Chapter 1830 - Curse Him to Death!

As he roared, a storm-like divine sense shrouded the area. It collided with the ripples created by Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao, No Celestial spell. The nine layers of ripples immediately collapsed and dissipated into specks of golden light.

Yan Lu’s body was knocked back by this divine sense. She retreated more than 1,000 feet before she stopped.

As the powerful divine sense shrouded the area, all the elders of the Great Soul Sect silently pondered. The drastic changes to the world slowly stopped.

Between Wang Lin and Yan Lu, the divine sense descended and an old man appeared. This old man was wearing a green robe and had white hair. It was Esteemed Green Bull’s original body!

The moment his body formed, his essence true body arrived and fused with his original body to form a vague shadow behind his original body.

A terrifying aura spread out from the old man. Wang Lin felt like this aura exceeded the peak Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign.

“Late stage Void Tribulant!!” Wang Lin’s expression was calm,...

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