Chapter 1815 - Forming an Essence True Body!

“With my golden print, he should be fine in the celestial land… Now that he has arrived, there is no rush to pick him up… Let him hone his skills so that he can become even better in the future!” Xuan Luo muttered to himself. He wouldn’t go the celestials’ land. After all, with his status, it was not good to go too many times, as it could cause unnecessary trouble.

Just like how if the Grand Empyrean of the celestial kept coming to the Ancient countries they would be expelled or even sieged.

On the trip before, although he had left, he had received some injuries, so he had gone into closed door cultivation. The other reason he had gone into closed door cultivation was the regret he felt for not being able to wait for Wang Lin.

Now that the regret was gone, there was no problem with his injuries.

“Disciple Wang Er, the Immortal Astral Continent is your home and the Ancient Dao is your hometown. Teacher will wait for your return here…” Xuan Luo revealed a kind smile and slowly closed his eyes as he immersed himself in cultivating.

In the Heavenly Bull Continent, Wang Lin was sitting next to the fireball and sending seals into it. This caused the Vermillion Bird inside to become even more clear and its roar even louder.

“Essence true body, form!!” A few hours later, when the Vermillion Bird became even more clear and the will of fire became stronger, Wang Lin opened his eyes and let out a roar.

This roar entered Du Qing’s ears and was like thunder rumbling in his heart. He stood up, and the fear in his eyes was indescribable.

“It really is an essence true body!!! He really is forming his essence true body!!”

After Wang Lin spoke, the 10 foot fireball rumbled and the Vermillion Bird inside stopped moving. The tail feathers of the Vermillion Bird began burning and slowly turned into a pair of human legs.

The essence true body was slowly forming!

Du Qing personally saw this, and his expression became dumbfounded. This was his first time witnessing the formation of an essence true body. It gave him great benefits and even opened a path for his future cultivation.

This path was originally blurry, but now it became even more clear.

“True body!! This is a true body!! I actually saw the process. This kind of thing is extremely rare, and I, Du Qing, actually saw it!!” Du Qing looked excited. He had passed through seven Arcane Tribulants, but he wouldn’t dare and wasn’t confident about the eighth or ninth Arcane Tribulants. What he had just seen helped his fire essence grow!

This scene looked simple, but in truth, the pressure Wang Lin was facing was monstrous. Sweat covered his forehead and instantly turned into gas. It made him look like he was hiding inside fog.

His fire essence wasn’t strong enough to form an essence true body, but he had devoured 16 branch veins and a child vein along with the will of fire within it.

All of this caused Wang Lin’s fire essence to have its own will. This caused his fire essence to fight against the earth fire of the Heavenly Bull Sect for control of the fire in this world!

This change and expansion had given Wang Lin the idea of forming an essence true body. However, this was very difficult, and even with his full force, he only managed to form a pair of legs!

The 10 foot fireball gradually become dim as time passed, and showed signs of extinguishing. The Vermillion Bird with a pair of legs inside remained motionless, but it began to slowly wither.

There was not enough fire essence. Wang Lin’s eyes shined and he charged at the earth below. He landed on the mountain and his hand pressed down on the ground.

With this, Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out from his hand, entered the earth, and quickly spread. Thousands of kilometers, tens of thousands of kilometers, hundreds of thousands of kilometers, millions of kilometers…

This was the first time had Wang Lin spread out his divine sense like this on the Immortal Astral Continent and covered such a large area. Despite this, he didn’t even cover 10% of the Heavenly Bull Continent; it didn’t seem to even reach 5%.

However, this size was infinitely close to the size of the cave world. In this area, there were 172 branch earth fire veins and two child earth fire veins!

“172 earth fire souls, come out for me!” Wang Lin let out a roar and raised his hand. As his hand rose, the earth trembled. All the earth fire veins within Wang Lin’s divine sense began to tremble.

If one looked from above with a powerful spell, they would see countless mountain ranges collapse and fire dragon souls flying out.

There were a few plains where cracks appeared. Lava erupted from them and the dragon souls charged out!

Rivers suddenly dried up and collapsed. Those dragon souls flew through the sky!

A total of 172 earth fire dragon souls charged out in this large area and roared in the sky. Ordinary cultivators couldn’t see their bodies, only some third step cultivators could feel it.

At this moment, these 172 dragon souls seemed to be pulled by a powerful force toward Wang Lin from all directions.

These dragons were much faster than cultivators. They moved like they could use spatial bending and instantly appeared in the sky above Wang Lin and Du Qing

Du Qing’s expression was dumbfounded as he stared at this. He seemed to have forgotten how to breathe.

He saw the fierce roar from the dragons as if they were going to rebel. However, they weren’t able to overcome the will of fire, and they rushed into the fireball that was about to extinguish.

Under the control of this will, they closed in!

This will of fire was something Wang Lin had obtained after absorbing the child earth fire vein, and it belonged to him. Aside from the main vein, all other veins would be controlled by this will!

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the 172 fire dragon souls rushed into the fireball. The fireball began burning even brighter. The Vermillion Bird that had formed the legs of the true body roared once more.

The resulting thunderous rumble was heaven-shaking when the 172 fire dragon souls rushed into the fireball. As the Vermillion Bird inside absorbed the fire dragon souls, the hands of the essence true body appeared, and it let out a joyous cry.

The four limbs had appeared! The only things left were the head and body, then Wang Lin’s fire essence true body would form! Du Qing trembled and retreated. Although he was just an outsider, he could tell how difficult it was to form an essence true body. Even such powerful fire essence could not form an essence true body.

This scene frightened him.

“No wonder an essence true body is so rare. Forming the essence true body is too difficult, and it becomes more difficult as the true body forms. Only then does it truly show how terrifying an essence true body is!

“This person has seven essences, he… If all seven of his essences form true bodies, then he…” Du Qing gasped and didn’t dare to imagine.

Wang Lin was panting on the mountain peak. He looked at the fireball and the Vermillion Bird that had formed the four limbs, but it was far from being complete...

“Two child vein dragon souls, come out for me!” Wang Lin gritted his teeth and pressed his hand on the ground. Thunderous rumbles echoed and a roar could be heard. Within the range of his divine sense, two powerful fluctuations came from two different directions.

To the east of Wang Lin, a snowy mountain that had not melted for tens of years trembled. At this moment, all the snow melted instantly and turned into a sea as it flowed down to the earth. However, before it got far, sizzling sounds echoed as all the water turned into white gas. The soul of a child earth fire vein appeared inside the white gas and charged toward Wang Lin.

To the west of Wang Lin was an inland sea surrounded by the Heavenly Bull Continent. At the bottom of the sea, there was a mountain range, and it looked like a dragon!

At this moment, the mountain rumbled and a giant vortex appeared in the sea. As the sea raged, a fluctuation of soul came from the mountain. Large amounts of sea water gathered to form a sea dragon, and it charged out from the sea.

This sea dragon looked like it had no relation with fire, but every drop of water was filled with endless fire essence. The sea dragon’s body trembled as its blue body turned red, and the water turned into lava!

This lava dragon roared and charged toward Wang Lin.

All of this happened in an instant. When Wang Lin raised his hands, two shocking roars came from the east and the west as the two child earth fire vein dragons rushed over!

It seemed like even the sky itself was being burnt, leaving two long scorch marks. The ferociousness of the two dragons even made Du Qing’s expression change!

Wang Lin looked up and his eyes shined. He leaped into the air toward those two dragon souls.

“Du Qing, I’ll give you a chance. Contain one of the dragon souls for half an hour!” Wang Lin’s words echoed as he charged at the lava dragon formed by the sea water.

Du Qing’s expression changed rapidly and he clenched his teeth. Purple light surrounded his body. He transformed into his wooden body and walked toward the other child earth fire vein dragon soul.

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