Chapter 1838 - Three Gifts!

The box looked very ordinary, as if it was a mortal object, and was covered in dust. However, this box could prevent any divine sense from going inside, which was extraordinary!

There was a withered, yellow seal that seemed to be sealing it. It gave off an ancient aura as if it had existed for far too long. It had been a long time, and no one had taken off the withered, yellow seal.

Looking at the box, Wang Lin pondered, but then his eyes lit up and he tore off the yellow seal no one had taken off for countless years!

The moment the seal was removed, Wang Lin clearly felt a strange force enter his body. It cycled once inside his body and quickly left as if it was judging if the right person had opened the box.

The sealing paper seemed to age countless years in Wang Lin’s hand, and it turned to dust before Wang Lin. Only the box floated motionlessly before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was serious. When the seal was...

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