Chapter 1823 - The Young Woman’s Miscalculation!

Wang Lin was prepared for the fact that the early stage Void Tribulant young woman at the top of the mountain would notice him sooner or later. The moment the young woman moved, the part of the origin soul he had left in his body borrowed the fire to pull his body toward his essence true body.

Along the way, the fire surrounded him, but he didn’t feel any heat. This was because his fire essence true body had gone ahead and absorbed a lot of the will of fire. Otherwise, Wang Lin’s body wouldn’t have been able to withstand the heart after his essence true body left.

It was also why his body hadn’t entered the earth until the young woman arrived.

The young woman’s eyes were filled with killing intent. She could clearly feel that someone was absorbing the main earth fire vein like crazy. This caused killing intent to appear in her heart.

“You dare to pull such a trick before me? You’re courting death!” The young woman directly arrived at the 370 foot mark in the cave. With one step, she chased after Wang Lin underground.

The two of them quickly moved further down underground. As the earth trembled, the red mountain was about to collapse. All the disciples flew out one by one and looked at the trembling, red mountain.

Fan Shanlu was among them. She knew that this was related to Wang Lin, and she bitterly smiled in her heart. She thought about how no matter where Wang Lin went, he could cause a heaven-shaking change.

Fan Shanmeng was also among the crowd, and her eyes lit up as she looked at the red mountain. A moment later, she suddenly looked at her younger sister, Fan Shanlu.

“Little Sister, it was you brought the outsider into the stone room…” Fan Shanmeng’s voice echoed inside Fan Shanlu’s mind.

“Although you are my elder sister, don’t speak so casually. I was used by you for many years in the cave world, and now you are trying to frame me. Do you still have a conscience?” Fan Shanlu turned to stare at her elder sister, and her eyes were cold.

She could never forget that her elder sister had even used her in order to try to manipulate Wang Lin in the cave world. That moment of danger had left a chill in her heart and awakened her.

Fan Shanmeng silently pondered and no longer spoke.

As the red mountain trembled, the auras of the powerful cultivators of the Great Soul Sect spread out. Terrifying divine senses surrounded this red mountain.

This mountain was merely a main peak of the Great Soul Sect, and the Great Soul Sect had a total of 49 main peaks! Although not every peak had an early stage Void Tribulant cultivator, it showed how powerful the Great Soul Sect was.

In the depths of the main earth fire vein, Wang Lin’s body was surrounded by fire and quickly going deeper. The young woman was chasing after him, filled with killing intent.

However, the earth fire vein contained the will of Wang Lin’s essence true body, so he was like a fish in water, moving faster and faster. As for the young woman, she was hindered by the will and found it difficult to use her full power.

The distance between the two wasn’t closing as they got closer and closer to the main earth fire vein.

At the deepest part of the earth fire vein, inside the head of the dragon, Wang Lin’s essence true body was sitting there and devouring the will of the dragon soul like crazy.

Time was of the essence and danger was everywhere. Wang Lin had no time to think about other things. The only thought in his mind was to devour the will of this fire.

As he devoured, the main dragon soul let out a painful roar. Wang Lin’s essence true body’s chin had completely turned human and no longer looked like a Vermillion Bird. This continued to extend, reaching his mouth and formed his lips!

Wang Lin’s essence true body seemed to be in a rush. “Faster, devour more!” he roared in his heart. The dragon soul roared and its body continued to twist. The pain of being devoured made it feel the crisis of death.

As its body twisted, shockwaves spread in all directions. This caused the entire Great Soul Sect to tremble. In particular, the red mountain rumbled and the peak of the mountain shattered.

A sea of fire suddenly rushed out into the sky as if it wanted to burn the sky.

This change attracted the attention of the Great Soul Sect. The disciples in the mountain all retreated.

“What is going on!?”

“Could it be that someone went toward the main earth fire vein?”

Roars echoed and more Great Soul Sect disciples arrived.

The young woman underground obviously felt the change on the surface. She looked gloomy, and her beautiful face was covered in frost. She looked at the escaping Wang Lin and her right hand formed a seal. A bronze mirror appeared in her hand.

“Ancient Mirror Dao Pattern, turn into the shadow of the heavens and earth, kill that person!” The young woman waved her right hand and the ancient mirror shined brightly. A large amount of black gas came out of the mirror and formed a ghostly face.

With a roar, the ghostly face charged forward at breakneck speed.

In a flash, it closed in more than half the distance to Wang Lin! It was still closing in, and in a flash, it was less than 300 feet from him!

Wang Lin’s mind was split in half. One was in the essence true body to devour the will of fire, and the other inside his body to escape from the young woman. The moment the ghostly face was 300 feet away from him, Wang Lin turned around and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

“The Great Soul Sect’s Ghostly Face spell…” Wang Lin’s eyelids trembled and he took a step with his right foot. Ripples echoed and he disappeared without a trace. The moment he disappeared, the ghostly face rushed over and devoured the location Wang Lin was at.

Thunderous rumbles echoed deep inside the earth. The moment the young woman arrived and stopped here, she couldn’t help but frown.

“This is…” While pondering, she looked up as she felt Wang Lin reappear in the depths of the earth again.

“He is able to teleport inside the main earth fire vein, I can’t underestimate him…” The young woman had also tried to teleport under the will of the main earth fire vein but was unable to do so. Although she was surprised Wang Lin could do it, she didn’t really consider it a huge deal.

“He didn’t teleport before; that means it must cost him a lot to teleport here. I want to see how many times he can teleport!” The young woman let out a cold snort and waved her jade-like hand. The ghostly face appeared once more and brought her deeper into the earth to chase Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s physical body continued to charge down. Every time the ghostly face and the woman were going to catch up, he would teleport away. However, he didn’t go directly toward his essence true body but slightly off target each time. As a result, although his movements were subtle, the direction end up being completely different.

Wang Lin’s essence true body was in a relatively safe state with his body distracting the young woman, so there was no one to disturb it. It began to devour even faster.

Wang Lin’s essence true body slowly formed its nose as he continued to devour!

The main earth fire vein struggled like crazy, but it couldn’t stop Wang Lin’s true essence body from absorbing it. This had nothing to do with cultivation level, it was a devouring between two types of fire.

The main earth fire vein was obviously not Wang Lin’s match.

Soon, Wang Lin’s true essence body’s eyes turned from the Vermillion Bird eyes to two human eyes! These eyes were calm, but under the calmness one, could see two fires burning within those eyes.

The soul of the earth fire vein would release violent fluctuations every time it struggled. The earth trembled and thunderous rumbles echoed.

Wang Lin’s essence true body formed a seal, and with a roar, his forehead changed from a Vermillion Bird to real skin!

The moment his nose, eyes, and forehead formed, a heaven-shaking will appeared within his essence true body. It had just been born, but it was rapidly growing as he devoured the soul of main earth fire vein.

From a distance, Wang Lin’s true essence body had changed completely from the forehead down. Only the top of his head and his hair still had the appearance of a Vermillion Bird. The hair was obviously the long Vermillion Bird feathers!

“Only the hair remains, then my essence true body will form completely!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. However, at this moment, due to the earth fire vein’s struggle causing such a powerful vibration, the young woman chasing Wang Lin stopped and came out of the ghostly face. Her expression changed several times before she clenched her teeth!

“A miscalculation!! This person has an avatar even deeper down. He used his original body to attract my attention, and while I chased him, I unknowingly ignored his avatar!

“The main earth fire vein’s trembling should have stopped while I chased him, but it became even more intense instead!

“Damn it!!” The young woman reacted and her killing intent became even more intense. She gave up chasing Wang Lin’s original body and went into the depths of the main earth fire vein, toward Wang Lin’s essence true body.

The moment the young woman stopped chasing and changed directions, Wang Lin immediately noticed. He revealed a calm smile. The reason he had left his original body in the stone room, aside from the fact that his original body couldn’t withstand the heat before his essence true body devoured enough, was to distract the pursuers.

Now he had successfully delayed for a while!

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