Chapter 1824 - Will of the Main Fire!

It wasn’t that the young woman was dumb. Even if it was someone else, if they noticed a problem with the earth fire vein and saw someone covered in fire escaping from the stone room, they would think that the person was the problem.

They would naturally pursue that person and inevitably miss something. After all, there were hardly any perfect people in this world.

Even if Wang Lin had encountered a similar thing, it would be difficult for him to immediately realize that it was just a distraction.

It was rare for the young woman to be able to detect it so fast. She abandoned her pursuit and charged toward the depths of the earth fire vein. When Wang Lin detected this, he revealed a cold smile.

There were now two wills in the earth fire vein. One was the dragon soul, the owner of the earth fire vein, and the other was his fire essence true body!

“Now it’s my turn to attack!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb his essence true body’s devouring process. This was a significant change for for his essence and for him. As someone who came from the cave world to the Immortal Astral Continent, this would be a great increase to his strength!

Ripples echoed under his feet and he disappeared in a flash.

The young woman rushed while surrounded by the ghostly face, allowing her to move very fast. As she moved forward, she suddenly had an inexplicable feeling and moved to the side without hesitation. In a flash, a ray of blood light flew past her body and stabbed through the ghostly face. It glanced by her and smashed into the earth fire vein ahead. It was a blood sword!

This blood sword gave off a monstrous killing intent and also contained a hint of the aura of the Ancient Dao!

After seeing this blood sword, the young woman’s expression changed greatly!

“The Blood Slaughter Sword, one of the seven swords of the Ancient Dao! You’re not a cultivator!!” The young woman turned around and saw the blood sword flash once more. Ripples echoed at the direction the blood sword went and Wang Lin walked out.

“Blood Slaughter Sword…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He had obtained Ye Mo’s inheritance but was lacking the left eye, so the memories were incomplete. He only knew that Ye Mo was given the sword by the emperor of the Ancient Dao, and didn’t know its name.

After appearing, Wang Lin didn’t talk but pointed at the sky. Bursts of seven-colored light appeared above him and gathered before him to form a seven-colored lance.

The lance shot toward the young woman.

The young woman let out a cold snort and casually waved her right hand. The ghostly face before her let out a howl and flew toward the seven-colored lance.

In an instant, the two sides collided. The seven-colored light couldn’t resist at all; the ghostly face devoured it and then flew toward Wang Lin.

Killing intent appeared in the young woman’s eyes as she charged toward Wang Lin following the ghostly face.

“Since you came yourself, then stay!” A cold voice echoed through the earth fire vein and entered Wang Lin’s ears.

Wang Lin retreated and waved his sleeve. Xuan Luo’s golden print appeared and suppressed the ghostly face.

The powerful aura from the golden print contained a sliver of Xuan Luo’s power. It instantly closed in on the ghostly face, and with a bang, the ghostly face let out a miserable cry and disappeared before Wang Lin.

Golden light shined brightly and the golden print flew toward the young woman. When the young woman saw the golden print, she gasped. Her pupils shrank and she suddenly stopped.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he retreated, disappearing back into the earth fire vein. At the same time, the golden light dimmed and the print stopped moving forward. It disappeared along with the blood sword.

“Don’t chase anymore. I have no hostility toward the Great Soul Sect. I just need to use the main earth fire vein to cultivate a spell!” Wang Lin’s voice echoed in the young woman’s mind after he left.

The young woman stood there and silently pondered.

At that moment, she felt the Grand Empyrean aura inside the print, and it terrified her. That aura made her think of a lot of things.

After a long time, the coldness in her eyes appeared once more.

“So what if he has a treasure gifted by a Grand Empyrean? This person has the blood sword, which belongs to the Ancient Dao clan. That makes it obvious who the Grand Empyrean is!

“Even though the ancient countries’ Grand Empyreans are powerful, they can’t control us celestials! Even if I’ve misjudged and the Grand Empyrean behind him is a celestial, he made a move on my Great Soul Sect’s main earth fire vein, so I will be in the right if I kill him. Plus, I’m not trying to kill him, I’m merely trying to stop him… Even Grand Empyreans can’t be that unreasonable!” the young woman muttered as she raised her head and charged at the main earth fire vein once more. 

The woman’s personality was very fierce, and her current cultivation level was greatly related to her personality, so she wouldn’t easily give up. Although she was shocked by the golden print, she had made up her mind.

This was not something Du Qing could compare to.

At another part of the main earth fire vein, Wang Lin’ essence true body detected the young woman’s movement and let out a sigh.

“Cultivators that have truly entered the Void Tribulant stage are all determined people. A treasure formed by a Grand Empyrean won’t easily force them to retreat… Since she won’t retreat, then let’s see who is faster!” Wang Lin’s gaze became determined and he disappeared.

As Wang Lin’s essence true body continued to absorb the main earth fire vein, the struggle from the dragon became weaker. Only the hair of the essence true body remained as feathers, but at this moment, black hair appeared at the roots.

This black hair seemed to be surrounded by a gloomy light that was spreading. Once it finished spreading, the essence true body would be completely formed!

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin’s essence true body was completely ignoring all external dangers and was focusing completely on absorbing the main earth fire vein. He was competing for time to survive. If the young woman arrived before he formed his essence true body, then all of Wang Lin’s efforts would be wasted.

It would be very difficult to find another chance like this!

His original body continued to appear before the young woman, using spells to prevent her from moving forward. However, after doing this several times, the young woman simply ignored him and charged toward the depths of the earth fire vein.

In a flash, several hours passed. The young woman was getting closer and closer...

The main earth fire vein’s soul had weakened to a certain extent. Its roar had slowly weakened and its body seemed to slowly be calming down.

However, this was just its external appearance; its eyes revealed a dazzling light. It suddenly released a powerful roar and its calm body began to move once more.

With this roar, the giant dragon soul was surrounded by a sea of fire and began to shrink rapidly.

From its endless size, it shrank to 100,000 feet, 10,000 feet, 1,000 feet, 100 feet!

With the pressure of shrinking its body, the dragon soul erupted with its strongest resistance. Its body shrank from 100 feet to 50 feet, 30 feet, 10 feet!

This crazed condensing caused its willpower to compress as well. In the end, it shrank into a fist-sized ball of fire!

The moment Wang Lin’s essence true body was knocked off the dragon, the fist-sized ball of fire formed by the dragon shot straight toward Wang Lin’s essence true body’s forehead.

With a thunderous bang, the ball of fire touched the essence true body’s forehead and entered it!

The moment the ball of fire entered Wang Lin’s essence true body, his divine sense began to tremble. It was as if he had turned back into a mortal and was struggling in the violent sea on a lonely boat.

A very powerful will descended, attempting to wipe out Wang Lin’s divine sense to occupy the essence true body. This will was the will of the fire dragon. It had given up its body, and in its desperate struggle, it had entered Wang Lin’s essence true body. It was going to try to take over Wang Lin’s essence true body!

This would make this essence true body the vessel for its will!

This will was extremely powerful, and it had turned into a giant hand that was going to crush Wang Lin’s divine sense. This will was filled with struggle and an unyielding nature. There were roars coming from it as if it were challenging the heavens.

Wang Lin vaguely saw a light and felt heat. This combination of light and heat formed the fire of the world!

The will of the fire wanted to burn everything, including itself. It contained a hint a madness along with an unyielding, heaven-defying will that would burn the entire world.

It was going to burn Wang Lin’s divine sense and everything into ashes!

“Fire! The origin of my understanding of fire is not the Vermillion Bird but the heart of the candle that sways in the wind but remains lit!

“The wind howls and wants to blow the candle out, causing it to die and turn into smoke. However, every time the wind blows, the candle resists and shakes violently. It is not willing to die, not willing to be turned to smoke!

“The fire essence that I, Wang Lin, have comprehended is that will! The will of the candle fire! The will of my dao! It is also the will of my life-long struggle against the heavens!

“Do you dare to wipe out my will? Can you wipe it out?” Wang Lin’s essence true body opened its eyes, and they were filled with fire. It let out a roar as his divine sense inside the essence true body also struggled against the will of the fire dragon. It refused to yield!

Like the candle, like the candle fire!

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