Chapter 1833 - Bet!

Chapter 1833 - Bet!

The moment Wang Lin stepped on the stairs to the sixth floor, Esteemed Green Bull, who had left to refine a furnace of pills, suddenly opened his eyes.

“The first five floors don’t contain the spells he wants… The sixth floor requires the willpower of a Void Tribulant cultivator. This Wang Lin hasn’t reach the Void Tribulant stage, but his body has a lot of secrest. Perhaps he can enter the sixth floor...

“However, the sixth floor is his limit. As for the seventh and eighth floors, once someone enters, an illusion will appear over the Great Soul Sect. No more than five people in the Great Soul Sect can enter them! As for the ninth floor… No one but me can enter...

“The first ancestor divinated that Wang Lin would need 300 years to enter the ninth floor…” Esteemed Green Bull faintly smiled and closed his eyes.

Wang Lin stood motionless on the stairs going to the sixth floor from the fifth floor. After a long time, his eyes shined brightly and he let out a deep breath.

“What a powerful illusion…” At that moment, he encountered countless illusions. That short, half an incense stick of time felt like hundreds of years to him.

Now that he had become sober, his eyes lit up and his left foot walked up a step. His mind rumbled, but his expression didn’t change. His left foot fell and his right foot rose up. He walked up seven steps in a row!

Every step caused his mind to rumble, and a powerful pressure descended on him, trying to knock him off the stairs.

“A mere restriction can’t stop me!” Wang Lin’s ancient devil and demon stars in his eyes appeared and rotated. Popping sounds echoed in his body and he used his powerful body to resist the pressure to climb up five more steps!

At this moment, he was less than eight steps from the entrance to the sixth floor. Once he got up there, he would be on the sixth floor!

“I have battled Void Tribulant cultivators, and this restriction only imitates the pressure of a Void Tribulant cultivator. I, Wang Lin, was born in the cave world and stepped into the Immortal Astral Continent. I have an avatar born of the same origin as the Ancient and Celestial Ancestors! This restriction is not worth worrying about!” A shocking willpower erupted from Wang Lin as he calmly walked up the stairs...

There was no pause as he walked toward the sixth step. Wang Lin walked up seven steps, but there was one more step to go!

Just as Wang Lin’s foot was about to land on the last step, his vision blurred. When his vision cleared, he was next to the edge of a cliff. Once his foot landed, he would fall into the abyss below!

Deep inside the abyss, miserable howls echoed. Smoke-like ghosts charged out toward Wang Lin.

Looking at the ghosts charging from the bottom of the abyss, Wang Lin pondered. He was in no rush as he observed the strangeness of his surroundings.

This restriction seemed simple; it felt like one only needed a powerful enough will to ignore the abyss and the ghosts to step down to pass.

However, Wang Lin felt like something was wrong. At this moment, the ghosts from the abyss had charged out more than halfway. They were less than 1,000 feet from Wang Lin, less than 100 feet!

“This illusion restriction is indeed clever…” Wang Lin revealed a cold smile and walked forward without changing his direction. Just as his step was about to land, the ghosts in the abyss became excited as if they were waiting for this!

But the moment Wang Lin’s step landed, ripples echoed and he disappeared. The moment he disappeared, the illusion collapsed.

Wang Lin stepped out from the stairs to the sixth floor. He didn’t step on the last step but directly entered the sixth floor!

The moment his foot landed, his mind rumbled and everything calmed down.

At this moment, in the cave in the Green Heavenly Mountain, Esteemed Green Bull was not shocked at all and nodded slightly.

“It is indeedy worthy of someone who was divinated by the old ancestor to come. Without any warning, he is about to successfully enter the sixth floor the first time. This is very rare!”

“You actually came up!” In the sixth floor, Yan Lu’s eyes narrowed as she looked at Wang Lin.

“Since you came, why can’t I come?” Wang Lin calmly walked forward. If he had stepped on the last step, all his efforts would have been wasted. The trick with the last step was that it couldn’t be stepped on, only leaped over!

Throughout the ages, it was unknown how many people had failed on this step to enter the sixth floor. Once one failed a test in the Soul Scripture Pavilion, they would have to leave and wait for their next opportunity to try again.

“Hmph, someone must have told you the mystery of the stairs to the sixth floor ahead of time!” Yan Luo said calmly, thinking she had guessed the answer.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he looked at Yan Lu, but he didn’t speak. His divine sense spread out and observed the sixth floor. There were a lot less soul bodies here compared to the fifth floor, only about 60.

However, each soul body gave off an extremely powerful aura. It was obvious they each contained an extremely powerful spell only Void Tribulant cultivators could possess.

Wang Lin’s actions made Yan Lu think he had silently agreed with her statement. She closed her eyes and no longer paid attention to Wang Lin. After all, they weren’t allowed to fight in the Soul Scripture Pavilion. Although she had been an elder of the sect for many years, she wouldn’t dare to break the rules here.

The Soul Scripture Pavilion was the place to choose a spell, it was the holy land of the Great Soul Sect! There were many unimaginable secrets here, Yan Lu understood this well.

Wang Lin’s divine sense scanned past more than 60 soul bodies. Here, he found the multi-layered illusion spell and the Soul Fantasy Origin Spell Yan Lu had used.

In particular, the soul body above Yan Lu was the Soul Fantasy Origin Spell he was looking for! The entire sixth floor was very quiet and Wang Lin pondered a bit before walking forward.

His feet landed on the sixth floor, and because the sixth floor had wooden floors, his steps created creaking sounds as he walked. The sounds were rather harsh, and they caused Yan Lu to open her eyes and reveal a look of disgust.

Wang Lin ignored Yan Lu completely and arrived next to the soul body of the multi-layered illusion spell. He carefully looked at it but then slowly frowned.

Yan Lu noticed Wang Lin’s expression and sneered. She naturally knew why Wang Lin was frowning. When she first entered here and saw the famous dao spells of the Great Soul Sect, she also frowned.

“Only the first method of the multi-layered illusion spell is here. If you have the strength, you can go to the seventh floor for the next two. If you have the ability to go up to the eighth or ninth floors, the complete ancient soul body for the multi-layered illusion spell is on the ninth floor.”

“Oh?” Wang Lin looked at Yan Lu and his gaze swept past the soul body above her.

“This Soul Fantasy Origin spell is also not complete; could it also be on the seventh floor and above?”

“Of course. The Great Soul Sect cares about strength. If you have to strength, you can naturally get the complete spell. The entrance to the seventh floor is there. Do you dare to try?” Yan Lu sneered and pointed not far away.

There was a set of ancient stairs there that led to the seventh floor. The Soul Scripture Pavilion was very strange. There was no restriction keeping dust away, so the stairs were covered in dust to show that no one had gone up there in a long time.

Only when one moved closer could they see that there were footprints on the stairs. But the footprints were so light that they were covered by a new layer of dust.

“Can you go up?” Yan Lu looked at Wang Lin with a smile of contempt.

Wang Lin didn’t speak. He looked at the stairs to the seventh floor and frowned. One would likely need the willpower of a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator to reach the seventh floor. It would be very difficult for Wang Lin.

There was no need to mention the eighth floor or the final ninth floor.

“If you don’t have the ability to go up, then don’t be picky. Just the spells here are enough for your whole life.” Yan Lu concluded that Wang Lin couldn’t go up. Although her words weren’t too harsh, the hidden meaning was filled with disdain.

Hearing Yan Lu’s words, Wang Lin suddenly smiled. He turned to look at Yan Lu. Although this beautiful woman’s face was filled with resentment, not only did her beauty not fade, but it made her even more charming.

However, these physical appearances were no different than white bones to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin looked at Yan Lu and slowly said, “Why don’t we make a bet? If I can go up to the seventh floor, what are you willing to bet?”

His words echoed in the sixth floor and landed in Yan Lu’s ears. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the stairs going to the seventh floor and began to ponder.

“How much of this Wang Lin’s words are true… Hmpth, only a handful of people can go to the seventh floor. I tried once and only made it to the seventh step. Even if his cultivation is mysterious, I have fought him twice. If I can’t go up there, then he won’t be able to either!

“He is saying this to find a way to back down. If I don’t agree, then he can avoid this topic and I can’t mock him anymore…”

“If you can enter the seventh floor, I’ll bet this!” After Yan Lu finished thinking, her eyes lit up, and with a wave of her right hand, a blue umbrella appeared before her.

Yan Lu stared at Wang Lin and her words became cold. “What about you? If you can’t enter the seventh floor, what will you bet?”

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