Chapter 1826 - Terrifying Avatar!

“Eighth Level Celestial Dao, Extreme Fire Dao!” This was the powerful spell the Celestial Ancestor had used to seal the Heavenly Bull. A part of Wang Lin’s origin soul had just left the illusion, but he was still in a trance. Once he merged with his body, he was still in his trance, and the only thing in his mind was the Extreme Fire Dao spell the Celestial Ancestor had used! 

When Wang Lin spoke, the shadow of his essence true body appeared. From a distance, it looked like two Wang Lins were standing here. It was very strange.

The essence true body was made of fire, so the moment it appeared, a heat wave spread out. The space around him seemed to distort. Wang Lin’s essence true body also contained a powerful will. This will was the will of fire, the lord of fire!

As Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at the young woman, his essence true body also pointed at the young woman. At the same time, a stand of green gas appeared on the fingertips of Wang Lin and his essence true body!

This green gas was very light and couldn’t be clearly seen unless one looked closely. It slowly wrapped around Wang Lin’s finger as if it wanted to circle his finger once.

At the same time, a powerful pressure came from Wang Lin and his essence true body. The pressure spread out and caused the expression of the young woman to change immediately.

She clearly felt the bloodline in her body tremble. This strange change caused popping sounds to come from her body.

“This… What spell is this?! It can shake the bloodline in my body!!”

The young woman’s pupils shrank and her hands formed a seal without hesitation. The 36,000 pores on her body released black gas that surrounded her and then turned into 36,000 ghostly faces. This army of ghostly faces rushed toward Wang Lin to stop this spell that terrified her.

Almost the moment the green gas appeared on Wang Lin’s right finger, in the void between the Immortal Astral Continent and the cave world, Wang Lin’s avatar inside the stone shell opened his eyes. He also raised his right hand and green gas also appeared around his finger. The green gas suddenly circled once around his finger!

At the same time, deep within the earth fire vein, Wang Lin and his essence true body felt a powerful energy from the law of the Immortal Astral Continent. As the army of 36,000 ghostly faces closed in, the green gas circled his finger once!

At this instant, a green smoke ring spread out from Wang Lin’s finger. It expanded and shot toward the army of 36,000 ghostly faces. A burning smoke ring also appeared on the finger of Wang Lin’s essence true body and flew forward.

One spell and double the effect. This was the most obvious and direct method of strengthening someone!

Wang Lin’s smoke ring flew out first and collided with the 36,000 ghostly faces that had seeped out of the pores of the young woman’s body. A thunderous rumble echoed and countless ripples echoed through the ground.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble. The thunderous sound was deafening, and screams echoed. The 36,000 ghostly faces all let out a terrifying screams as they collapsed under Wang Lin’s smoke ring.

The smoke ring penetrated the army of ghostly faces and appeared before the young woman. The young woman trembled and quickly retreated. She bit the tip of her tongue and spat out blood to form a three foot figure that looked similar to herself. However, this was not her origin soul but something the young woman had made using an extremely vicious method.

After the three foot little person came out, it let out a sharp shrill. The sound wave collided with the smoke of ring that had penetrated the army of 36,000 ghostly faces.

With a thunderous bang, the smoke ring collapsed and the three foot little person dissipated. A powerful impact landed on Wang Lin and the young woman.

Wang Lin had the body of the Ancient Dao and was still forced back several steps by the impact. He coughed out blood, but his face didn’t look weakened and instead was filled with killing intent.

“What a powerful body, to resist the impact from the collapse of my spell!” The young woman also retreated. Blood was flowing out from the corner of her mouth.

But this wasn’t the end yet. If Wang Lin didn’t have the essence true body, he would be at a disadvantage, but now the essence true body was complete. The ring of smoke created by his essence true body penetrated the impact and flew toward the young woman.

This scene made the woman feel bitter. She understood the essence true body, that fighting against someone with one was like fighting two people.

As the smoke ring closed in, the young woman clenched her teeth. She raised her right hand and a blue umbrella appeared in her grasp.

Bursts of celestial energy came from the umbrella. The moment the umbrella appeared, even the earth seemed to tremble. A terrifying aura came from the umbrella. This umbrella was not ordinary!

The young woman raised the umbrella in a flash. The umbrella was quite large, enough to cover up her body. The smoke ring formed by Wang Lin’s essence true body collided with the blue umbrella.

Thunder rumbles echoed once more and the earth trembled violently. The vibrations moved up to the surface and the entire Great Soul Sect trembled. Even the mountains around the Great Soul Sect trembled as cracks were ripped opened on the surface of the earth.

The smoke ring collapsed, but when it collapsed, a sharp scream that someone would release when they were seriously injured came from the blue umbrella in the young woman’s hand. That scream came from the spirit of the umbrella.

As the rumble echoed, a crackling sound echoed as the umbrella was torn open. It turned into blue light and was forced back into the young woman’s body.

The woman’s heart ached for the umbrella, and she retreated. Her gaze toward Wang Lin was now filled with even more killing intent.

Wang Lin’s face was a bit pale. The Extreme Fire Dao spell he had used while in a trance didn’t consume much of Wang Lin’s energy or his essence true body. However, he could feel that it was consuming the power from his avatar in the void.

Wang Lin had high hopes for that avatar in the future, so he would not allow it to sustain damage.

“This Celestial Ancestor’s power is extremely potent. I only managed one ring of green gas in a trance and I could match this early stage Void Tribulant woman. If I could make two rings, she would not be my match...

“However, this spell consumes the power of my avatar; no wonder it is so powerful.” Wang Lin knew that his avatar was extremely mysterious. If his guess was correct, in the future, that avatar would become an existence similar to the Celestial and Ancient Ancestors.

Or one could say that they were born via the same method. Although he was no match for the Celestial or Ancient Ancestors now, if given enough time, his avatar would grow to a terrifying degree.

This was his biggest ace!

The Celestial Ancestor’s Eighth Level Celestial Dao was not something Wang Lin could master from just seeing it once at his cultivation level. Perhaps only a Grand Empyrean could do something like that.

The reason he could use it was due to his avatar. It was his avatar that had comprehended the spell after Wang Lin’s original body saw it, and this comprehension was sent back to the original body. This allowed Wang Lin to use this ultimate spell that had sealed the Heavenly Bull!

With nine rings, this spell could seal the Heavenly Bull; it could even seal a Grand Empyrean!!

However, his current avatar was far from reaching that level.

These thoughts flash through Wang Lin’s mind. At this moment, the young woman withdrew her blue umbrella and looked at Wang Lin with powerful killing intent in her eyes.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he let out a cold snort. He raised his right hand and waved at the void. His essence true body behind him also waved its hand.

The entire earth fire vein trembled. The main earth fire vein was simply too big, and even though it had lost the dragon soul, it wouldn’t wither in a short period of time. As Wang Lin waved his hand, fire essence rushed into his body.

The entire earth fire vein trembled and a powerful sea of fire erupted. This sea of fire was simply too big, so the red mountain in the Great Soul Sect immediately began burning. Fire even came out from the surrounding earth.

“War Spirit Print!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and all the remaining fire left in the earth fire vein gathered like crazy from all directions to from a giant fire palm print!

At the same time, Wang Lin’s essence true body also moved and an even larger fire palmprint appeared behind him.

As Wang Lin pushed his right hand forward, the large and small fire palm prints flew toward the young woman. Wang Lin didn’t wait around to see the result; he took a step, ripples echoed, and he instantly disappeared.

The earth trembled and the sea of fire raged. A thunderous rumble affected a small portion of the Heavenly Bull Continent, shaking the hearts of countless cultivators. An angry and sharp howl from a woman echoed deep within the earth.

At this moment, Wang Lin had already fused with the world and used Spatial Bending to appear on the Heavenly Mountain outside the Great Soul Sect.

“The fire essence true body has formed. Although my cultivation level hasn’t changed, my strength has doubled! Although I can’t match an early stage Void Tribulant cultivator yet, I have the strength to protect myself! If it’s a life and death situation, if I use Ancient Dao, No Celestial along with the Extreme Fire Dao, I can kill a Void Tribulant cultivator… Only the price would be too big…” As Wang Lin stood on the mountain, his eyes shined. Ripples appeared under his feet and he was about to leave.

“Little friend, you came to my Great Soul Sect as a guest and are just going to leave now?” An ancient voice echoed behind Wang Lin.

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