Chapter 1836 - Avatar’s Suppression!!

The heavens and earth trembled and the giant stairs seemed to lead to heaven itself. Wang Lin stood on the first step of the staircase like a celestial god. His fluttering, white hair gave him a sense of elegance.

He lowered his head and his gaze swept the ground. Finally, his gaze fell on Yan Lu’s peak and the disciple who Yan Lu’s divine sense had taken over. The female disciple trembled and revealed a look of shock. Yan Lu felt like her divine sense was going to be knocked out of the female disciple.

If Wang Lin’s gaze lingered a bit longer, her divine sense would be knocked away.

She had never felt this kind of feeling before. Even though Old Ancestor Green Bull could also do it, this aura made Yan Lu feel different.

At this instant, from Yan Lu’s point of view, this Wang Lin was no longer the same Wang Lin she had met!

This feeling was clearly different. Indeed, they were the same people, but they brought two different kinds of shock.

She wasn’t the only one shocked. Every cultivator who met Wang Lin’s gaze felt their mind rumble and would retreat. They all had the terrifying feeling of their origin souls being blasted out of their bodies.

Regardless of cultivation level, whether it was the lowest disciples, the elders of the sect, and even those old monsters, everyone felt the same thing: that their origin soul was going to separate from their body.

All of this was because of Wang Lin’s terrifying gaze!

There was also Old Ancestor Green Bull in the Green Heavenly Peak. After Wang Lin looked at Yan Lu, he immediately looked over there. When Esteemed Green Bull’s gaze met Wang Lin’s gaze, his expression changed greatly. His body trembled and green gas appeared behind him to form his essence true body.

Wang Lin’s gaze soon disappeared, but Esteemed Green Bull still felt his heart trembling, and his eyes filled with shock. That gaze was ruthless, indifferent, as if the entire world was below his feet and should worship him!

Old Ancestor Esteemed Green Bull had not been to the royal capital of the ancient countries. If he had seen that towering statue of the Ancient Ancestor, then he would have a familiar feeling.

The aura of Wang Lin’s huge shadow in the sky was shockingly similar to the Ancient Ancestor’s aura, but there were some differences on the details.

“This… This… What happened to him… This person is definitely not Wang Lin! Who is he!?” Esteemed Green Bull’s face was pale and he rushed out from the cave. He stood outside, and his expression was very serious.

In the sky, Wang Lin’s giant shadow withdrew his gaze and closed his eyes. Esteemed Green Bull didn’t know Wang Lin’s secret and didn’t know that it was also Wang Lin. However, that shocking aura came from Wang Lin’s avatar!

The moment Wang Lin closed his eyes, he raised his foot and calmly took a step. When his step landed, a thunderous rumble echoed. The illusion of the stairs trembled as if it couldn’t withstand Wang Lin.

It was as if Wang Lin’s step had come out of the distant void instead. Forget the Soul Scripture Pavilion, it felt like not even the Great Soul Sect or even the entire Green Bull Continent could withstand this step!

When the thunderous rumble echoed, Wang Lin took another step. He didn’t stop, but he didn’t rush either. He was very calm and walked up the stairs as if this was his home.

The third step, fourth step, fifth step… Everyone in the Great Soul Sect silently watched him climb up 15 steps!

He had climbed those 15 steps without pausing at all, as if the restrictions on the steps were insignificant to him.

This scene caused the disciples of the Great Soul Sect to turn pale. It shocked all the old monsters in closed door cultivation. Old Ancestor Green Bull gasped!

Yan Lu’s divine sense in the female disciple shook and she almost lost control. She clenched her fist until her nails dug into her flesh and blood started dripping.

The world rumbled Wang Lin raised his foot with his eyes closed. He stepped onto the 16th step, then the 17th step. On the 18th step, he suddenly opened his eyes.

A heavenly pressure spread out from his eyes and shrouded the earth below. Anyone who saw him lowered their head and didn’t dare to meet his gaze. Yan Lu’s divine sense that was inside one of her disciples trembled. It was as if her divine sense was about to be expelled from the body.

“Yan Lu, I won!” A calm voice echoed across the world just before Wang Lin took the last step and stepped onto the 19th step. He arrived on the eighth floor of the Soul Scripture Pavilion!

The moment his words echoed, the female disciple Yan Lu’s divine sense had taken over trembled. Her divine sense slowly dissipated. The female disciple retreated a few steps, and her eyes were filled with confusion.

At this moment, the entire Great Soul Sect became deathly silent… However, soon, a huge uproar spread across the entire sect.

“He… succeeded!!”

“He broke through the seventh and eighth floors back to back. Elder Wang has actually entered the eighth floor!”

“His gaze was simply too terrifying. I have never encountered a gaze like that from any cultivator!”

In the Green Heavenly Peak, Old Ancestor Green Bul looked at the illusion as it slowly disappeared. His expression continued to change until he revealed a complicated expression.

In the Soul Scripture Pavilion, Yan Lu, who was on the sixth floor, lost all color on her face. Her body trembled as she silently stood at the entrance to the stairs to the seventh floor.

The gourd in her hand seemed to be surrounded by a powerful force to take it away. However, at this moment, Yan Lu clenched her teeth and held on to the gourd, resisting that force.

“Oh? Are you going to break the bet?” As Yan Lu grasped the goard, Wang Lin’s voice came from the eighth floor above. At the same time, footsteps echoed above Yan Lu.

The moment Wang Lin walked into the eighth floor, he turned around to walk down. After successfully entering the seventh and eight floors once, he could go up and down as he wished. Going up and down the stairs would no longer cause the illusion to appear, and no one outside could see what was happening. However, Yan Lu felt like a powerful being was descending from the eighth floor.

The creaking sounds of footsteps echoed inside the Soul Scripture Pavilion. Wang Lin slowly walked down the stairs and soon arrived on the seventh floor.

“You made the bet but want to break it. I didn’t ask for this bet, you did!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm, reaching Yan Lu’s ears from the seventh floor.

Yan Lu’s pupils shrank and she saw Wang Lin’s right foot land on the staircase. From her position, she could not see Wang Lin, only his right foot. When Wang Lin’s foot landed, Yan Lu felt like she was facing the entire world.

“Are you sure you want to break it?” Wang Lin slowly walked down the stairs, and his voice was filled with a sense of majesty. His voice seemed to override the restrictions here and was beyond the law of the Immortal Astral Continent as it descended on the Great Soul Sect.

As Wang Lin continued to walk down, his legs and body slowly appeared in her eyes.

“Are you sure? Answer me!” Wang Lin landed on the ninth step, revealing his body. His words were calm, but they echoed like thunder. Yan Lu’s face was calm and she retreated several steps.

Her eyes revealed panic. At this moment, she forgot her own cultivation level and felt like an ant before Wang Lin. And Wang Lin didn’t look like Wang Lin to her!!

“Who are you!?” There were blood lines in Yan Lu’s eyes and her voice was almost hoarse.

Wang Lin was using the power of his avatar to suppress Yan Lu. After completely suppressing her, he would leave a crack in her dao heart. In the future, when they encountered each other, she would have a fear of him.

As a result, this woman would no longer be a threat to him in the future!

There was no deep hatred between them, and Wang Lin didn’t want to destroy her dao heart. In the future, this woman could cultivate normally, but she would fear Wang Lin and would avoid becoming his enemy!

“Hand it over!” Wang Lin descended once more and walked down two more steps. He casually raised his right hand.

However, Yan Lu felt like those two steps had smashed into her heart. She felt like the world had collapsed and was pressing down on her. If she didn’t follow Wang Lin’s order, she would be crushed to death by the world!

While trembling, the light in Yan Lu’s eyes seemed to scatter. She could not bear this pressure in her heart.  At this moment, the pressure from Wang Lin caused her to feel endless fear.

Her right hand slowly loosened and the gourd flew out of her hand and into Wang Lin’s palm.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm but were shining brightly. This was his first time borrowing the full aura of his avatar and using it to suppress someone. The power of this aura shocked him too.

Wang Lin grabbed the gourd in his hand, turned around, and walked up the stairs back to the seventh and eighth floors. He was still going to choose a spell!

It wasn’t until Wang Lin had disappeared from Yan Lu’s vision that the terrifying feeling slowly disappeared. Yan Lu’s body softened and she retreated a few steps. Her heart felt bitter and she had a complicated expression.

Wang Lin slowly returned to the eighth floor. This place was covered in dust, as if no one had come here in a long time. This place was not large; it had nine seven-inch soul bodies emitting a soft glow.

These nine soul bodies contained nine extremely powerful dao spells of the Great Soul Sect. Each one could destroy the world!

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