Chapter 1817 - Esteemed Green Bull

Looking at Wang Lin and the mosquito king who had disappeared into the distance, Du Qing revealed a bitter expression. He wanted to slap himself and suppress the horror in his heart as he flew at full speed to catch up.

“Ah, this person has many treasures and essences; even his beast is extraordinary… He has a powerful background and has even formed an essence true body… He can’t be provoked or compared to…” Du Qing continued to comfort himself, but still felt wronged.

“Damn it, why am I so poor… I really… can’t compare!” Du Qing felt more and more miserable. He flew for half a day and still didn’t catch up to Wang Lin.

“This person is a genius of the heavens, like the true disciple of those great sects, so I can’t compare… But I, Du Qing, have obtained my cultivation level and my treasures all on my own. Although he is better than me, I bet everything he has was given to him by that Grand Empyrean… Hmph, he is just lucky.” Only when Du Qing thought of this did he feel a bit better.

If he found out about Wang Lin’s identity and origin and learned of Wang Lin’s more than 2,000 years of hardship, his heart would not be so balanced. If he had been born in the cave world and had Greed’s luck, he still wouldn’t have been able to come out from the cave world like Wang Lin after 2,000 years!

In a flash, half a month went by. During this half month, Wang Lin paused several times to wait for Du Qing to catch up. After flying for half a month in a row, the mosquito king was still in high spirits and didn’t show any fatigue. After it had gone through many metamorphoses, its speed had reached a terrifying degree. Not even Du Qing could catch up.

As it flew, it could absorb the aura of the Immortal Astral Continent and cultivate like a cultivator. As a result, it flew faster and faster, and now it was several times faster than Wang Lin flying on his own.

Du Qing was behind and was in a sorry state. During this half a month of time, he had been constantly flying without rest. Every time he saw Wang Lin and the beast he feared waiting for him, he felt depressed.

Looking at the mosquito king, his eyes were filled with disbelief. He had seen many fierce beasts in his life, but not many had this kind of speed.

“Ah, not taking out the golden print earlier was simply too vicious. Now, looking at it he clearly, he had the means to prevent me from catching up, but he deliberately let me catch up… This person is too vicious!” Du Qing smiled bitterly.

A few more days passed. When Du Qing felt like he had almost reached his limit, the Blue Dragon Sect appeared in the distance.

Looking at the Blue Dragon Sect, Du Qing turned toward Wang Lin, who was very calm and was not breathless at all. Then he looked at the beast below Wang Lin, who looked like it hadn’t flown enough. Du Qing didn’t know what to say.


The moment the two closed in, all the disciples of the Blue Dragon Sect came out. The three elders that weren’t sealed also flew into the sky.

They originally thought that the old ancestor had captured the person and returned. However, when they saw that the old ancestor was running out of breath while Wang Lin looked very calm, they were stunned and didn’t know what had happened.

“What are you all standing around for? Come greet this old man’s good friend. This is my close friend, and he has helped us greatly. This old man has invited him here to say thanks.” Du Qing’s glare immediately caused everyone in the Blue Dragon Sect to scatter.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang , please, please…” Du Qing smiled and greeted Wang Lin.

This sudden change caused the expressions of all the Blue Dragon Sect disciples to change, but their fear for the old ancestor was deep-rooted in their hearts, so they remained silent. They watched the old ancestor invite that vicious person into the back mountain.

The middle-aged man that had lost his arms had now recovered, and his eyes lit up. “There is something strong. The old ancestor’s personality can be said to be extremely vindictive. The only explanation is that mysterious person named Wang is someone even the old ancestor fears, so the old ancestor is treating him like a guest.”

“The old ancestor has likely fought this person and was not his match…” The other two elders looked at each other and saw the fear in each other’s eyes.

Du Qing led Wang Lin to the back mountain. Although this place had also been destroyed, the mountain was still there and the cave inside had remained intact.

The inside of the cave was very luxurious. Countless head-sized night pearls were lighting up the cave like stars. There were many rooms - one for refining, alchemy, and closed door cultivator. It had everything a cultivator needed.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang, this place is simple, but I hope you can bear with it for now until the sect gets rebuilt. Then you can change to a better place to rest.” Du Qing forced a smile. He already thought that this place was very good. The ground was the Eastern Sea Stone that increased the amount of aura of the world gathering here. The night pearls were not ordinary; they simulated the starry sky, allowing one to feel the vastness of the world.

The alchemy room was also luxurious. Everything inside were things he had stolen.

“It’s OK.” Wang Lin looked around and then sat down. He looked at Du Qing and suddenly spoke.

“Fellow Cultivator Du, I came from another continent. I wonder, where is the main earth fire vein in the Heavenly Bull Continent?” The Heavenly Bull Continent was too big, so Wang Lin couldn’t find the main vein in a short period of time. He would need to spend a lot of time to find it.

When Du Qing heard this, he understood Wang Lin’s intent. After pondering a bit, he sat down across from Wang Lin and spoke.

“The Heavenly Bull Continent holds the fire element and contains mostly earth fire veins. Rumor has it that the earth fire veins connect together to form a formation that suppresses the Heavenly Bull. Legend has it that the Heavenly Bull was slaughtered by the Celestial Ancestor. Its body was made into the continent and its origin soul is being suppressed by the fire.

“This is just a rumor. Many people have searched for countless years but found no clues.

“However, there is another rumor. The fire veins were not placed by the Celestial Ancestor, but are the veins of the Heavenly Bull… The main earth fire vein you’re looking for should be the largest vein that goes through the entire Heavenly Bull!

“The Great Soul Sect has a connection to the vein!” When Du Qing said the last sentence, his voice suddenly became quiet. He waved his right hand and restrictions appeared to seal the area.

Du Qing whispered, “The Great Soul Sect is one of the nine sects and thirteen factions. They have countless experts and many mysterious spells. When talking about this sect, we have to take some precautions just in case.

“I have fire as one of my essences and have a strong sense toward the earth fire. Every time I go to the Great Soul Sect, the fire inside my body is suppressed. It is as if there is a powerful will that makes all fire yield.

“According to my analysis, that should be where the main earth fire vein of the Heavenly Bull Continent is located. There is even likely someone who has an extremely powerful fire essence in the Great Soul Sect.

“And I also know the old ancestor of the Great Soul Sect, Esteemed Green Bull, has a very high cultivation level. He is the same as you and also has an essence true body!” When Du Qing spoke of Esteemed Green Bull, his eyes were filled with fear.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, and he remembered this name.

“With my cultivation level, I’m only qualified to become an outer elder in the Great Soul Sect. I have a predecessor that is an inner elder of the Great Soul Sect. It is through that relation and my position as an outer elder that the Great Soul Sect is sheltered.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang has a treasure gifted by a Grand Empyrean, so you should be treated as an honored guest. But if you were to affect the main earth fire vein, then…” Du Qing spoke with a hint.

Wang Lin’s expression remained unchanged. He only knew two people in the Great Soul Sect.

“Have you heard of two disciples in the Great Soul Sect named ‘Fan Shanmeng’ and ‘Fan Shanlu?’” Wang Lin looked at Du Qing.

“Fan Shanmeng!!” Du Qing’s expression changed.

“I have heard of the name ‘Fan Shanmeng.’ She is a core disicple of the Great Soul Sect and one of the two geniuses of the Great Soul Sect! Fellow Cultivator knows her?”

“I’ve heard of her.” Wang Lin pondered and changed the direction of the conversation.

“What about the Gui Yi Sect? That sect is also in the Heavenly Bull Continent. How do they compare to the Great Soul Sect?” Kang Ren’s cultivation level was not high, so he couldn’t compare with Du Qing in terms of knowledge. Wang Lin didn’t know much from the information he had extracted from Kang Ren.

“The Gui Yi Sect is very strong and right now seems to suppress the Great Soul Sect by a bit. The ranking of the nine sects and thirteen factions might change. Over the last few years, a disciple named Yun Yifeng appeared in the Gui Yi Sect. His cultivation is very powerful and he is very talented. Aside from the older generation, he is the number one expert!

“I’ve had contact with this person. He is extraordinary!” Du Qing thought about how Yun Yifeng had merely swept his sword and several members of the Great Soul Sect were forced to retreat.

“Speaking of Yun Yifeng, I just thought of something. He had said that there was someone who only cultivated for a bit more than 2,000 years and had unfathomable cultivation. Even he didn’t dare to draw his sword before this person! Even the four geniuses of the Eastern Continent weren’t qualified to be called geniuses before this person!

“Back then, this matter set off a huge wave. There were many doubts, but the Great Soul Sect remained silent and even the Gui Yi Sect didn’t explain.

“Now many years have passed, and there’s an 80% chance that those words are false. This old man doesn’t believe such a person exists…” As Du Qing spoke, he didn’t notice that Wang Lin’s eyes had lit up for a moment.

“Who in the world could only cultivate for 2,000 years and make Yun Yifeng not dare to draw his swords, much respect…

“If that kind of person really exists, then wouldn’t he already be famous… He could be accepted as a disciple by a Grand Empyrean…” As Du Qing spoke, he suddenly stopped and seemed to remember something. He blinked as he looked at Wang Lin.

His pupils suddenly shrank and a bold thought appeared in his mind. This thought made him gasp and made his gaze toward Wang Lin become filled with uncertainty.

“Since the Heavenly Bull Continent has earth fire veins, then does any of the surrounding continents have thunder veins?” Wang Lin avoided the topic Du Qing had brought up.

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