Chapter 1820 - Great Soul Sect

The Great Soul Sect was located within the mountain range with the mountain that pierced the clouds. It gave off a red light and looked like a burning mountain.

There were ripples echoing around the mountain. The ripples seemed to contain soul force, and countless hidden figures seemed to be letting out silent roars inside.

This place was one of the two strongest sects on the Heavenly Bull Continent, the Great Soul Sect!

Green snow fell on the Heavenly Mountain. The snow fell on Wang  Lin’s body, hair, and the ground. He stood motionless in the snow.

From here, the Great Soul Sect didn’t seem very far, but even if one flew, they’d have to fly for a few days. The reason it felt like this, aside from the mountain, was that the ripples that came from the Great Soul Sect created a visual gap.

After a long time, Wang Lin closed his eyes and his divine sense spread out. He vaguely sensed the main fire vein under the Great Soul Sect. It branched out into countless branches that spread throughout the Heavenly Bull Continent.

There was an amazing will of fire in this main vein. This will wouldn’t allow anyone to invade it, and only at the Great Soul Sect did this will weaken greatly.

The main vein poked out from underground at the Great Soul Sect. Rather than the Great Soul Sect, it could be said the mountain was the main earth fire vein that extended above ground.

This was not man made, it had been formed by the evolution of nature. It could only be said that the Great Soul Sect had picked a very clever location.

There was a powerful surge of vitality inside the Great Soul Sect. With a rough sweep, Wang Lin found no less than 100,000 cultivators within this endless mountain range.

100,000 cultivators was a large number, but hidden within the mountain ranges, there was not a trace to be seen.

There were many extremely powerful essence auras within the mountain ranges. These represented third step cultivators.

“The Great Soul Sect of the Immortal Astral Continent… It is indeed very strong. Just once sect can sweep the cave world.” Wang Lin calmly looked at this as he pondered.

If not for the fire essence true body, Wang Lin wouldn’t provoke such a behemoth. However, the main earth fire vein under the Great Soul Sect was simply too important to Wang Lin. Even if he had to pull the teeth out from a tiger’s mouth, he had to try.

During these days, he had absorbed a lot of child veins. The fire essence in his body had reached a limit and would no longer be affected by the child veins.

He was already prepared for this to happen. After all, this was similar to taking pills. The more pills of the same quality you devoured, the less effect it would have, until it became useless.

Unless he could devour even higher quality pills, like the will of this main earth fire vein!

Wang Lin slightly closed his eyes and his body silently floated forward without a sound toward the Great Soul Sect.

As he walked, his body flickered. He moved forward a large distance as if he was teleporting.

After several hours, Wang Lin walked through the path that would take cultivators several days and arrived at the mountain range where the Great Soul Sect was. Here, the fluctuations of the soul power became even stronger and more dense. There were forces hidden here that prevented Wang Lin from entering.

“Unfortunately, I can’t take out the Ghostly Sail from the storage space; otherwise, I might’ve been able to borrow its power to enter the Great Soul Sect.” Wang Lin stopped and looked at the mountains not far away. He looked at the red mountain and let out a sigh.

His aura had been completely hidden and he now looked like a mortal. After sitting down, he closed his eyes and began to wait.

The moment he sat down, his body became blurry and turned into a strand of smoke that floated there.

A sect like the Great Soul Sect had a very powerful formation around their territory. Anyone who wasn’t their disciple would immediately be noticed once they touched the formation.

If he wanted to go in, he would have to wait for a disciple to go through and cause a fluctuation in the formation.

If it was an ordinary disciple, he would choose to integrate into the body of a Great Soul Sect disciple to enter, but that had its own drawbacks. Although it sounds good, the fact that the Great Soul Sect had the word “soul” in their sect name meant that they had a great understanding of the soul.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to create the multi-layered illusion spell.

Therefore, entering the body of a disciple to enter the formation would likely result in Wang Lin being found out by the formation before he even noticed anything was wrong.

Wang Lin could only try to enter once, and he was unwilling to risk it like that. He preferred to believe in his own cultivation and understanding of restrictions.

What he needed was for fluctuation to appear in the formation.

In a flash, three days passed. During these three days, a total of 314 disciples had gone in and out, and the formation had fluctuated 314 times.

Wang Lin didn’t carelessly move; he continued to observe. He used his understanding of restrictions to find a weak point.

After all, Wang Lin had the rare restriction essence.

He was not anxious. He had enough time and patience to calmly observe. Another seven days passed.

During these seven days, the formation rippled almost 1,000 times as the disciples went in and out. Wang Lin slowly noticed that the fluctuations were different depending on the identity of the disciples.

During these 10 days of time, Wang Lin had seen almost 1,000 different Great Soul Sect disciples. He had observed some changes to their bodies unique to the Great Soul Sect. 

For example, their souls. If every Great Soul Sect disciple’s soul was a flame, then the flame was very strong and wouldn’t easily fluctuate.

During these 10 days, Wang Lin still hadn’t done anything. He continued to observe for another 10 days. On this day, as a Great Soul Sect disciple entered the formation, the smoke Wang Lin had ,turned into rushed out.

This smoke was invisible and immediately appeared next to the disciple’s body. The formation rippled as the disciple entered and Wang Lin entered at the same moment.

The moment Wang Lin entered, his restriction essence appeared to offset the formation. Then he rapidly simulated what he had learned from observing for the past 20 days. During a few short breaths, he changed hundreds of times.

Only when the disciple left the formation and flew away without noticing a thing did the smoke Wang Lin had turned into also come out of the formation.

His entrance didn’t cause any change to the formation, or to be more accurate, all the changes were hidden by the ripples triggered by that disciple entering.

The smoke Wang Lin had turned into silently moved through the mountains. He saw a lot of Great Soul Sect disciples. They all rushed by and none of them noticed Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was very careful and would often stop as he drifted forward. He slowly made his way to the depths of the mountain range, toward the red mountain. The closer he got, the more strongly he felt the main earth fire vein.

He was not far away from the red mountain as three rays of light flew toward the red mountain. There was one man and two women. They flew directly toward the red mountain.

Wang Lin didn’t brother looking at them. He had seen rays of light like those far too many times already.

However, just at this moment, a divine sense suddenly erupted from the red mountain and descended. It quickly covered most of the mountain. This divine sense was very powerful; it was not something an ordinary cultivator could have. It was someone who had gone through nine Arcane Tribulants and reached the early stage of Void Tribulant.

This divine sense contained a hint of yin, which was something that could only be detected after one had reached a certain cultivation level. The moment Wang Lin felt the divine sense, he could tell that this was a female cultivator.

This divine sense spread out too suddenly. If Wang Lin hadn’t been on guard, he would have been found in a pnaic. As the divine sense spread out, the smoke Wang Lin had turned into retreated.

He moved at the same speed as the divine sense, one spreading out and one retreating.

However, this divine sense spread out like a fan with the red mountain at the center. Wang Lin could avoid it for the moment, but it wouldn’t be long before he was detected.

As the divine sense swept by, ripples echoed across the formation of the Great Soul Sect and it was sealed. This scene shocked Wang Lin.

“Could I have been found?” Wang Lin didn’t have time to think as the divine sense was closing in on him. He retreated, but it looked like he had no place to hide. He flew toward the three rays of light flying in the distance.

He moved at the fastest speed to charge into the body of the man. The reason was not because of the man’s cultivation level, but because the divine sense was that of a woman. From Wang Lin’s experience, most women at this cultivation level were mostly arrogant and looked down upon the male disciples, so they wouldn’t search too carefully. After all, a detailed search was the same as looking at someone naked.

The moment Wang Lin entered the man, the divine sense swept by.

It didn’t linger; it directly swept by into the distance. After it covered the entire mountain range, it slowly dissipated. Once the divine sense scattered, the formation no longer sealed the area and started operating as normal.

“It wasn’t that I was discovered, it’s just that the Great Soul Sect has a habit of a powerful cultivator on guard who spreads out their divine sense from time to time…” Wang Lin gathered inside the man’s body and formed a vortex that was surrounded by restrictions.

As Wang Lin pondered, the woman next to him scolded him. “What are you standing there for? If we are late in delivering the Soul Split Fruit to Senior Sister, we will be punished.”

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