Chapter 1827 - Three Words!

Chapter 1827 - Three Words!

Wang Lin wasn’t surprised at all, as if he knew this voice would appear. After the voice appeared, Wang Lin turned around.

As the snow fell, a white-haired old man in a daoist robe was sitting in the snow and looking at him.

This old man seemed to have been here for a long time, waiting for Wang Lin. It was as if he knew that Wang Lin would appear here when he used Spatial Bending in the earth fire vein.

His eyes were clear and contained endless wisdom. He looked at Wang Lin as if he could see through Wang Lin’s mind.

The moment he looked at Wang Lin, Wang Lin was also absorbing the old man. His pupils suddenly shrank but quickly returned to normal. This old man’s eyes revealed essence. This was not his original body but an essence true body!!

This was Wang Lin’s first time seeing another essence true body beside his own!

The identity of this old man was obvious at this point!

“Junior greets Esteemed Green Bull.” Wang Lin still looked calm as he clasped his hands.

Esteemed Green Bull’s essence true body looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “Reveal your essence true body, let this old man see.”

Wang Lin raised his eyebrow and the fire in his left eye flashed. A shadow appeared behind him and turned into his essence true body. It looked exactly the same as Wang Lin and started at Esteemed Green Bull’s essence true body.

As the two essence two bodies looked at each other, Esteemed Green Bull’s essence true body stood up. A terrifying aura spread out and shrouded the Heavenly Mountain. The blue snow was blown away by the howling wind.

“Indeed an essence true body… In my life, aside from myself, you are the third person I’ve seen with an essence true body…”

Wang Lin silently pondered and didn’t speak.

Esteemed Green Bull’s essence body suddenly said, “Your name is Wang Lin!”

Wang Lin still remained calm, as if he wasn’t surprised about the fact that this old man knew his name. Fan Shanmeng knew him, so it wasn’t a surprise the old ancestor of the Great Soul Sect knew his name.

Wang Lin calmly said, “It’s me!”

“Those who walk out from the cave world…. Are indeed not simple…” Esteemed Green Bull’ essence true body let out a sigh.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he asked, “I wonder, what essence formed Senior’s essence true body?”

Esteemed Green Bull’s essence true body smiled. He didn’t feel irritated at Wang Lin’s question but smiled. “This old man’s essence true body is formed from the cold essence… It’s coldness, not water… Do you understand?”

Wang Lin frowned and carefully looked at the old man’s essence true body for a long time before speaking.

“Coldness is an aura and water is physical…”

Esteemed Green Bull smiled and looked at Wang Lin with unabashed admiration.

“I knew the moment you entered the Great Soul Sect formation. I watched you enter the red mountain, I watched you meet with Fan Shanlu, I watched you absorbed the main earth fire vein...

“You have formed this fire essence true body in my Great Soul Sect, so that means you and my Great Soul Sect are fated! Since we are fated, there is no need to leave in a rush. Wang Lin, become an elder in my Great Soul Sect. How about it?”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t speak.

Esteemed Green Bull’s true body looked at Wang Lin and said, “On the Immortal Astral Continent, unless you create a sect yourself, you need to ally with a sect in order to grow. You can reject the offer, but sooner or later, you will face this choice!

“My Great Soul Sect is one of the nine sects and thirteen factions of the Eastern Continent. Become of an elder of my sect and I’ll give you your own peak and cave! Everything you need, the Great Soul Sect will supply, and as long as you reach the requirements, you can learn any of the dao spells of the Great Soul Sect! How about it?” 

What the Esteemed Green Bull had said was very alluring. He didn’t threaten Wang Lin and completely ignored the fact that Wang Lin had destroyed the earth fire vein, fought with that woman in the earth vein, and caused a huge fire in the Great Soul Sect.

But the more he ignored these things and seemed to not care, the more Wang Lin understood the invisible pressure. However, Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral and his heart was calm. He had long made speculations on everything that could happen after he entered the Great Soul Sect.

This naturally included precautions against Esteemed Green Bull. When Wang Lin sat the other party hadn’t come with their real body but only their essence true body, Wang Lin had already guessed his true intent.

To use the essence true body to tempt Wang Lin’s heart. Everything that had been said was just the warm up, the real offer hasn’t been laid out yet.

Seeing that Wang Lin was still pondering, Esteemed Green Bull’s true body smiled and spoke once more.

“Also, this old man will be the most helpful person to you because we both have essence true bodies. I can tell you the secret of the essence true body…”

Wang Lin was waiting for this and his eyes suddenly narrowed. However, he remained silent and didn’t refuse or agree. He looked at Esteemed Green Bull’s essence true body.

“I will give you one incense stick of time to think!” Esteemed Green Bull waved his hand and the surrounding snow gathered to form an incense stick. This incense stick silently burned and slowly melted; it was no different from a real incense stick.

Time slowly passed. Shortly after, only half the snow incense stick remained, and Wang Lin suddenly spoke.

“How did you know I would appear here after leaving?”

“My Great Soul Sect has a dao spell named ‘Soul Eye Dao.’ This spell can divinate a lot of things… There are many people on the Immortal Astral Continent, and among them, there are many ways to divinate. In my celestial clan, the Imperial Teacher in the Imperial Capital is number one.

“With the power of one person, in terms of divination, he could match the three Imperial Teachers of the three Ancient countries!

“My Great Soul Sect’s Soul Eye Dao is but a glimpse at the path of divination. It does not focus on divinating others, but changes oneself to make it difficult for others to divinate you.

“If you want to learn it, I can teach you… Time is about up, I’m waiting for your decision.” Esteemed Green Bull’s real body smiled as he spoke.

Wang Lin looked at the snow incense stick without much time remaining and his eyes lit up. He took a step back and his essence true body also took a step. Ripples echoed and he disappeared from the Heavenly Mountain.

His sudden movement wasn’t stopped by the Esteemed Green Bull, not even his expression changed. He saw Wang Lin disappear and slightly shook his head.

“If you are really the person the ancestor talked about when he chose to build the Great Soul Sect on the main earth fire vein, then you will return before the snow incense stick finishes burning. I have the spell and information you need, but if you don’t return, then you’re not so…” As he muttered, he closed his eyes.

Not much of the snow incense stick remained; it slowly melted.

Far away from the Heavenly Mountain, a place in the Heavenly Bull Continent that would take Wang Lin one month to fly to, there was a mountain covered in a green forest. Ripples echoed in the sky and Wang Lin walked out.

Mountains filled the area, and they were all irregularly shaped. The mountain range was dense and endless - a classic type of terrain found in the Heavenly Bull Continent.

“Soul Eye Dao… Whether this spell really exists, I can simply test it to find out!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he looked around. He didn’t notice any anomalies. Although there were many living things nearby, none of them were a threat to him.

The wind here was strong, and when it blew into the forest on the mountains, it caused the leaves to create a wonderful sound.

Wang Lin turned around and was about to leave, but his body trembled as he had if he vaguely spotted something. He suddenly looked down at the mountain range below.

The earth was very ordinary, as if there was nothing wrong.

But Wang Lin’s pupils suddenly shrank and the feeling of all his hair standing up appeared. He waved his hand and a gust of wind blew across the mountains, causing the trees to sway. In the blink of an eye, the mountain and the swaying trees seemed to form a word!

This word was very simple, it was a “Wang.”

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light and he merged with the world once more. When he reappeared, he was far away, near the Blue Dragon Sect. Wang Lin had been here before. This was where he had absorbed the first child vein and where he had encountered Du Qing.

“The location that formed ‘Wang’ is somewhere I’ve never been to before. There are many ways to explain why a word would appear there. Now I’m going to a place I have been to before. I want to see if a miracle can really happen!” Wang Lin appeared in the sky and looked below.

However, what he saw caused his body to tremble. His mind rumbled as he stared at the earth.

Due to the withering of the earth fire vein, cracks had appeared on the earth, and the cracks formed the word “Lin!”

One had to look from above to see the word “Lin.” After looking for a long time, Wang Lin closed his eyes. He was sure that all the cracks had just appeared here and were not changed by anyone. This meant that these cracks had all appeared naturally!

While pondering, Wang Lin disappeared. This time he didn’t choose a target; he moved unconsciously. He didn’t know where he was going; he appeared in the sky above a random part of the Heavenly Bull Continent.

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and he no longer saw the earth writing out any more words. Beneath him was a curved river, and this river looked very common; it was not in the form of any word.

Wang Lin seemed to relax, but soon his expression became serious. He saw the remains of an ancient, stone bridge that used to be here a long time ago. It had already collapsed, and only the parts on the shore still remained. There was a stone tablet that seemed to have the name of the bridge written on it.

In a flash, Wang Lin landed next to the stone tablet, and after taking a look, his body trembled violently.

“Return bridge…” Wang Lin muttered.

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