Chapter 1825 - Eight Signs of the Celestial Ancestor!

This roar echoed inside the main earth fire vein, and it seemed to be filled with the determination to resist. From a distance, the young woman heard this and her expression changed. Behind her, Wang Lin’s original body followed. The two of them continued moving deeper into the earth one after the other.

Along the way, the young woman completely ignored Wang Lin and moved at full speed. Wang Lin’s cultivation level was far below hers, so he couldn’t stop her. However, he still had the Stop spell!

However, he still hadn’t used the Spell yet. This spell needed to be used at the most important moment to have the greatest effect.

As the young woman flew at full speed, she got closer and closer to Wang Lin’s essence true body. Her divine sense spread out and could see everything. When she saw Wang Lin’s essence true body, her expression changed greatly!

“This… This is… this is an essence true body!!! He is actually borrowing the earth fire vein to from a fire essence true body!!”

The young woman gasped and her body trembled. The right hand hidden in her sleeve subconsciously shook. The trembling was no weaker than when Wang Lin took out the Grand Empyrean treasure. In fact, it was even more intense! After all, she had never seen a Grand Empyrean, but she had seen an essence true body several times!

The Great Soul Sect’s ancestor, Esteemed Green Bull, also had an essence true body. This young woman clearly knew how difficult it was to form one and how powerful it was. She thought she would only see that one essence true body in her life. She didn’t expect to see a second completely different essence true body here!

“No wonder he was leading me elsewhere… No wonder he wanted to venture deep into the earth fire vein… No wonder he still came here even though he has a treasure from a Grand Empyrean...

“All of this was because he wanted to from an essence true body that is extremely difficult to form, to the point that it’s almost legendary!!” The young woman’s face became pale and coldness erupted from her eyes. She knew a lot about essence true bodies as she dreamed of forming one. She understood that once the essence true body formed, the earth fire vein would collapse and disappear.

“I can’t let him succeed!” The young woman gritted her teeth. Whether it was the destruction the withered earth fire vein would cause or the extreme jealousy in her heart, she didn’t want to allow this essence true body to form. She coughed out blood and her body fused with the blood. In a flash, she moved 10 times faster than before and headed toward Wang Lin’s essence true body like a shadow.

After Wang Lin’s essence true body let out that roar of will, the will of the dragon soul collapsed. Wang Lin’s will took control and the last of the dragon soul’s resistance collapsed!

When the dragon soul’s will collapsed, Wang Lin’s will took control and began to devour the residual of the dragon’s soul. A thunderous rumble echoed in Wang Lin’s mind.

As the rumble echoed, Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out in all directions. He vaguely heard a miserable roar coming from the depths of the earth below the earth fire vein.

When the roar entered his mind, he had just absorbed the remaining fire from the dragon soul. The roar seemed to echo like thunder in his mind and seemed to create an illusion!

His vision blurred, and when it became clear, he was in space. This space was simply too big and seemed endless. Wang Lin had no body as he stood there and looked around blankly.

He didn’t know where he was. While he was feeling confused, there was a thunderous rumble in the distance. When he turned around, Wang Lin’s pupils shrank.

He saw a bull!

A giant bull surrounded by ice that could freeze the stars themselves. It was very large and seemed to be endless in size. It appeared in the sky and roared.

An indescribable feeling of terror spread out from its body and spread in all directions.

Wang Lin’s body seemed to be frozen and even his thoughts seemed to slow down. Wang Lin had never seen such a terrifying beast before in his life. The aura coming from the beast was no weaker than Xuan Luo’s!!

“Heavenly Bull!!” These two words suddenly appeared in Wang Lin’s mind along with the rumors and legends about the Heavenly Bull Continent.

The Celestial Ancestor had killed a foreign bull and turned its body into a continent. Its soul was sealed here and this place was thus was named the Heavenly Bull Continent. Mortals appeared and cultivators moved here to form sects. After countless years, this became part of the 72 continents of the celestial clan!

Wang Lin’s heart trembled. The moment the rumor appeared in Wang Lin’s mind, a golden light shined above the Heavenly Bull. As the golden light shrouded the sky, a figure wearing an emperor robe and a crown appeared.

The moment the figure appeared, space itself trembled. An indescribable celestial energy appeared and collided with the cold aura. The world trembled, and it was a sight to behold.

“Celestial Ancestor!” Wang Lin didn’t need to guess. Based on the legends, he could tell that this person that he couldn’t see the appearance of was the legendary Celestial Ancestor!!

“Could it be that after I devoured the will of the dragon soul, that faint roar from the bottom of the earth brought me back to the time when the Celestial Ancestor sealed the Heavenly Bull?

“But the Heavenly Bull was rumored to be fire element, so why is it ice?” Wang Lin’s heart trembled when he saw this.

After the person in the emperor robe appeared, the Heavenly Bull roared once more. Crackling sounds echoed as the ice rapidly spread across the Heavenly Bull.

This terrifying force was something not even a peak Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign could resist. Perhaps only Xuan Luo could attempt to fight it at full power!

As the ice sealed the sky, the person in the emperor robe raised his hand with his five fingers toward the sky and pressed down. At the same time, a majestic voice echoed.

“Eighth Level Celestial Dao, Extreme Fire Dao!”

Once those words echoed, a green gas came out of the fingers of the person in the emperor robe. The smoke swirled around his fingers, forming nine rings, and then flew toward the Heavenly Bull in the sky.

The nine smoke rings grew as they flew into the sky and soon looked almost endless in size. They quickly collided with the Heavenly Bull.

The first ring collided with the Heavenly Bull’s ice aura, making the ice aura dissipate instantly. The second smoke ring penetrated the ice and landed on the Heavenly Bull. Then the seven remaining rings all landed one by one.

The Heavenly Bull struggled and roared but was unable to break free from the smoke rings. When the ninth smoke ring landed, all the ice aura from the Heavenly Bull disappeared without a trace. Instead, a monstrous fire appeared and made the Heavenly Bull look like a fire bull!

“For daring to invade my celestial clan, your punishment is for your body to become the earth, your origin soul to nourish the spirits, your bones to become the veins, and your soul to be suppressed for countless years under the Immortal Astral Continent!”

The Heavenly Bull let out a miserable roar and its body descended to form an endless continent. Countless mountains suddenly rose from the earth, and the bones of the Heavenly Bull turned into veins. Endless fire appeared and the bones of the Heavenly Bull turned into the earth fire veins!

At the bottom of the earth, the soul of the Heavenly Bull was suppressed there. Only an unwilling roar would occasionally come from deep within the earth, but no one seemed to be able to hear it!

After Wang Lin saw all of this, his vision became blurry. When his vision became clear again, he was back in the earth fire vein. For a moment, he seemed to still be able to hear the roar of the Heavenly Bull deep underground.

The confusion in his eyes hadn’t disappeared yet when the hair of Wang Lin’s essence true body rapidly changed and the feathers turned into black hair. Wang Lin’s essence true body was about to form.

Just at this moment, there was a monstrous blood light flashing before Wang Lin’s essence true body. Inside the blood light was a beautiful, young woman. When she saw that Wang Lin’s essence true body’s hair was rapidly forming, she became anxious. Killing intent appeared in her eyes and she launched a spell to destroy this essence true body that was about to be completed!

Ripples echoed behind the young woman and Wang Lin’s original body walked out. The moment the young woman was about to launch the attack, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. The Stop spell he had prepared along the way that he hadn’t used suddenly erupted.

“Stop spell!!” Stop the heavens and earth, stop all spells, stop the mind, stop everything. This was Wang Lin’s Stop spell. It didn’t just stop the body!

The moment the Stop spell was used, the young woman’s body stopped for a moment and her spell was interrupted. At that moment, Wang Lin coughed out blood and popping sounds echoed in his body as a large amount of blood mist erupted from within him. However, he didn’t hesitate to charge forward. But he didn’t attack the young woman. He concluded that she must have some kind of protective treasure.

He teleported directly before the young woman to where his essence true body was, and his origin soul was complete once more. At the same time, Wang Lin’ essence true body’s hair finished changing into a full head of black hair!

A powerful aura erupted from Wang Lin’s essence true body. At this moment, Wang Lin’s fire essence true body finished forming!!

At this moment, the young woman’s eyes narrowed and her body recovered.

“Even if your avatar and original body have fused, it is still not enough!” The young woman’s heart trembled. She had never seen a spell that could stop her like that before. This spell had a deep background; it was not something she could know.

Just as she charged at Wang Lin, Wang Lin suddenly looked up and raised his right hand.

“Eighth Level Celestial Dao, Extreme Fire Dao!”

He didn’t have the bloodline of the Celestial Ancestor, but he had other methods!

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