Chapter 1830 - Curse Him to Death!

As he roared, a storm-like divine sense shrouded the area. It collided with the ripples created by Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao, No Celestial spell. The nine layers of ripples immediately collapsed and dissipated into specks of golden light.

Yan Lu’s body was knocked back by this divine sense. She retreated more than 1,000 feet before she stopped.

As the powerful divine sense shrouded the area, all the elders of the Great Soul Sect silently pondered. The drastic changes to the world slowly stopped.

Between Wang Lin and Yan Lu, the divine sense descended and an old man appeared. This old man was wearing a green robe and had white hair. It was Esteemed Green Bull’s original body!

The moment his body formed, his essence true body arrived and fused with his original body to form a vague shadow behind his original body.

A terrifying aura spread out from the old man. Wang Lin felt like this aura exceeded the peak Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign.

“Late stage Void Tribulant!!” Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but his pupils shrank an indiscernible amount.

“Greetings, Ancestor!” After the old man’s body appeared, the surrounding elders of the Great Soul Sect all bowed.

Even Yan Lu, whose expression was gloomy and constantly changing, respectfully bowed. Only Wang Lin stood there and didn’t bow. He was calm as he looked at Esteemed Green Bull.

“Yan Lu, Elder Wang is someone I invited. He will now be one of the elders of my Great Soul Sect. As for your Fire Vein Mountain… This old man will make another mountain for you and allow you to enter the Soul Scripture Pavilion for three days!” Esteemed Green Bull slowly said as he looked at the beautiful, young Yan Lu.

Yan Lu silently pondered. She was originally unwilling, but thinking about Wang Lin’s terrifying spell, she silently nodded.

“This matter will be over for now. Everything about Elder Wang is a secret of my Great Soul Sect. Anyone who violates the rules will be punished by the sect’s rules!” Esteemed Green Bull looked at the surrounding people seriously before his gaze landed on Wang Lin.

“Elder Wang, welcome to the Great Soul Sect!” Esteemed Green Bull smiled.

Wang Lin also smiled and politely clasped his hands at Esteemed Green Bull. As everyone looked at him, Wang Lin smiled. “I have created a ruckus coming here and was a bit reckless. I hope everyone won’t take it to heart.”

Wang Lin had a smile and his words were not arrogant; he seemed very polite. After seeing the amazing spells he had displayed, along with his politeness, the other elders of the Great Soul Sect quickly replied politely as soon as he finished speaking.

“Elder Wang is too polite. We will all be part of the same sect and will naturally help each other.”

“Haha, Elder Wang’s cultivation is extraordinary and your spells are amazing. Cultivators like us respect the strong. What is there to be reckless about? No problem, no problem.”

“If Elder Wang has time, come to my Relaxed Cloud Mountain. I have some celestial tea and we can drink tea while debating dao.”

Many polite words came from the surrounding people. Wang Lin was patient as he smiled and responded to each person. Then the elders all returned to their respective peaks.

Soon, only Yan Lu, Wang Lin, and Esteemed Green Bull remained outside the Great Soul Sect. Yan Lu’s disciples were standing in the distance. Fan Shanmeng was among them, and she looked at Wang Lin with a complicated gaze.

“Elder Wang, pick a peak to be your cave. This old man can help you arrange it. Once you’re familiar with the Great Soul Sect, you can come and find me. Each elder of the Great Soul Sect has a chance to enter the Soul Scripture Pavilion. There are many spells to choose from inside.

“In addition, there are three gifts that have been prepared for you for a long, long time. Since you’re here, this old man will give them to you on behalf of the ancestor… They will be useful to you!” Esteemed Green Bull’s words revealed how much importance he put on Wang Lin. when Yan Lu heard this, she silently pondered. She let out a cold snort in her heart but didn’t speak.

Wang Lin nodded slightly and looked at the Great Soul Sect. From this position, he could see that the originally red mountain was now a mess.

Wang Lin pondered a bit. There were no deep grudges between Wang Lin and Yan Lu. It was also Wang Lin who had provoked her first and made a mess of her cave. If it was anyone else, they would find it difficult to accept.

“Senior Green Bull, there is no need to look for another peak for me. That Fire Vein Mountain is enough!” Wang Lin pointed to that wasted mountain.

“As for the new cave, give it to Yan Lu.” Wang Lin smiled at the beautiful young woman.

The young woman was startled for a moment and her expression softened a bit, but she couldn’t let go of the anger in her heart. Seeing Wang Lin smile at her, she let out a cold hum and stared at Wang Lin viciously.

Old Ancestor Green Bull saw this and laughed. He nodded and said, “That’s good too. Come to the Green Heavenly Peak to find me in three days!” After he spoke, his right hand grasped toward the void and a jade flew at Wang Lin.

“This jade will allow you to enter and leave most of the restrictions in the Great Soul Sect!”

Wang Lin accepted the jade and no longer spoke. He flew toward the peak and went past Yan Lu’s many disciples. Wang Lin suddenly stopped and glanced at Fan Shanmeng.

Fang Shanmeng’s heart trembled as Wang Lin’s glance swept by, and she lowered her head. Her cultivation was lacking; she was only at seven Arcane Tribulants, like Du Qing. She and her sister becoming the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s dao partners had nothing to do with her cultivation, but the fact that she was a disciple of the Great Soul Sect!

There was an even deeper reason and a lucky occurrence behind this. Otherwise, with the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s early stage Void Tribulant cultivation back then, he wouldn’t have taken her as a dao partner.

The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign had gone through many things in his life. He had many infatuations that outsiders hadn’t seen. However, even after he reached the mid stage of Void Tribulant, he still stayed with Fan Shanmeng. This just shows how much he cared for her.

Perhaps it was precisely because of this that he was so angry when he found out that Fan Shanmeng and Lian Daofei might have had an affair!

“My cave lacks a servant girl. This woman is pretty good. Yan Lu, give her to me.” As Wang Lin walked away, he looked at Fan Shanmeng and pointed at her.

Fan Shanmeng’s heart trembled when she heard Wang Lin’s words, and her expression changed greatly.

“Don’t you dare!!” Yan Lu had finally calmed herself, but Wang Lin’s words immediately caused her to erupt with killing intent. Such an extreme contrast gave her a strange sense of beauty.

Wang Lin laughed and flew into the Great Soul Sect. His point had another meaning.

After Wang Lin left, Yan Lu suddenly looked at Fan Shanmeng with a strange light. It was unknown what she was thinking.

Fan Shanmeng bit her lower lip after being stared at by her teacher. She was nervous and she lowered her head. She didn’t dare to speak.

Inside the Great Soul Sect, Wang Lin stood on top of the dark fire vein and his divine sense spread out. The mountain was trash after the fire vein withered. Even the mountain felt like it could collapse with a little push.

However, none of this was a problem for Wang Lin. With a gentle stomp from his feet, his fire essence true body appeared behind him and flew into the mountain.

The moment his essence true body entered the mountain, a sea of fire erupted from the mountain and connected to the sky. The entire mountain was burning.

“Since you lost the power of fire, I’ll give you the fire. Since you lost the will of fire, then my will will become the mountain!” Wang Lin muttered. The sea of fire rumbled and all the restrictions in the mountain were burned away and new restrictions were formed. The color of the mountain was changed from the dim red back to bright red like the sun!

It was even more intense than before. The fire on the mountain looked like it could burn forever and never extinguish!

When Yan Lu saw this, she immediately clenched her teeth. The hint of satisfaction she felt about Wang Lin accepting this wasted mountain disappeared completely.

“The two of us can’t coexist!”

She suppressed the sense of anger in her heart until Ancestor Green Bull arranged a new peak for her. After he left, she immediately summoned Fan Shanmeng.

“Fan Shanmeng, go to the Flame Vein Mountain. That person named Wang wants you to become his servant, go be his servant!”

“Teacher!!” Fan Shanmeng’s expression changed and she knelt down on the ground, trembling. She looked very pitiful and tears appeared in her eyes.

When Yan Lu saw her expression, she let out a cold snort.

“That person named Wang is the person who you told me about before. The person from the cave world… Hmph, put away your charm. Your charm is useless against your teacher! Your nature is licentious and you cursed your dao partner, the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, to death. You even caused Lian Daofei to disappear into the Seven Dao Sect’s cave. Your teacher doesn’t have your ability, but if you use it well against that person named Wang and curse him to death, Teacher won’t treat you badly!”

Fan Shanmeng’s body trembled. She raised her head and was about to speak.

“Don’t say any more. You’re going whether you like it or not. Go curse him to death!! This is what you’re good at, and with your charm, you can do it!” Yan Lu waved her sleeve and a powerful gust of wind carried Fan Shanmeng out of the mountain.

Outside the mountain, Fan Shanmeng silently pondered for a long time. She turned toward Wang Lin’s peak and her eyes were filled with viciousness. If not for Wang Lin’s words, Yan Lu wouldn’t have forced her out,

“Curse him to death…” Her teacher’s words still echoed in her ears. Fan Shanmeng took a deep breath and the viciousness in her eyes disappeared. Instead, a calm charm replaced it and she lightly walked toward the mountain.

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