Chapter 1826 - Terrifying Avatar!

“Eighth Level Celestial Dao, Extreme Fire Dao!” This was the powerful spell the Celestial Ancestor had used to seal the Heavenly Bull. A part of Wang Lin’s origin soul had just left the illusion, but he was still in a trance. Once he merged with his body, he was still in his trance, and the only thing in his mind was the Extreme Fire Dao spell the Celestial Ancestor had used! 

When Wang Lin spoke, the shadow of his essence true body appeared. From a distance, it looked like two Wang Lins were standing here. It was very strange.

The essence true body was made of fire, so the moment it appeared, a heat wave spread out. The space around him seemed to distort. Wang Lin’s essence true body also contained a powerful will. This will was the will of fire, the lord of fire!

As Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at the young woman, his essence true body also pointed at the young woman. At the same time, a stand of green gas appeared on the fingertips of Wang Lin and his essence...

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