the third gift I prepared for you. I refined 99 rivers in the Heavenly River Continent and also used a number of cultivators with water essences to nourish them. I don’t know if your water essence will be complete after you absorb it, but even if it isn’t, it should only be a sliver away...

“I hope you will like these three gifts. I hope you will shelter my Great Soul Sect… Allow my descendents to return to the Central Continent!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. After the ancient voice disappeared from his mind, he grasped the drop of water. This was simply too important to him!

Holding the drop of water essence, Wang Lin’s divine sense rushed inside. After carefully searching it, he was confident there was no problem. His eyes shined as he looked up, and his gaze seemed to penetrate the cave.

“If I have the ability to protect the Great Soul Sect in the future, I’ll do it!” As Wang Lin’s words echoed, a bolt of thunder let out a thunderous rumble outside the Great Soul Sect.

As the rumble echoed, many cultivators were shaken. Old ancestor Green Bull sat up and his eyes opened. His heart was shaken and his pupils shrank as he stared at the rumbling thunder outside.

“First generation ancestor…”

As the thunder rumbled, Wang Lin raised his left hand and formed a seal. A powerful pressure spread out from his body and shrouded the mountain.

“Essence true body, protect me!” Wang Lin’s voice echoed in the Great Soul Sect. His right hand formed a seal and the fire from the burning mountain gathered outside his cave to form his essence true body, then he sat down.

At the same time, Fan Shanmeng’s eyes lit up and she looked up at the top of the mountain covered in fire. It was unknown what she was thinking.

Wang Lin naturally wouldn’t ignore Fan Shanmeng. If he dared to bring the woman here, then he naturally had a way of dealing with her. The moment he closed his eyes, his right hand grabbed the space stone.

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