Chapter 1834 - Desire to Step on the Clear Sky!

Chapter 1834 - Desire to Step on the Clear Sky!

There was a flash of blood light. Wang Lin raised his right hand and the blood sword landed on the ground.

“This sword should be enough!” 

Yan Lu’s gaze swept by the blood sword. She knew that the blood sword was a treasure of the Ancient Dao clan. It was worthy of being an equal bet to her blue umbrella.

“Good! I’ll make a bet with you. I want to see how you will be knocked back by the restrictions of the seventh floor!” Yan Lu’s pupils suddenly shrank. She suddenly couldn’t see through Wang Lin.

“For him to take out this sword… Could he be completely certain that he can enter the seventh floor?”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm and he no longer looked at Yan Lu. He walked toward the stairs to the seventh floor, but his pace was not fast or slow. Each step caused a ripple and seemed to be stepping on Yan Lu’s heart. She stopped comprehending the soul body above her and stared at Wang Lin, feeling a bit nervous.

She vaguely felt some regret and shouldn’t have tried to stimulate Wang Lin. That blue umbrella was a powerful treasure of hers, and its defensive power was very strong.

“Hmph, this person is very cunning, and a liar. I fear after he loses, he will find some way to withdraw from the bet!” Yan Lu looked at Wang Lin as he walked toward the ancient stairs.

Wang Lin looked at the stairs. There was a total of 19 steps to the seventh floor. It looked like one could easily get up, but once he got close, the dangerous aura warned him. If his will was lacking, then stepping on the stairs was the same as surviving the raging sea on a lonely boat.

“What, do you not dare?” when Yan Lu saw Wang Lin stop before the stairs, she relaxed a bit. She was really afraid he would calmly walk up the stairs without any problem even though it was almost impossible.

Wang Lin suddenly turned around and meaningfully looked at Yan Lu.

“Watch carefully!” After Wang Lin spoke, his eyes shined and his foot landed on the first step. When his foot landed, the sky above the Great Soul Sect suddenly changed.

A giant staircase hundreds of kilometers wide appeared in the sky over the Great Soul Sect. The bright staircase lit up the dark sky over the Great Soul Sect.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the dark night, awakening countless Great Soul Sect cultivators from their cultivation. Their divine senses spread out or they simply flew out from their peaks to see the giant stairs in the sky!

“Someone is trying to enter the seventh floor of the Soul Scripture Pavilion!!”

“That head of white hair. From his appearance, isn’t that the new elder, Wang?”

“Although his cultivation is not bad, it will be very difficult to enter the seventh floor!”

“Haha, there is something lively to see. It has been almost 100 years since someone has tried to enter the seventh floor. Aside from those old fellows, almost no one would dare to enter the seventh floor!”

“The restrictions inside the Soul Scripture Pavilion are powerful. Unless one successfully enters the seventh floor once, that staircase will keep appearing in the sky for everyone to see his attempts to enter the seventh floor! I think this elder Wang will without a doubt fail!”

There was a total of 19 steps, and on the first step stood a huge figure. This figure had a head of white hair. It was Wang Lin!

This was the illusion the Soul Scripture Pavilion would create when someone wanted to enter the seventh floor. It was something that happened since ancient times. Anyone who wished to go up to the seventh floor would be watched by all!

It was a sense of glory but also a great pressure. If one was not qualified, then everyone would see that person’s performance, including their sorry state when they got knocked back.

It was precisely because of this that not many people had tried to enter the seventh floor!

In the Great Soul Sect, several rays of light flew out from their respective peaks. This kind of lively matter was not that rare but not easy to see. Since they had encountered it, they were very interested.

However, very few people thought Wang Lin would succeed; most were hoping to see him in a sorry state.

Even Esteemed Green Bull frowned. He looked up. His gaze penetrated the mountain and saw the illusion in the sky.

“He is a bit reckless… With this cultivation level, it is impossible to enter the seventh floor…” Esteemed Green Bull let out a sigh and shook his head.

“This is a good way to restrain his spirit a bit. Don’t think my Great Soul Sect is so simple!”

At the same time, on three to five peaks owned by old monsters that were normally always in closed door cultivation, the owners opened their eyes and looked over.

“Interesting. It is already difficult to enter the sixth floor with his cultivation level, yet he still wants to enter the seventh floor…”

“This child is overestimating himself…”

In the illusion in the sky, Wang Lin’s right foot landed on the first step of the stairs. His eyes were closed and he remained motionless.

However, shortly after, he suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the end of the stairs. He raised his foot and began walking forward!

With every step, a thunderous rumble echoed inside the Great Soul Sect. In a flash, Wang Lin climbed five steps!

In the sixth floor, Yan Lu stared at Wang Lin. After seeing him climb five steps, her expression changed but soon returned to normal.

“Hmph, so what if he can walk up five steps? He can’t get on the seventh step!” Yan Lu clenched her fist and completely forgot to comprehend the soul body above her. Her focus was locked on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin remained calm, but his heart was raging like a storm. After taking the fifth step, it was as if he was immersed in an endless abyss. When his foot landed, a powerful divine sense entered his body and bombarded his mind.

“Back down!”

“Back down!!”

“Back down!!!”

Although that voice had only said two words, they echoed endlessly in Wang Lin’s mind. It was as if hundreds of thousands of people were roaring at him.

The voice made Wang Lin feel like this body was going to be torn apart. It was as if he would be erased from this world if he didn’t retreat!

Wang Lin’s foot stopped on the fifth step with this voice. He looked up at the stairs with eyes were filled with determination.

“Essence true body, gather!” Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal and pointed. A part of the Great Soul Sect rumbled and a sea of fire erupted from Fire Vein Mountain. The sea of fire covered the sky and a giant face appeared.

This face was Wang Lin’s essence true body!

In a flash, this monstrous fire charged toward the illusionary staircase and Wang Lin, entering Wang Lin’s body.

At the same time, in the Soul Scripture Pavilion, on the stairs leading to the seventh floor, Wang Lin was covered in a sea of fire and his essence true body appeared!

The moment his essence true body appeared, his eyes shined brightly. He obtained new strength as he raised his foot and stepped forward once more!

The sixth step, seventh step, eighth step. Wang Lin didn’t pause; he rushed to the 13th step in a flash!

The moment Wang Lin’s foot landed, Yan Lu, who was observing him, suddenly stood up. Her beautiful face was filled with disbelief and her body trembled. She didn’t realize that her right hand was white from clenching.


At the same time, the expressions of everyone in the Great Soul Sect that saw Wang Lin take several steps and land on the 13th step changed greatly. 

“After one pause at the fifth step, he went directly to the 13th step! This person… This person has such a powerful will!!”

“That’s an essence true body!! It’s an essence true body!!”

“This Elder Wang is simply amazing. Just six more steps and he can center the seventh floor!”

Wang Lin’s essence true body was not something everyone in the Great Soul Sect knew about. The shock he brought was indescribable.

The entire Great Soul Sect was in an uproar. Even some of the old monsters that were in closed door cultivation were moved.

“13 steps…” In the Green Heavenly Peak, Esteemed Green Bull’s eyes became serious. However, he still sat there and didn’t go outside.

“I underestimated him… His essence true body is very close to becoming a true celestial… Essence true body, essence true celestial. There’s a one word difference, but the difference is a gully!

“However, 13 steps is about his limit. At most, he can take three more steps!” Esteemed Green Bull’s cultivation was unfathomable. His intuition was very good and he was rarely wrong.

Inside the Soul Scripture Pavilion, Wang Lin stood on the 13th step going up to the seventh floor. He was able to get here thanks to the power of his essence true body, but right now, that voice inside his mind had increased several fold!

“Back down!!”

The roar echoed in his mind and continued to attack his origin soul. Although he looked calm, his vision had become blurry.

This confusion was seen by Yan Lu, the countless cultivators of the Great Soul Sect, and those old monsters that were normally in closed door cultivation!

“He is about to fail!” Yan Lu revealed a joyous smile.

“It looks like he still isn’t able to enter the seventh floor…” Most of the cultivators in the great Soul Sect silently shook their heads.

However, just at this moment, the confusion in Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly disappeared and was replaced with monstrous light!

“Yan Lu, you’re celebrating too early. I’ll take that umbrella of yours!”

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