Chapter 1818 - Overestimating your own capabilities?

“This… I have only gone to Cloud Wave Continent, the Kang Yang Continent, and the Peaceful Soul Continent. This is only about half of the entire Eastern Continent. Within these three continents, there are no thunder veins.

“I really don’t know the answer to your question… But I can help you inquire about it. Perhaps someone in the Great Soul Sect knows. After all, the Great Soul Sect is one of the nine sects and thirteen factions. Their disciples go out to test themselves and often tells the sect about things they find. This is part of their training.” Du Qing shook his head. The Immortal Astral Continent was endless, and few people had been across the entire Eastern Continent. Du Qing had gone to a total of four continents in his life, and that was already extraordinary.

Wang Lin nodded and pondered. A moment later, he looked at Du Qing and seemed to speak very casually.

“Where is the Dong Lin Sect?”

“Dong Lin Sect?” Du Qing’s expression suddenly froze. After pondering a bit, he began to speak.

“The Dong Lin Sect is one of the nine sects and thirteen factions. It is in the northern part of the Eastern Continent in the Great Sage Continent. Rumor has it that this sect is very mysterious and few disciples ever come out.”

Wang Lin asked a few more questions and then revealed a tired look. Du Qing was as cunning as a devil, so how could he not realize Wang Lin’s intent? He quickly got up to leave, and before he left, he left an oath.

“Fellow Cultivator, rest assured. This old man will launch the entire sect to find the earth fire vein. If it can be extracted, I’ll let the disciples bring them back to Fellow Cultivator.”

After Du Qing left, he immediately issued several decrees as he promised Wang Lin. The three elders each led a group of Blue Dragon Sect disciples out in three different directions.

There was also the elder that had been turned to wood and sealed as a punishment. Du Qing released him and gave him the chance to pay for his sins. He was sent off to search for a child vein.

Wang Lin sat by himself inside the rather luxurious cave, and the light from the night pearls shined on him. It looked like he was surrounded by fog and looked unreal.

He was still pondering and Du Qing’s words were echoing in his mind.

“I need to form a true essence body for my thunder essence as well… I can’t put all my hopes into the Dong Lin pool… After all, there may be some exaggeration in Su Dao’s memories…

“If I want to form my thunder essence true body, I will need a large amount of thunder… Since the Immortal Astral Continent has earth fire essence, there must be thunder essence…

“However, right now the priority is to form my fire essence true body… I might have to personally take a trip to the Great Soul Sect…” Wang Lin frowned. To him, the Great Soul Sect was a behemoth that was difficult to shake.

“Du Qing said that the Great Soul Sect’s old ancestor’s cultivation is unfathomable and that he has also formed an essence true body…” Wang Lin rubbed his temples and sighed.

“My cultivation level is not high enough… However, it’s not like I don’t have any methods…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he thought of the Gui Yi Sect. After all, that old man named Ma knew of his connection with Xuan Luo.

Soon, Wang Lin gave up the idea of searching for the Gui Yi Sect for help. There were too many unknown factors, and he didn’t like using another’s name to make others do things.

“I must rely on myself. Although it is difficult, if I can use Spatial Bending on the Immortal Astral Continent, then it shouldn’t be impossible…” Wang Lin closed his eyes and no longer thought about his essence true body. He slowly began to look for ways to integrate with the world.

This spell was very important for Wang Lin’s actions in the future. Once he re-obtained it, his chances would increase.

As his divine sense scattered, it slowly spread out from the cave and shrouded the world, but no matter how much Wang Lin tried, he couldn’t fuse with the world.

At most, he could integrate a sliver. This sliver wasn’t enough for him to move far away; it could only teleport a short distance. This was not what Wang Lin wanted.

There seemed to be an invisible barrier preventing him from entering. This was the law of the Immortal Astral Continent and a pressure. With this pressure, a person’s divine sense would find it difficult to squeeze in.

This was not like the cave world, where there was no invisible barrier or pressure. Any cultivator who had comprehended Spatial Bending can fuse with the world to move.

But thanks to this pressure, he couldn’t fuse with the world and use Spatial Bending.

Wang Lin vaguely understood this pressure was not just affecting against him, but it was like this across the entire Immortal Astral Continent. That’s why even with Du Qing’s cultivation level, he couldn’t do it.

“Perhaps only after my cultivation has reached a certain level can I force my way in and move like that…” A few days later, Wang Lin had tried many times but was still not successful.

But he didn’t give up. Wang Lin’s personality had always been like this. The more difficult it was, the more determined he became. His divine sense kept changing inside the Blue Dragon Sect as he attempted to squeeze in.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, one month went by.

Wang Lin was in closed door cultivator during this whole month, but the movement of his divine sense made it so the disciples of the Blue Dragon Sect didn’t dare to get close to the back mountain.

Du Qing was still in the Blue Dragon Sect. When Wang Lin spread out his divine sense for the first time, Du Qing was aware of it. However, he couldn’t figure out what Wang Lin wanted to do.

After several days of observation, he suddenly understood Wang Lin’s intent.

“He is trying to fuse his divine sense with the world and then move by fusing with the world… This is simply impossible… Teleportation can be done, but this method is obviously used to travel far further than teleportation. Only those old monsters at the peak of Void Tribulant who understand a lot about the law of the Immortal Astral Continent and have the strength to resist the pressure can do it.” Du Qing shook his head and slowly stopped observing Wang Lin’s actions.

After one month of time, the disciples of the Blue Dragon Sect hadn’t managed to find an earth fire vein outside the scope of Wang Lin’s divine sense. Not even the four elders could do this.

They were still widening their search.

Wang Lin had forgotten the passage of time. He continued to try to fuse his divine sense with the world. He didn’t seem to ever become tired as he continued to try. If he failed once, he would try twice; if he failed twice, he would try ten times!

Another three months passed, Wang Lin couldn’t even remember how many times he had tried, but the result was still the same.

After four months of time, some disciples of the Blue Dragon Sect had found some fire veins that hadn’t withered, but even more disciples were still searching.

Wang Lin still kept trying. He had to continue figuring out Spatial Bending; otherwise, the rest of his plans would be difficult to complete.

Du Qing had become used to Wang Lin’s divine sense surrounding the Blue Dragon Sect. He looked at Wang Lin trying countless times, unwilling to give up, and felt disdain in his heart.

However, he would never show it, but the disdain in his heart was becoming stronger and stronger.

“This is simply impossible. This person is too stubborn; this is just a waste of time. If fusing with the world is so simple, then anyone could do it...

“His cultivation level is clearly not high enough, but he keeps trying. I don’t know how he caught the eye of a Grand Empyrean… Foolish.” Du Qing shook his head.

In a flash, three more months passed!

Wang Lin had spent seven months in closed door cultivator studying this spell. He was sitting there with his eyes bloodshot, and there was irritation in his divine sense.

Du Qing saw this and sneered.

“I don’t know if I should tell him that he is overestimating himself. Although he has caught the attention of a Grand Empyrean, has many treasures, and his beast is extraordinary, his current actions are him overestimating himself!

“I want to see how long he plans to try. When he still fails in the end, what kind of expression will he make…” There was a hint of contempt in Du Qing’s eyes, but there was also jealousy.

“How come I, Du Qing, was not accepted by a Grand Empyrean… Do Grand Empyreans all like fools like this?” Du Qing was unconvinced.

During the past seven months, Wang Lin’s seemingly stupid actions slowly changed Du Qing’s mind. He felt like Wang Lin’s mind had some problems.

Inside the cave, the blood lines in Wang Lin’s eyes became even more numerous. After seven seven months of time of spreading out his divine sense, even he found it almost unbearable, but he didn’t give up. Although he was still trying to fuse with the world, he was forcing himself now!

To be more precise, he was using this method to stir his avatar that was growing inside the stone shell in the void!

After trying it for several days, Wang Lin understood that with his cultivation level, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake off this pressure from the world.

However, he still had a last resort, which was the avatar growing in the void! This avatar was born within the law of the Immortal Astral Continent and could even be said to be part of the law. So whether his divine sense could integrate with the world depended on the avatar.

However, Wang Lin could feel that his avatar was asleep and couldn’t be awakened without some special method. That’s why, during these seven months, Wang Lin had continued to spread out his divine sense until he became tired and his origin soul even showed signs of withering.

On the last day of the seventh month, Wang Lin’s origin soul showed signs of withering due to not having a chance to recover for seven months. Just at this moment, his eyes released a bright light.

Somewhere in the void between the cave world and the Immortal Astral Continent, there was a huge, stone shell floating there. Inside sat Wang Lin’s sleeping avatar, and at this moment, the avatar suddenly opened his eyes.

The moment the avatar opened his eyes, Du Qing was waiting with disdain to see Wang Lin making a fool of himself when his expression suddenly changed. He revealed the horror he had shown seven months ago!

He suddenly stood up and was completely dumbfounded. What he saw made him forget how to breathe.

“This… This is impossible!!”

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