Chapter 1827 - Three Words!

Chapter 1827 - Three Words!

Wang Lin wasn’t surprised at all, as if he knew this voice would appear. After the voice appeared, Wang Lin turned around.

As the snow fell, a white-haired old man in a daoist robe was sitting in the snow and looking at him.

This old man seemed to have been here for a long time, waiting for Wang Lin. It was as if he knew that Wang Lin would appear here when he used Spatial Bending in the earth fire vein.

His eyes were clear and contained endless wisdom. He looked at Wang Lin as if he could see through Wang Lin’s mind.

The moment he looked at Wang Lin, Wang Lin was also absorbing the old man. His pupils suddenly shrank but quickly returned to normal. This old man’s eyes revealed essence. This was not his original body but an essence true body!!

This was Wang Lin’s first time seeing another essence true body beside his own!

The identity of this old man was obvious at this point!

“Junior greets Esteemed Green Bull.” Wang Lin still looked calm as he clasped his hands.

Esteemed Green Bull’s...

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