Chapter 1828 - Elder of the Great Soul Sect!

Chapter 1828 - Elder of the Great Soul Sect!

Wang Lin return!

These three words seem to be made of bolts of thunder, and they flashed in Wang Lin’s mind. This caused him to retreat several steps from the broken bridge.

Wang Lin’s expression became uncertain as he looked at the broken stone tablet, and his gaze gradually became cold.

“Interesting… I didn’t expect to encounter such an interesting thing on the Immortal Astral Continent… Divination that calculates the flow of time. This divination method is really interesting...

“Is the Great Soul Sect fated with me?” Wang Lin thought about this for a moment.

“I don’t know what I might encounter if I teleport a few more times, but there is no need to try! Whether it was Esteemed Green Bull or a powerful ancestor from countless years ago, someone divinated the fact that I would come to the Great Soul Sect and absorb the main earth fire vein...

“The fact that they waited here for me means that they want to form a relationship with me…” Wang Lin pondered for a moment and suddenly smiled.

“This plan is very easy to break, but why should I break it? The Great Soul Sect wants me to become an elder and I want to borrow the Great Soul Sect to learn more about the Immortal Astral Continent!” Wang Lin retreated a step. Ripples echoed and he disappeared.

The blue snow fell on the Heavenly Mountain was if it would never get tired. The snow in the mountain was hit by the sunlight. The light spread out and gave off an indescribable feeling that connected the earth and the heavens.

Esteemed Green Bull’s essence true body was sitting in the snow. His hair didn’t move at all under the wind. It was very strange.

Before him, the incense stick formed by snow was slowly melting. Only a small portion remained; it wouldn’t take long for it to completely melt.

Time unknowingly passed like this.

Just as the snow incense stick completely melted, a vortex formed and Wang Lin walked out.

The moment he landed on the mountain peak, the snow incense stick melted to nothing.

“You’ve returned.” Esteemed Green Bull’s essence true body opened his eyes and smiled.

“This is the Soul Eye Spell.” Esteemed Green Bull’s essence true body raised his right hand and grasped the void. A purple jade appeared in his hand. This jade gave off an ancient aura, as if it had existed for far too long.

He waved his hand and threw the jade at Wang Lin without even waiting for Wang Lin’s response.

Wang Lin grabbed the jade and swept it with his divine sense. He calmly put the jade away.

“Let’s go, we’ll return to the Great Soul Sect.” Esteemed Green Bull stood up and wiped the snow from his essence true body. He stepped forward and a three foot cloud appeared under his feet.

The cloud was made of gas and looked like a swirl of rapidly-moving air. Esteemed Green Bull stepped on the could and rapidly moved forward.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm and he stepped forward. He didn’t merge with the world but turned into a ray of light to follow Esteemed Green Bull. They both moved very fast and disappeared over the horizon.

There were many main peaks in the Great Soul Sect. The red mountain connected to the main earth vein was just one of them. If one looked from above, one would see endless mountains and peaks that pierced the sky. Some were surrounded by fog and extremely gloomy.

Some were even surrounded by a giant, ghostly face that let out silent howls that turned into ripples that circled the area.

A total of 360 main peaks formed the Great Soul Sect’s roots!

Some mains peaks were very far apart and some were close. The valleys in each mountain range contained countless gorgeous pavilions, temples, squares, and caves.

The Great Soul Sect’s 100,000 disciples lived in these valleys and cultivated a lot of different cultivation methods. The Great Soul Sect had a lot of spells. Aside from those that were passed down after destroying countless sects over the years, they had a lot of spells that the disciples could learn now.

At this moment, the red mountain had changed completely. It was no longer red and was now dark purple. There were many cracks, and it was in a sorry state.

The young woman who owned the mountain was named Yan Lu. She looked gloomy and her hair was slightly scattered. There was a hidden anger in her that could erupt at any time.

The moment Wang Lin and Esteemed Green Bull appeared in the horizon, Yan Lu looked over. Her gaze became cold and her face was filled with killing intent.

“All disciples of the Flame Vein Mountain, listen to my order and follow Teacher to kill the thief that destroyed my peak!” Yan Lu turned into a ray of light and flew forward with more than a dozen core disciples following her. This included Fan Shanmeng and Fan Shanlu.

At a glance, this group of teacher and disciples were all women, and they were all very beautiful. They took the shape of a phoenix as they flew forward and appeared before Wang Lin and Esteemed Green Bull.

After returning to the Great Soul Sect, Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but his emotions were very different. He had snuck in when he first entered, but the second time, he had come through the front door.

He didn’t speak with Esteemed Green Bull along the way. Seeing the Great Soul Sect, Esteemed Green Bull was about to speak but suddenly frowned. Wang Lin also noticed the giant phoenix flying out from the Great Soul Sect. This young woman was very beautiful, but she was filled with killing intent. She was the owner of the main earth fire vein, that one that had chased Wang Lin underground!

“Little thief, you destroyed my mountain. I won’t let this matter go!!” The young woman simply didn’t give Esteemed Green Bull time to speak at all. With her cultivation level, how could she not see the problem? The old ancestor had brought Wang Lin back, but not as a prison, more as a guest.

She said this immediately so that even though it was the old ancestor, he would have to give her an explanation. After all, she was an elder of the Great Soul Sect.

Not only was Yan Lu beautiful, she was also very cunning. She hadn’t just come out herself but brought all her core disciples. If the old ancestor protected Wang Lin, it would be the same as giving up her faction. If her disciples saw this, she would be forced to leave the Great Soul Sect.

This was the same as burning a bridge.

In addition, Yan Lu had caused the phoenix shadow to appear immediately, and this shadow was very large. This immediately caused a big commotion within the Great Soul Sect.

This commotion was not for the old ancestor, but to attract her friends and the elders of the other main peaks. They all flew out from their respective peaks.

Such behavior meant putting this matter into the public view. She was also on the right, which made it difficult for the old ancestor to choose a side on this matter.

Yan Lu’s actions contained so many intents, showing that she was extraordinary. As she charged forward, powerful auras came from the peaks of the Great Soul Sect, and they all flew toward this location.

Those figures had varying cultivation levels. The strongest was at the early stage of Void Tribulant and the weakest was still at Spirit Void.

“I thank the ancestor for capturing this little thief. Little thief, I want to see where you will run this time!” Yan Lu suddenly charged at Wang Lin. He saw the beautiful woman turn into the head of a phoenix, and its giant beak closed in on him.

From far away, it looked like a fiery phoenix devouring the heavens!

The aura of a Void Tribulant cultivator erupted from the phoenix, but the cultivation seemed a bit unstable and ready to fall. The beautiful young woman was obviously injured by Wang Lin’s various attacks from before. In addition, she was heartbroken by the state of the mountain and filled with rage that injured her mind when Wang Lin had reappeared before her.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. Rather than retreating, he let out a laugh that spread in all directions. Since he had decided to join the Great Soul Sect and become a Great Soul Sect elder, then he needed to display his might!

The old ancestor of the Great Soul Sect knew that Wang Lin came from the cave world and had to know of his Ancient Dao bloodline, so there was no need for Wang Lin to hold back. As for how to cover it up, it was something for the old ancestor to decide.

After making a decision, Wang Lin stepped forward and raised his right hand. He formed a fist and threw a punch at the void.

“God Tremble, Army Formation!”

This punch landed in the sky, causing the sky to rumble and distort. A giant vortex formed and rapidly rotated. The world seemed to rotate, everything seemed to rotate, but only Wang Lin remained unmoving!

The moment the vortex appeared and the world began to turn, Yan Lu’s phoenix was pulled in. The phoenix seemed like it was going to collapse due to the distortion.

When Wang Lin had used this spell against Old Ghost Zhan, Old Ghost Zhan was at the early stage of Void Tribulant. Now that Wang Lin was using it again, it was equally shocking!

The moment this spell appeared, the expressions of all the Great Soul Sect elders changed. Even Yan Lu’s pupils shrank. She had fought Wang Lin for a couple of rounds but had never seen Wang Lin use this spell.

“Ancient Dao aura!”

“This is the aura of a cultivator from the Ancient countries! This person… This person is not a cultivator of my celestial clan!!”

“He is someone from the Ancient countries!!”

Esteemed Green Bull frowned and waved his right hand with a sigh. A powerful force shrouded this area and covered up Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao aura so the others couldn’t feel it.

“Demonic spell, The Fiery Wind Turns Into a Mountain!” As Wang Lin stood there, his white hair fluttered, making him look majestic. He opened his hand to form a palm and waved.

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