Chapter 1835 - Another Bet!

After Wang Lin spoke, his foot landed on the 14th step. At this moment, the essence true body behind him turned into a sea of fire and rushed into his body. Wang Lin became one with his essence true body and stepped forward!

This was the 15th step!

The world rumbled and the countless cultivators in the Great Soul Sect observed. When they saw Wang Lin take the 15th step, he took another!

This was the 16th step!

 “Just three more…  My will won’t yield even to the heavens, why should I back down!?” Wang Lin’s life and death essence erupted from his body.

Ethereal essences weren’t affected by the Immortal Astral Continent. The moment it erupted, Wang Lin stepped onto the 17th step!

“My will has pierced the cave world and the Immortal Astral Continent. I’m the first person to leave the cave world! Even if this is the will of a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator, what qualifications do you have to force me to back down!?” Wang Lin’s true and false essence erupted before him. His body was like an illusion, and as he rapidly changed, he landed on the 18th step!

This scene was seen by all the disciples of the Great Soul Sect, and it shook their heartS. When Yan Lu saw this, her face instantly turned pale.

Even the old monsters in the Great Soul Sect that were often in closed door cultivation walked out and watched with their own eyes.

“My will can’t be destroyed by divine retribution. I took back my own destiny from divine retribution. I came to the Immortal Astral Continent not to serve but to take back my own destiny! I came to the Immortal Astral Continent not to obey but to walk above the heavens!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined as his karma essence erupted. His foot landed on the 19th step and he entered the seventh floor!

When his foot landed, the illusion above the Great Soul Sect shined brightly. All the disciples of the Great Soul Sect looked up at the illusion with respect.

The strong will be respected, no matter where they are. Wang Lin had used his own power to tell everyone in the Great Soul Sect he could enter the seventh floor!

All those who didn’t have a good outlook on him trembled in their hearts and couldn’t say a word for a long time.

“From now on, the seventh floor is no longer a place only five people beside the ancestor can enter. There is now one more…” As everyone remained silent, a sigh came from far away.

At the same time, in the Green Heavenly Peak, Esteemed Green Bull pondered. He was still sitting there and hadn’t looked up, but his gaze was serious.

“He… actually entered the seventh floor… The ancestor said that this person would enter the seventh floor in three years, the eighth floor in 30 years, and the ninth floor in 300 years to bring the greatest fortune to my Great Soul Sect!

“Now… it has changed…”

When Wang Lin stepped into the seventh floor of the Soul Scripture Pavilion, he turned around to look at the pale Yan Lu! He waved his sleeve and the blood sword and blue umbrella flew toward him.

“Yan Lu, I’ll take the umbrella!”

Yan Lu subconsciously raised her hand to grab the umbrella, but her pride didn’t allow her. With that moment of hesitation, the umbrella and the blood sword arrived next to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin put away the blood sword and grabbed the blue umbrella. Just as he was about to erase Yan Lu’s divine sense to make it his own, her cold voice echoed from the sixth floor.

“Wang Lin, are you still willing to bet!?”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He sneered and stopped his motion of erasing the divine sense. He held it in his hand and spoke slowly.

“What do you want to bet?”

“I bet you can’t enter the eighth floor! Do you dare to take the bet?” Yan Lu moved to the bottom of the staircase but didn’t dare to step on it. She looked up at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t immediately speak but pondered.

“If you lose, you only need to return the treasure back to me! But if you win, I…” Before Yan Lu finished speaking, Wang Lin interrupted her.

“Why should I continue betting with you?” Wang Lin’s words were calm as he waved his sleeve and walked into the seventh floor, where there was less than 30 soul bodies.

“Wang Lin!! If you win, I’ll give this treasure to you!!” Yan Lu waved her hand and a small, purple gourd appeared.

The moment the gourd appeared, soul fluctuations came from it.

“This a treasure from the ninth ancestor, Luo Yunhai, and I inadvertently found it. He gathered 1 billion dao souls within and now it’s broken, but it still has 30 million dao souls inside. Although it can only be used once, it can launch an attack equal to a peak mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator’s!

“This item is the reason I can summon the ninth ancestor with the Soul Fantasy Origin. With this, you can also summon the ninth ancestor with the Soul Fantasy Origin!

“As long as you can enter the eighth floor, you can take this! Are you willing to bet?!” Yan Lu’s voice was sharp as it echoed through the Soul Scripture Pavilion.

Wang Lin footsteps stopped and he felt the soul fluctuations from the sixth floor. He was currently lacking treasures. If he wanted a foothold on the Immortal Astral Continent, aside from his own strength, treasures were key.

“If I can get it, then I’ll have a killer ace that can threaten mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators…” Wang Lin pondered as his gaze swept the stairs heading toward the eighth floor.

The dust on the stairs was even thicker; it was obvious it had been a long time since someone stepped onto them

Wang Lin’s divine sense had swept the soul bodies on the seventh floor. The more complete Soul Fantasy Origin and the multi-layered illusion were present. However, the ones on the eighth floor would be more complete.

“If I don’t use the power of my avatar in the void, it will be very difficult to get up to the eighth floor…” Wang Lin frowned and began measuring the gains and losses as he slowly sensed his avatar in the void.

Yan Lu was on the sixth floor, waiting for Wang Lin’s reply. She was slightly anxious, she was worried that Wang Lin wouldn’t agree, or that once Wang Lin agreed, he would really have a method to get up to the eighth floor.

“This shouldn’t be possible… That umbrella has great use for me. I’m not willing to let him take it so easily! The eighth floor... contains the will of late stage Void Tribulant. With that Wang Lin’s cultivation level, he must have been injured while reaching the seventh floor. He could never reach the eighth floor!”

Just as Yan Lu was pondering anxiously about this, Wang Lin’s words echoed from the seventh floor.

“Since you want to bet, then let’s bet!” Wang Lin’s words were decisive. That gourd filled with 30 million dao souls was something he had to obtain. When he checked on his avatar, he found that its growth had been faster than he expected, so even if it sent out some power, it wouldn’t affect the avatar too much.

After considering all of this, Wang Lin made up his mind.

When Yan Lu heard Wang Lin’s words, she began to feel regret. She didn’t know why, but the decisiveness in Wang Lin’s words alarmed her.

“This…” There was hesitation in Yan Lu’s eyes.

“What, do you not dare? If you don’t dare, then forget it. Don’t blame me for wiping away the divine sense on this blue umbrella!” Wang Lin smiled and held the blue umbrella in his right hand. He raised his left hand to erase the divine sense left on it.

“OK, I’ll bet with you! I don’t believe you can get onto the eighth floor!” Yan Lu clenched her teeth.

Wang Lin laughed and charged toward the stars toward the eighth floor. Wang Lin’s mind and the avatar in the void formed a connection. This connection ignored all the restrictions in the Great Soul Sect and even the countless restrictions in the Soul Scripture Pavilion. Not even the laws of the Immortal Astral Continent could stop the power surging toward him.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, and with seven steps, he arrived at the stairs to the eighth floor. With one step, he walked forward.

“Yan Lu, watch carefully!”

The moment Wang Lin’s foot landed on the staircase, the many cultivators outside were ready to disperse. But their hearts trembled and they all looked up. Even the expressions of the old monsters changed!

The illusion had disappeared from the sky of the Great Soul Sect, but at this moment, an even larger and brighter staircase suddenly appeared!

The set of stairs lead to the eighth floor of the Soul Scripture Pavilion!

Wang Lin’s figure appeared on the stairs once more. That head of white hair shocked everyone’s minds.

“He… He actually wants to head to the eighth floor!!”

“This is something that is rarely seen, even in hundreds of years!! I will actually get to see someone trying to break through the seventh and eighth floors at once!!”

An uproar echoed as the elders in closed door cultivator all looked over with serious expressions. In the Green Heavenly Peak, Esteemed Green Bull could no longer maintain his calm. He got up and his expression constantly changed; he could no longer hide the shock in his heart.

“He is going to the eighth floor!! To head into the seventh floor three years early is one thing, but to enter the eighth floor 30 years early is…” The old ancestor didn’t know if this was good or bad for the Great Soul Sect. However, deviating off the divination of the ancient ancestor caused him to feel uneasiness.

In the sixth floor, Yan Lu couldn’t enter the seventh floor or see the changes up there. Even her divine sense couldn’t enter, but with her cultivation level, she had her own methods.

In the new peak Yan Lu had been given, one of her disciples was looking at the sky in shock. She trembled and her eyes suddenly lost focus and was replaced with killing intent. At that moment, the female disciple’s soul was suppressed and the divine sense Yan Lu had left on the peak took over, making her Yan Lu’s eyes.

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