Chapter 1837 - Soul Eye Dao!

On the eighth floor of the Soul Scripture Pavilion, the shocking aura on Wang Lin’s body slowly dissipated until it was gone and went back to the avatar in the void.

Wang Lin didn’t want to use too much power from the avatar. He would use just the right amount and not waste any. There was no benefit to using too much, and it could cause the avatar to wither.

As for borrowing the avatar’s power to enter the ninth floor, this thought had appeared in Wang Lin’s mind for a moment. However, he felt how powerful the restriction on those stairs were, and the cost of going up was too great. It was not worth it to try at his current cultivation level.

After measuring the gains and losses, Wang Lin gave up on the idea of going up to the ninth floor. He scattered the aura from his avatar and began observing the eighth floor.

He could only choose one spell in the Soul Scripture Pavilion, and this was not something Wang Lin could change. His gaze swept by the nine seven-inch soul bodies.

Wang Lin felt the Soul Fantasy Origin spell, the multi-layered illusion spell, and the Soul Eye Dao that made him smile bitterly among the nine soul bodies here.

As for the other spells, Wang Lin hadn’t seen anyone personally use them, but he still scanned them.

The Great Soul Sect focused on the Soul Illusion Spell. Most core disciples could use this multi-layered illusion spell, but they couldn’t display its true might. Once an eight layered illusion was created, the power was heaven-shattering.

Wang Lin’s eyes stopped on the third soul body among the nine. This soul body contained the multi-layered illusion.

“Only eight layers… The limit for this spell is nine. Without the ninth layer, this spell is incomplete…” Wang Lin frowned.

“It looks like the complete version is on the ninth floor.” Wang Lin pondered and looked at the seventh soul body. The aura from this soul body was as powerful as the mutli-layered illusion.

This seventh soul body contained the Soul Fantasy Origin Yan Lu had used, and this spell was complete on the eighth floor.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and began to deliberate between these two.

“Even if I don’t go to the ninth floor now, I will eventually go there. After all, the multi-layered illusion is something I absolutely must obtain! In this way, there is no need to choose it now, and with the soul gourd, the Soul Fantasy Origin is more suitable now!” After pondering a bit, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he made a decision. Once he made a decision, he wouldn’t change his mind. He walked to the seventh soul body and sat down. His right hand formed a seal and pointed at the seventh soul body.

The seventh soul body trembled and released a ghostly light that shrouded the whole eighth floor. It slowly drifted to above Wang Lin’s head, making it look like he was cultivating.

Waves of ghostly like strands came from the seventh soul body and entered Wang Lin’s body through his orifices.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, and as the smoke-like strands entered his body, he could hear a voice murmuring in his ears. It slowly imprinted in his soul and became second nature to him.

Time slowly passed, Wang Lin sat in the eighth floor for three days. During these three days, he didn’t move at all as he absorbed the Soul Fantasy Origin from the seven-inch soul body.

He didn’t know that his figure had already been deeply imprinted in mind of every disciple and that ha had almost become a legend.

To break through the seventh and eighth floors at once, although it had been done before, very few had done it. The newly appointed Elder Wang’s identity and origin were subjects of speculation among the disciples of the Great Soul Sect.

There were many speculations, but none of them fitted the truth.

The few people that knew the truth wouldn’t easily reveal it. Whether it was the sisters Fan Shanmeng or Fan Shanlu, or Old Ancestor Green Bull, they wouldn’t bring it up. Even Yan Lu wouldn’t mention it after a crack had been left in her dao heart by Wang Lin to make her fear him.

As for his identity as an Ancient Country cultivator, this information had been sealed by Old Ancestor Green Bull. He sent out an order of silence.

The three days of time wasn’t enough for the speculations about Wang Lin to die down. As the sun shined on the fourth day, Wang Lin opened his eyes on the eighth floor of the Soul Scripture Pavilion.

His eyes seemed to be different from before; they now contained strands of smoke like a dream. As long as one took a look at them, they would be immersed in his gaze, finding themselves unable to escape.

“Soul Fantasy Origin… So it’s like this…” Wang Lin murmured and closed his eyes once more. After a long time, he let out a breath of foul air, got up, and walked down the stairs.

Step by step, he walked down the stairs. He went down from the eighth floor directly to the fifth floor, the third floor, until he reached the first floor.

“The spells of the Great Soul Sect, whether it is the Soul Eye Dao or Soul Fantasy Origin, require one to split off a portion of their soul. That portion will communicate with the world to execute the series of spells...

“No wonder I couldn’t study the multi-layered illusion spell inside the cave world and could only borrow the Ghostly Sail to use it. When I didn’t have the Ghostly Sail, I lost the ability to use the spell…” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light as he walked out from the Soul Scripture Pavilion.

He flew out from the rift outside the Soul Scripture Pavilion, and the moment he went out, the rift outside the Green Heavenly Peak closed.

Old Ancestor Green Bull inside the Green Heavenly Peak watched Wang Lin leave and let out a sigh of relief. If Wang Lin had entered the ninth floor 300 years early, he really wouldn’t know what to do.

“The first generation ancestor divinated that Wang Lin would enter the ninth floor after being here for 300 years. Then, on the ninth day after he entered the ninth floor, the three major sects of the Green Devil Continent would join forces to wipe out my Great Soul Sect and the Gui Yi Sect...

“Their goal is to obtain the suppressed Heavenly Bull Soul under the Heavenly Bull Continent…” Esteemed Green Bull looked worried. Although he knew everything in advance and had made a series of preparations, the uncertainty Wang Lin had brought made him feel uneasy.

“The first generation ancestor created the Great Soul Sect, and his background was extremely mysterious. Not even the later generation of ancestors knew who he was. There was a rumor that the Soul Eye Dao originally had two parts, and the other part was named Dao Eye Soul!

“Rumor has it that the first generation ancestor was an extremely powerful dao disciple of a hidden sect in the Immortal Astral Continent, but in his generation, there were two...

“They inherited the Soul Eye Dao and the Dao Eye Soul… Then, for some reason, the old ancestor gave up the chance to obtain the complete dao. He left by himself and came to the Heavenly Bull Continent that had just been created by the Celestial Ancestor. Then he created the Great Soul Sect here...

“There were also rumors…” Esteemed Green Bull thought about the final rumor and couldn’t help but tremble. He looked into the far distance, toward where the Center Continent was.

The last rumor was something that all the disciples the Great Soul Sect had gathered. This information was simply too terrifying and was called a rumor instead!

“Rumor has it that in the imperial city, the Imperial Teacher’s linage’s dao art is called Dao Eye Soul…” Esteemed Green Bull silently pondered and felt disturbed. After a long time, he let out a sigh and began to cultivate.

Wang Lin flew through the Great Soul Sect. The Great Soul Sect was very large, so it was impossible to see the end at a glance. One could only see the mountains that pierced the heavens one after another.

However, whenever Wang Lin passed one, divine senses would spread out to form figures that clasped their hands at him in a friendly manner.

If others respected Wang Lin, then he would respect them back. Along the way, he smiled and clasped his hands back at his fellow sect members before returning to his burning peak.

Fan Shanmeng was still outside the mountain. She was tired but wouldn’t dare to leave.

After closing in on the mountain, Wang Lin’s gaze swept by Fan Shameng and his expression remained the same. When he stepped onto the mountain, his voice echoed.

“Come inside, the cave is a bit messy. Clean it up and find a place to stay. Be ready to be called at any time!”

Fan Shanmeng lowered her head and nodded. She clenched her teeth and lightly walked toward the burning mountain. The heatwave made her sweat even more, and it took a long time before she could bear walking in. With an angry gaze, she looked at where Wang Lin went, before calming herself. She began cleaning up the caves according to Wang Lin’s order.

Wang Lin returned to the cave at the top and sat down. He waved his hand and three boxes appeared before him. These three boxes were the three gifts Esteemed Green Bull had handed him.

“This Great Soul Sect has been good to me, and I can consider staying here for some time before looking for Teacher…

“I still don’t understand the full situation of Teacher’s place. However, for me to suddenly appear, there must be some people that are not happy or want to cause a dispute… Therefore, I must increase my cultivation level before finding Teacher!” Someone at Wang Lin’s cultivation level had a sense of dangers in the future. Although it was not as clear as those who could divinate the changes in the world, he still had some grasp of the situation.

He vaguely had a feeling there was a great calamity gathering for him.

“As long as I have a high enough cultivation level, none of these calamities are a problem! Now I want to see what kind of gifts the person in the Great Soul Sect that divinated I would appear left me!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and landed on the first box.

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