Chapter 1819 - Snow on the Heavenly Mountain

Cold sweat appeared on Du Qing’s forehead as he looked toward the cave in the back mountain. Wang Lin’s divine sense that had been around for seven months suddenly disappeared.

This disappearance wasn’t Wang Lin withdrawing his divine sense, it had disappeared without a trace, as if he had merged with the world.

This change was too sudden. Du Qing couldn’t imagine it happening and wasn’t prepared at all. He was in the mindset of watching a joke when it suddenly happened.

After a moment of shock, Du Qing rushed out and his divine sense spread out toward the back mountain. When his divine sense swept by, his body trembled violently.

“Not there… Not there…” Wang Lin, who had been sitting inside the cave for seven months, had disappeared.

Du Qing didn’t notice Wang Lin disappearing at all. It was as if Wang Lin had evaporated before him.

“It’s impossible… It doesn’t make sense…” Du Qing stood on the mountain peak of the back mountain with grass under his feet. His expression was dull as he muttered. He rubbed his eyes and spread out his divine sense once more.

He tried again, again, and again, but he didn’t find a trace of Wang Lin.

“Impossible, his divine sense can’t fuse with the world. This kind of thing has never happened before. Only old monsters at the peak of Void Tribulant can do it… He… He simply can’t!” Du Qing’s face was pale and the fear in his eyes was strong. He suddenly felt like he was in a dream for the last seven months.

Du Qing was still couldn’t find Wang Lin, and his heart was unable to accept it when a calm voice echoed behind him. “Are you looking for me…”

Du Qing’s body trembled and he suddenly turned around. His pupils shrank when he saw Wang Lin calmly standing behind him and looking perfectly normal.

There seemed to be some ripples flowing behind Wang Lin, but they soon disappeared.

“You… You…” Du Qing subconsciously retreated a few steps. Wang Lin’s appearance was too sudden, and he hadn’t noticed it at all. If Wang Lin had attacked, he would have been seriously injured.

A sense of coldness seemed to come from Wang Lin’s body. This cold aura dissipated as the aura of the Blue Dragon Sect washed over Wang Lin, but Du Qing still felt like a gust of cold wind had blown on his face.

The shock and horror in his eyes turned into fear. At this moment, Wang Lin turned infinitely more mysterious and terrifying in Du Qing’s eyes.

Du Qing suppressed the shock in his heart and calmly said, “Nothing… Most of the disciples have returned, and they have found a lot of sub veins and child veins… Some sealed veins were also brought back…” 

Wang Lin casually looked at Du Qing. Under his gaze, Du Qing subconsciously lowered his head.

“Bring them to the cave,” Wang Lin said slowly as he stepped forward and flew back to the cave.

Only after Wang Lin left did Du Qing relax. However, because Wang Lin had flown back, doubt appeared in his heart once more.

“Absolutely impossible!! He shouldn’t have merged with the world; otherwise, he would have left in a flash… His aura disappeared before, so he must have teleported. Yes, he must have teleported. After failing so much, he must have done this to save face…” The more Du Qing thought, the more correct he felt. He even felt funny how he was just scaring himself earlier.

“I already said that he could not fuse with the world. He can’t do it at all! He’s really overestimating himself!” Du Qing sneered and waved his sleeves to leave. However, his body suddenly trembled and his eyes stared at the grass where Wang Lin was. His eyes almost popped out and a monstrous sense of fear surged in his heart.

His mind rumbled as if countless bolts of thunder had exploded in his mind. Everything before him disappeared, only the area where Wang Lin stood remained.

After a long time, Du Qing’s face turned white and he subconsciously retreated a few steps. He looked back at the cave with a fearful and complicated gaze.

Not far away, there was some green snow on the grass where Wang Lin had stood. It glistened in the sun and slowly melted.

In the entire Heavenly Bull Continent, green snow only existed in the Heavenly Mountain to the extreme west. Even if Du Qing flew at full speed, he would need several months to fly back and forth.

“Snow of the Heavenly Mountain… This person… is a heavenly genius!” Du Qing stood there silently for a long time before muttering this one line. At this moment, the disdain and contempt he felt for Wang Lin for the past seven months disappeared. It was replaced with a sense of mystery and uncertainty.

A sense of fear toward Wang Lin grew inside him. This had nothing to do with cultivation but the mysteries surrounding Wang Lin.

In the cave, Wang Lin patted his clothes, dusted off the coldness on him, and sat down. After seven months, he had finally awakened his avatar in the void.

The moment the avatar awakened, Wang Lin felt an indescribable sense of understanding come from the distant void. The invisible barrier that had been troubling him suddenly loosened. It was as if the law of the Immortal Astral Continent that was stopping him had disappeared.

All kinds of enlightenment appeared in his mind. It felt clear, but thinking about it clearly now, it was very vague. Wang Lin knew that this was because that avatar was still growing.

Once the avatar finished growing, Wang Lin would clearly comprehend everything about the law of the Immortal Astral Continent.

At the same time, the powerful pressure suddenly melted like ice. Countless cracks seemed to appear and Wang Lin’s divine sense immediately merged with the world rather than trying to squeeze in by force.

All of this was because of his avatar!

The moment his divine sense merged with the world, his body disappeared and merged with the world. At this moment, he felt the same feeling as when he used Spatial Bending in the cave world. He had lost this feeling for a long time.

With a thought, he appeared on the Heavenly Mountain on this continent and saw the falling green snow. The first Spatial Bending Wang Lin had used here was without direction, and he had just casually gone anywhere.

But when he returned to the Blue Dragon Sect, the image of the Blue Dragon Sect clearly appeared in his mind. He appeared in the back mountain of the Blue Dragon Sect behind Du Qing.

It only took half an incense stick of time for him to come and go. If not for the green snow that was on his feet, not even Du Qing would have known where Wang Lin had gone.

“The avatar has only grown for these few days and it has already brought such a powerful boost… If there is more time, my avatar will become the strongest body!” Wang Lin had long understood this in his heart.

“It is time to go to the Great Soul Sect to absorb the main earth fire vein. Before that, I need to absorb the rest of the child veins to see how much of the fire essence true body I can form.” Wang Lin knew that the more complete it was, the more difficult it would become.

To form the head, he didn’t just need fire essence. The thing he needed the most was will of fire.

Du Qing came to greet him half an hour later with some of the earth fire veins that the disciples had exacted, along with a map. This was a complete map of the Heavenly Bull Continent, and it had the child veins marked on them.

Wang Lin didn’t pretend to be polite; he absorbed those earth fire veins. However, there wasn’t much will of fire inside them, so they didn’t help the formation of his fire essence true body much.

However, the map was very useful to Wang Lin. After taking the jade, Wang Lin said goodbye to Du Qing. Du Qing knew what Wang Lin was going to do. He could not participate in this matter, but he also wouldn’t report Wang Lin. After all, he still wanted to get into Wang Lin’s graces.

More importantly, the gaze Wang Lin had given him before leaving was extremely calm. Ripples echoed under Wang Lin’s feet and he suddenly disappeared. This scene was more shocking than any threat.

Du Qing’s heart trembled as he watched Wang Lin disappear, and after a long time, he let out a sigh.

“I’ll remember how Fellow Cultivator Du helped me. If there is a chance, I’ll repay you.” After Wang Lin left, his words echoed in Du Qing’s ears.

On the seventh day after Wang Lin left, the child earth fire veins across the Heavenly Bull Continent collapsed and a burst of fire surged across the Heavenly Bull Continent. Even the air felt hot, and just breathing it would make one feel irritable.

As this happened in many locations across the Heavenly Bull Continent, it caught the attention of the various sects. They sent out large numbers of disciples, and sometimes elders personally went to see, but they found no clues. By the time they get there, all they saw were the withered veins.

Half a month later, at a mountain surrounded by black fog, where a sect called the Seven Dao Sect used to be located, Wang Lin walked out of the mountain looking emotional.

He had to come here. Here, he could feel the aura of the cave world and Xuan Luo’s years of waiting.

Wang Lin walked out from the black fog and looked back at the mountain within. He pondered for a moment before letting out a sigh and leaving.

“Situ, Qing Shui, Li Qianmei, and all those that have reincarnated… Where are you all now…” Wang Lin turned to leave, and his back gave off a sense of loneliness.

After one day, on the eastern part of the Heavenly Bull Continent, at the Heavenly Mountain where the Great Soul Sect was located, a white-haired youth stood on top of the sky as the green snow fell. He could see the other side of the mountain through the falling snow.

Standing here, the youth could vaguely see the endless mountain range, and within the mountain range, a red mountain pierced through the clouds far away.

“Great Soul Sect…” the white-haired youth muttered, his eyes shining brightly.

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