Chapter 1829 - The Dead Soul of the Heavenly Bull!

With this wave, the phoenix shadow around Yan Lu collapsed. Fiery wind came out of the distortion and formed eight pillars of smoke around Wang Lin!

Miserable howls came from the smoke pillars and shrouded the area.

Those eight pillars of smoke weren’t stationary but rotated around Wang Lin like a storm. They flew out toward Yan Lu and surrounded her. Thunderous rumbles echoed across the land.

The surrounding Great Soul Sect elders saw all of this and became serious. Wang Lin’s spell was simply too shocking. Even they felt their hearts skip a beat when they saw this.

“This is a pure Ancient Dao spell, completely different from my celestial clan!”

“Most Ancient Dao spells don’t display their full might in one go but follow a series of combinations before its full power erupts at the last moment. This person’s identity is too sensitive. Why did the old ancestor bring him back…”

“This person’s cultivation looks ordinary, but with this spell, even I would have to retreat… If I were a bit careless, I would die!”

“The cultivators of the Ancient countries have amazing physical bodies. His physical strength must be extraordinary!”

Yan Lu’s hair was scattered. She was surrounded by the eight pillars of smoke that formed the fire storm. Everything was dim and the roar in her ears along with the suction force made her feel like her body was going to collapse.

A sense of life and death entered her heart.

“What the hell is he!? The smoke ring spell was already shocking, but I didn’t think he had such a terrifying spell!” It was too late for Yan Lu to think. She bit the tip of her tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. Her jade-like hand formed a seal before grabbing the blood and mercilessly squeezing! 

“Use my essence blood to summon the the Great Soul Sect’s ancestor, break the void!! Soul Fantasy Origin!” Yan Lu’s voice was sharp and contained a penetrating force. Her voice pierced the fire storm and entered the ears of everyone outside.

When Yan Lu crushed the blood, strands of blood mist escaped from the gap between her fingers. Soon, the large amount of blood mist gathered to form a blood road!

This blood road extended to the endless void and reached into the unknown. A thunderous rumble echoed as if a connection to a strange space had opened at the end of the blood road. A blood shadow covered in endless resentful spirits walked out from that strange space.

The moment it stepped onto the blood road, the world changed colors!

“It’s the ninth ancestor. Yan Lu’s Soul Fantasy Origin can summon the ninth ancestor! Since when did she have such a powerful will?”

“The ninth ancestor, Luo Yunhai. There are murals in the sect depicting his life of slaughter. There are one billion resentful souls around him; he was the powerhouse of a generation!”

“At his peak, the ninth ancestor challenged Grand Empyrean Dao Yi. He failed and was killed by the Grand Empyrean. However, seeing how outstanding he was, his soul wasn’t destroyed and was allowed to return to the sect!”

Bursts of noise echoed across the world as the blood shadow erupted from the blood road behind Yan Lu.

It was impossible to see the face of the blood shadow, and even its body was blurry. However, it gave off a heaven-shaking aura, and it took one step after it appeared.

This step caused the world to rumble, and a pressure of killing intent spread out in all directions. The fire storm around Yan Lu was pushed back as if it couldn’t handle this pressure. Even Wang Lin was shocked, and his eyes shined brightly.

“The Great Soul Sect’s dao spells are indeed amazing!! The position of elder is a great benefit to me! Whether it is the Soul Eye Spell or this Soul Fantasy Origin, they are all powerful. I must learn them!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he retreated three steps under the terrifying pressure. Ancient Dao aura erupted from his body and a giant Ancient Dao shadow appeared behind him. This shadow quickly became solid and looked extremely real. It was wearing a suit of ancient armor and looked exactly like Wang Lin!

While Wang Lin retreated, he withdrew his right hand and his index finger extended out!

“Devil Dao, Life and Death Reversal!!”

With this, Yan Lu’s expression changed again. She felt the powerful life force in her body turn into death aura. A feeling of weakness spread across her body.

When Wang Lin used the Devil Dao, the world was surrounded by a powerful death aura. All the countless people that had died in the Great Soul Sect became part of this death aura.

This death aura was like a sea, and when it gathered, it formed a sea of death outside the Great Soul Sect. Roars echoed and it shrouded the area.

Under this spell, the elders of the Great Soul Sect all retreated without hesitation. Only those with high cultivation levels remained, but their expressions were serious.

They looked at Wang Lin with deep dread.

This death aura instantly gathered, but it was not over. As the death aura gathered rapidly, Wang Lin seemed to hear a faint roar coming from the depths of the earth.

That roar was the roar of the Heavenly Bull!

The Heavenly Bull was sealed under this continent. The Heavenly Bull was actually in a state of death. Its body was the earth, its origin soul was used to nourish life on it, and its soul was suppressed. However, its indomitable will still existed.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s Devil Dao reversed life and death, resulting in a shocking death aura erupting from the earth. As it charged out, the world seemed to be shrouded by fog. After this death aura rushed out and merged with the sea of death, the death aura formed a giant Heavenly Bull!

The Heavenly Bull had a fierce expression and its eyes were bloodshot. It let out a shocking roar filled with its unwillingness toward death.

The moment the Heavenly Bull appeared, the entire Great Soul Sect was shaken. All the surrounding elders trembled and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Heavenly Bull!!”

“This… is this the Heavenly Bull!! He took the shape of the Heavenly Bull!!”

“This is impossible, how can this be!?”

Even the old monsters that hadn’t appeared and were only watching with their divine senses were shocked. They all flew out of their peaks and looked at the shocking Heavenly Bull formed by the death aura.

Even some old monsters who thought this battle was not worthy of their attention were moved.

In the deepest part of the Great Soul Sect, on the highest peak, sat an old man. This old man looked exactly the same as Esteemed Green Bull’s essence true body. This was his original body!

His closed eyes suddenly opened and revealed a rare sense of excitement.

“A soul that can trigger the Heavenly Bull. He is the person the ancestor talked about!! Countless years ago, Ancestor moved the entire Great Soul Sect to the Heavenly Bull Continent and chose this main earth fire vein all to wait for one person!

“This person can trigger the Heavenly Bull, this person is from the cave world, this person is him!!

“He is not a person from the Immortal Astral Continent; he came from the cave world. To some extent, he is very similar to the 72 beasts sealed under the 72 continents!

“The Heavenly Bull came from outside the heavens, not from the Immortal Astral Continent. This person is the same, so he can trigger the Heavenly Bull’s soul!!”

The moment the death aura Heavenly Bull appeared, Yan Lu’s face turned deathly pale. She didn’t expect this battle to change into something like this.

A roar echoed across the world as the death aura Heavenly Bull roared and charged at Yan Lu with the sea of death aura. At the same time, the blood shadow on the blood road behind Yan Lu raised its foot and walked three steps!

With every step, Yan Lu’s face became even more pale and the pressure from the blood shadow became even stronger to resist the death aura Heavenly Bull!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Although the death aura Heavenly Bull and the blood shadow weren’t close, the pressure they created collided. The world seemed to reverse due to this collision.

The blood shadow distorted and eventually disappeared, but at the same time, the death aura Heavenly Bull collapsed and the death aura dissipated. This death aura Heavenly Bull only contained a small part of the original bull’s will and was far from the power of the actual Heavenly Bull. Even so, it was not weak!

“God, Demon, Devil, Ancient Dao, No Celestial!” Wang Lin muttered and his hand extended out as a palm. The three Ancient clan auras quickly fused inside his body. He then formed a fist and threw a punch.

With this punch, the armored Ancient Dao giant behind Wang Lin let out an invisible howl and threw a punch along with him.

This punch landed on the void, but nine ripples echoed. Wherever the ripples passed through, crackling sounds rang out. The sky, the mountain, the grass, the pavilions, and everything in range gave off a grey flash and began to petrify.

Yan Lu coughed out a mouthful of blood and quickly retreated. Her expression had changed completely and her gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with fear.

As the nine ripples rush toward Yan Lu, a roar suddenly echoed across the world.

“Enough!! Yan Lu, back down! You can’t be rude to the new elder! As for your fire peak, this old man will compensate you!”

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