Chapter 1825 - Eight Signs of the Celestial Ancestor!

This roar echoed inside the main earth fire vein, and it seemed to be filled with the determination to resist. From a distance, the young woman heard this and her expression changed. Behind her, Wang Lin’s original body followed. The two of them continued moving deeper into the earth one after the other.

Along the way, the young woman completely ignored Wang Lin and moved at full speed. Wang Lin’s cultivation level was far below hers, so he couldn’t stop her. However, he still had the Stop spell!

However, he still hadn’t used the Spell yet. This spell needed to be used at the most important moment to have the greatest effect.

As the young woman flew at full speed, she got closer and closer to Wang Lin’s essence true body. Her divine sense spread out and could see everything. When she saw Wang Lin’s essence true body, her expression changed greatly!

“This… This is… this is an essence true body!!! He is actually borrowing the earth fire vein to from a fire essence true body!!”

The young woman gasped and...

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