Chapter 1832 - Concealed Soul!

Chapter 1832 - Concealed Soul!

Deep inside the Great Soul Sect, there was a mountain that pierced into the sky. This mountain was crisp green and seemed far too tall, as if it supported the world. This was a forbidden land of the Great Soul Sect. This was where Old Ancestor Green Bull resided.

Wang Lin flew quickly and all the restrictions before him echoed, but none stopped him. He stopped outside the Green Heavenly Peak and clasped his hands. His voice clearly echoed toward the mountain.

“It’s Junior Wang Lin. Is Senior Green Bull here?”

The Green Heavenly Mountain trembled and all the restrictions around it disappeared. An ancient voice echoed from the mountain.

“At the top, I’ll wait for you here.”

Wang Lin subconsciously spread out his divine sense and scanned the mountain. Although the mountain looked normal, there was a powerful aura within. This aura came from the mountain.

“This is a mountain formed by a treasure…” Wang Lin charged through the clouds toward the mountain and soon arrived at the peak.

Green Heavenly Peak. Esteemed Green Bull was sitting and his green robe was fluttering in the wind along with his white hair. Wang Lin looked calm when he arrived on the opposite side of Esteemed Green Bull and sat down.

Sitting there, Wang Lin spoke slowly, “The Soul Eye Dao is indeed extraordinary. After 178,000 years of cultivation, perhaps it can compete with the Celestial Imperial Teacher. I admire the depth of the Great Soul Sect.”

When Esteemed Green Bull heard this, he laughed. He didn’t look embarrassed; he was rather calm.

“Yes, Elder Wang’s words are correct. To enter my Great Soul Sect and immediately take pride in my Great Soul Sect is very good. In fact, this old man thinks so too. If someone can really go into closed door cultivation for 178,000 years and cultivate the Soul Eye Dao to completion, they could really have the power to compete with the Imperial Teacher!”

“178,000 years of cultivating one spell where one’s cultivation level won’t increase at all. The body won’t have enough life force, so how can such a person exist?” Wang Lin’s words were blunt. The 178,000 years requirement made him feel quite helpless.

“Haha, either way, this old man hasn’t heard of anyone in the Great Soul Sect who has mastered the Soul Eye Dao. Even the first generation ancestor only managed to reach 4.1 billion inscriptions.

“However, Elder Wang’s talent is amazing, and you have been through a lot. Perhaps you will find a way to master my Great Soul Sect’s greatest spell.” Esteemed Green Bull smiled as he spoke.

“Bullshit!” Wang Lin wasn’t polite at all. He rarely spoke like this, but he found the expression of the current Esteemed Green Bull simply too evil.

After Wang Lin spoke, Esteemed Green Bull was startled for a moment. He didn’t expect Wang Lin to respond like this. After blinking for a moment, Esteemed Green Bull indeed felt a bit guilty and smiled mischievously.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore. I have three gifts the Great Soul Sect has prepared for you. They should be of great use to you!” After he said this, he waved his right hand and three lights appeared. There were three boxes, and they flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin waved his sleeve and put the three boxes away without even looking at them.

“Could it be that it will take 178,000 years before I can open the boxes?”

Old Ancestor Green Bull coughed and quickly said, “This old man does not know. These three gifts were prepared by the first generation ancestor and have been passed down through the generations. Now they are yours. As for what’s inside them, I don’t know. If anything is wrong with them, don’t come to find me…”

Seeing Wang Lin frowning, Esteemed Green Bull stood up and raised his right hand to point at the sky. A rift appeared outside the mountain like a giant spatial rift. It was another spacious inside the rift, and there was a giant, nine story pavilion inside.

This pavilion was covered in fog and seemed to looming there. A soul pressure was leaking out from the rift. Wang Lin hadn’t even entered but was already feeling the pressure.

“This old man still has a furnace of pills to refine. You can enter the Soul Scripture Pavilion and choose a spell. The rules throughout the generations is you can choose one. If you want to go in again, you must complete tasks for the sect!” After Esteemed Green Bull spoke, he quickly left and disappeared.

Wang Lin stood up and ignored Esteemed Green Bull leaving. He looked at the rift and pondered a bit before stepping in.

The moment he entered the rift, a powerful pressure shrouded him. This was a blurry space without a sky or earth. The only thing that existed was the huge, nine story pavilion shrouded by fog.

There were two giant, lifelike fierce beast statues outside the pavilion.

The door to the pavilion was closed and it was completely silent. There was a light flickering through the fog in the sixth floor, as if someone was walking around inside.

There were three large words above the door.

Soul Scripture Pavilion.

This was the holy land of the Great Soul Sect, where the spells from past generations were all stored. Although it looked calm, Wang Lin could feel the hidden traps here. There were many terrifying traps here.

After pondering for a moment, Wang Lin stepped toward the nine story pavilion. When he got close, he suddenly turned to look at the giant stone statue of the fierce beast.

This fierce beast looked like a qilin but was different.

While Wang Lin looked over, the fierce beast suddenly moved. The surrounding area seemed to distort and a voice echoed in Wang Lin’s mind.

“Hand over the jade!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He could see that this statue had the soul of a very powerful beast sealed within. The soul had fused with the statue and could change into many spells.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and the jade Esteemed Green Bull had given him appeared. Wang Lin only felt something sweep by and then saw a red flash before the jade disappeared without a trace. The mouth of the statue seemed to be chewing, and a moment later, it spat out the jade.

“You can enter the Soul Scripture Pavilion and chose one spell!” The stone statue sent out a divine sense message before it stopped moving. The spatial distortion disappeared and it looked like a normal statue.

“What fast speed!” Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. He wasn’t able to clearly see what the statue had done. After pondering for a moment, he realized that the red light was the tongue of the beast.

After the stone statue stopped moving, a gap opened in the nine story pavilion. A wave of soul fluctuations came from the pavilion, making the pressure even stronger.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change as he stepped toward the door and into the gap. When he entered the first floor of the Soul Scripture Pavilion, he saw its secret.

This was a room about 10,000 feet wide, and there were countless seven-inch little people floating around. Their eyes were closed and they remained motionless, but they all gave off powerful cultivation.

Wang Lin’s gaze swept past the thousands of little people. There were men and women, young and old, but without exception, they were all soul bodies. Each of the souls contained a type of spell.

“Soul Scripture Pavilion…” Wang Lin muttered after he glanced at this floor and saw the stairs going to the second floor. There was a ghostly light, and if one didn’t have a high enough cultivation level, they couldn’t go up.

It was obvious the higher one went, the more amazing the spells were. Wang Lin waved his sleeve and flew across hundreds of soul bodies to arrive at the stairs. When he stepped on the stairs, a rejection force appeared to stop him from going up.

This rejection force was very strong and could stop all non third step cultivators. However, to Wang Lin, it was insignificant. He remained calm as he gently walked up the stairs to the second floor.

The second layer of the Soul Scripture Pavilion also contained thousands of soul bodies. The auras they gave off were much more powerful than the first floor, but after a glance, Wang Lin didn’t find the spell he wanted. He was looking for the multi-layered illusion and the spell the summon the soul of the Great Soul Sect ancestors.

“These spells are mostly for Nirvana Void cultivators and can display extraordinary power… But they are of no use to me.” Wang Lin pondered before he walked up the stairs to the second floor.

The third floor, fourth floor, fifth floor! Wang Lin didn’t stop for long on each floor until he arrived at the fifth floor. In this layer, the number of soul bodies reduced greatly to only around 500. The auras they gave off were around Arcane Void. This was clearly for Arcane Void cultivators.

Although Wang Lin couldn’t see how they changed or their chants, he could feel that each of them were extremely powerful.

Wang Lin didn’t know what would happen if one of the soul bodies here were taken outside, but he knew if it were placed in the cave world, it would cause a great calamity!

However, although these spells were temping, they were not what Wang Lin wanted! He looked at the stairs to the sixth floor. His eyes lit up and he walked there.

When his foot landed, Wang Lin felt a rumble in his mind as if he was hit by someone. His body trembled and his foo landed on the step. His body remained motionless.

In the sixth floor, Yan Lu was sitting there with a soul body floating above her head. Strands of soul energy were coming out of the soul body and entering her head.

The moment Wang Lin’s foot landed on the steps going to the sixth floor, Yan Lu suddenly opened her eyes, and they revealed a strange light.

“The person entering the Soul Scripture Pavilion at this time is likely that Wang Lin! That person’s cultivation is strange; he can’t be just at the late stage of Spirit Void. Let’s see whether he can come up here, then I can judge his cultivation!”

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