Chapter 1814 - Xuan Luo’s Senses

“This golden print had such an effect…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he opened his mouth. He inhaled and the golden print disappeared into the mouth of Wang Lin’s face that had appeared on the giant fireball.

When the golden print disappeared, the golden light disappeared from this world.

Wang Lin put away the golden print and slowly said, “I won’t send you off!”

When the golden print disappeared, Du Qing secretly felt relieved. He retreated a few steps and was about to leave. During the pursuit, he had been shocked many times by Wang Lin. Finally, the golden print with the Grand Empyrean aura made him give up all thoughts of fighting. He wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“Vicious!! Simply too vicious!!” Du Qing was quite depressed and retreated 100 feet. He suddenly stopped and looked at Wang Lin, who was surrounded by the fireball.

“This person’s background is very powerful, and he was also gifted a treasure by a Grand Empyrean. Meeting someone like this is my fortune! How can I be confused and just leave like this? If I can obtain pointers from a Grand Empyrean, my cultivation level will definitely increase!

“If I follow him and obtain that background, I will no longer need to worry about the Great Soul Sect. I will no longer have to send the Grand Soul Sect the good treasures I find!” Thinking about this, the depressed expression disappeared from Du Qing and he became excited.

“Yes, that’s it. This is an opportunity that countless cultivators dream of. If another sect on the Heavenly Bull Continent found out that he possess a treasure gifted by a Grand Empyrean, they would go crazy. They would immediately invite him as a guest and give him anything he requested...

“The heavens have eyes, my fortune has arrived. Right now, only I know his identity, and I must not let anyone else know. This benefit is for me alone… I just don’t know which Grand Empyrean stands behind him… It doesn’t matter which one!” Du Qing’s body was made of wood and had no heart, but he felt like he could hear his heart beating at this moment.

“Haha, a heavenly fortune, this is a heavenly fortune.” Du Qing’s eyes lit up and he looked at the fireball Wang Lin was in. He took a deep breath and forced out a smile.

“A misunderstanding, misunderstanding. Fellow Cultivator, this is a misunderstanding. I had thought that the Blue Dragon Sect was too old and wanted to rebuild it. Fellow Cultivator came just in time to help. In fact, I caught up to thank Fellow Cultivator.” Du Qing didn’t even blink as he spoke.

“Oh?” Wang Lin looked at Du Qing with a smile that wasn’t a smile. It was as if he had seen through Du Qing’s thoughts.

“Since Fellow Cultivator is devouring the fire, this matter is important, so how could I leave? Fellow Cultivator can rest assured as I’ll protect you and not let anyone near!” Du Qing wasn’t shocked by Wang Lin’s gaze. He was afraid that Wang Lin wouldn’t believe him, so he pointed at the sky and spoke once more.

“The law of the Immortal Astral Continent above, today I will guard Fellow Cultivator and hold no evil intent at all. Or else let the heavenly thunder destroy my dao and my soul!” With that, a ray of red light appeared, containing Du Qing’s oath, and shot off into the distance.

This was the symbol of an oath on the Immortal Astral Continent. Few people would break the oath, as the law of the Immortal Astral Continent was the witness!

Wang Lin looked at Du Qing with a meaningful gaze and slowly said, “Forget it. Since you want to, I’ll give you a chance to help guard me.” 

When Du Qing heard this, he became excited. He was worried that the misunderstanding from before would cause Wang Lin to become cautious and disgusted at him. Once that happened, he wouldn’t have a chance to approach Wang Lin and would miss a chance at a great fortune.

When he heard Wang Lin agree, Du Qing became spirited. His expression became serious and he nodded at Wang Lin.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang can rest assured, this old man will risk his life to keep you safe!” As he spoke, he stepped forward and appeared a thousand feet in the air and sat down. His divine sense spread out and shrouded the area, but left the area around Wang Lin alone. He did this to allow Wang Lin to be at ease.

Wang Lin’s expression remain neutral. Du Qing didn’t hide his intent and could be clearly seen by Wang Lin. This was caused by Wang Lin’s golden print. Du Qing clearly wanted to get close to the Grand Empyrean that had given Wang Lin the golden print.

“This is good too. There are many things I don’t know since its my first time on the Immortal Astral Continent. There are many things I can’t find with a soul search, so I need such a person around… And he asked me, rather than me seeking his help, so I hold the initiative!” Wang Lin sneered in his heart and closed his eyes. He slowly hid himself inside the fireball.

Du Qing strictly obeyed his oath and carefully checked the surrounding area. Du Qing made up his mind to give a good performance to offset the unpleasantness from before.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, three days went by.

During these three days, Wang Lin had a sliver of divine sense outside guarding against Du Qing. At the same time, his body was inside the fireball, rapidly absorbing the fire essence inside.

This fireball was formed by a child vein. It was not a branch vein, so the absorption was slow. It contained a large amount of fire essence and even had laws hidden inside.

This law was the will of fire. Not only did Wang Lin need to devour the fire essence, he needed to devour this will.

The 16 fire dragons moved around the fireball and had slowly disappeared during these three days as they fused with the fireball. A will of fire spread out from the fireball. Du Qing was the first to feel it. He looked over at the fireball but didn’t speak.

On the fifth day, the sun rose into the air and dispelled the dark. At this moment, the fireball Wang Lin was in released an earth-shattering rumble.

This sound was extremely loud, and as the rumbling continued, the fireball started to shrink until it was 100 feet wide. Inside the raging fire, one could faintly see Wang Lin’s figure and a Vermillion Bird circling him.

The cries of the Vermillion Bird came from within the fireball, and as the cries echoed, the fireball began to shrink once more. It wasn’t fast, and after several hours, it was 70 feet wide.

However, inside the 70 foot fireball, a will of fire spread out. This will shrouded the world and seemed like it was going to fight against the will of the earth fire.

It was like two wills of fire had appeared on the Heavenly Bull Continent!

This feeling was very strange. One of those wills was the earth fire vein of the Heavenly Bull Continent. The other will was the 70 foot fireball Du Qing was looking at!

Du Qing looked at the fireball and gasped. “Indeed someone worthy of being given a treasure by a Grand Empyrean. His fire essence could even resist the will of the earth fire here!” 

Just at this moment, the rumble from the fireball became even more intense and it shrank from 70 feet to 30 feet! Wang Lin walked out from the 30 foot fireball!

His white hair fluttered as he sat down beside the fireball. His expression was very serious as he formed a seal with his hand and pointed at the fireball.

With this, the Vermillion Bird cry inside the fireball was heaven-shaking. The 30 foot fireball shrank again until it was only 10 feet!

A Vermillion Bird that had shrunk many folds could be seen circling the 10 foot fireball. Bursts of Vermillion Bird cries came from the fireball.  

This caused Du Qing’s eyes to reveal a strange light. He stared at the fireball and a thought emerged in his mind.

“This Vermillion Bird is the body of his fire essence… He’s channeling all the fire essence from this earth fire vein into the Vermillion Bird. Could he be…” Thinking about this, Du Qing’s eyes widened and were once again filled with fear.

“Could it be that he wants to form an essence true body!?” Du Qing gasped and the fear in his eyes became even stronger.

“Once one has an essence, one can enter the third step: Nirvana Void. Then they can use the essence to absorb the power from the vast world and become invincible! A corporeal essence is easier to obtain, but if one wants to reach Arcane Void, then one must personally comprehend an ethereal essence.

“The more essences one has, the stronger one becomes. This is common knowledge among the cultivators of the Immortal Astral Continent!

“Essences are also divided into layers. From the beginning of forming an essence, to condensing an essence treasure, and finally reaching completion. Each of these steps must be reached one by one. However, legend states that among geniuses, some can take it one step further after completing their essence: to from an essence true body!

“An essence true body is very rare, and once it appears, its power is beyond terrifying! In my whole life, I have only see the old ancestor from the Great Soul Sect with a soul essence true body, and no one else… This… This Fellow Cultivator Wang is really trying to form an essence true body!” Du Qing looked at Wang Lin with disbelief.

On the Immortal Astral Continent, the ancient countries had 35 states. The Ancient Dao Country occupied 12 states. The Sky State was the location of the royal capital.

There was a place with green mountains and a flowing river. The leaves fell and the river raged. Deep inside the mountain, there was a towering, blue altar.

This altar gave off an ancient aura, and a young man in black was sitting on the altar. He looked young but gave off an ancient feeling, as if he had existed for a long time.

He was Xuan Luo.

When Wang Lin took out the golden print on the Heavenly Bull Continent, Xuan Luo, who had gone into closed door cultivation, suddenly opened his eyes.

“He is coming…” Xuan Luo revealed a smile. He knew that the disciple he had chosen would not die in the void and would arrive on the Immortal Astral Continent!

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