Chapter 1813 - Too Vicious!

The collapse of the earth fire dragon turned into a giant fireball that surrounded Wang Lin. Outside the fireball, the 16 fire dragons roared and fused with the fireball.

One could vaguely see the shadow of a Vermillion Bird inside the fireball!

From afar, this fireball looked like an egg, and a shocking change was happening inside!

As Wang Lin’s voice echoed, the side of the fireball that was facing Du Qing distorted and a face appeared.

This was a cold face, it was Wang Lin’s face!

He coldly looked at Du Qing, and Wang Lin’s face slowly spoke.

“Merely three essences… Thunder essence, appear!” After Wang Lin spoke, thunderous rumbles echoed and thunder descended from the sky.

The moment the thunder appeared, the world changed colors as if countless bolts of thunder had appeared in the sky. As thunder gathered from all across the world, the illusion of a giant war chariot appeared.

The chariot looked bronze, but it was formed by thunderbolts. There were six thunderbolts connected to the chariot as if they were pulling it.

There seemed to be a blurry figure standing on this thunderbolt chariot. The figure was wearing a blue cloak, but it was impossible to see it clearly!

“This… This is the thunder war chariot of the thunder essence! Only someone with a powerful thunder essence can cause this kind of change to occur!! This person… Not only does he have the fire essence, he also has the thunder essence!” Du Qing was not surprised Wang Lin had two essences, but he was shocked that Wang Lin’s thunder essence could cause this! 

“Life and death essence, appear!” Wang Lin’s face on the fireball spoke once more.

After he spoke, white gas came from the sky and black gas came from the earth. The black and white gases formed a vortex before Wang Lin.

The auras of life and death came from the vortex. Wang Lin had already tested that the ethereal essences were not affected by the Immortal Astral Continent at all. The auras of death and life, two auras that shouldn’t coexist, fused perfectly.

“Ethereal essence!! This person… This person is the same as me, two corporeal and one ethereal!!” Du Qing’s expression became ugly. This was already the limit of his expectations. He thought Wang Lin only had one corporeal and one ethereal.

“So the reason you’re so arrogant is because of these three essences! Even if it’s three…” Du Qing roared, but before he could finish, he was interrupted by Wang Lin.

“Three… Karma and true and false essences, come out!” Wang Lin’s words caused Du Qing’s expression to change. His heart skipped a beat and his eyes were filled with disbelief as he watched two vortexes appear before Wang Lin!

One vortex constantly changed between real and fake. When Du Qing looked at it, he felt like his mind was being pulled into an illusion. This made him gasp.

“This… This…”

The other essence contained karma. Karma was a grand dao and was extremely complicated. It was chaotic inside, and just like karma, it was impossible to see through the changes in it!

“Three ethereals, three… This person actually has such luck to obtain three ethereal essences!!” Du Qing’s eyes were filled with shock, and he subconsciously retreated a few steps. Even the fire and earth essences in his hands became dim.

“Three ethereal and two corporeal… What kind of talent does he have to have five essences? This… This is unheard of even in the Great Soul Sect!!” Du Qing recalled his own words. Three essences were really nothing to this person.

“So what if you have five essences? Having a lot of essences doesn’t mean you’re powerful…” Du Qing was shocked once more but he gritted his teeth and roared.

“Five? Slaughter essence, appear!” A crack appeared between the eyebrows of Wang Lin’s face on the fireball. A coldness filled with slaughter rushed into the world. This slaughter aura was extremely dense, and red snow fell from the sky, covering the earth in red!

Before this slaughter aura, Du Qing retreated a few more steps. He no longer looked at Wang Lin with fear but sheer terror!

“Slaughter… Slaughter essence!! It’s the slaughter essence!! You actually have the slaughter essence!!” Du Qing almost screamed. On the Immortal Astral Continent, the slaughter essence was even more rare than his weight essence. Even if one only had one essence, the slaughter essence would be enough for them to become a ruler!

The formation of the slaughter essence meant that one’s hands were dyed in blood. One had to end countless lives for the slaughter essence to appear. At least this was what Du Qing believed.

“Damn it, he actually has the slaughter essence. He… How many people has he killed? This is an extremely vicious person!!”

“Restriction essence, appear!” Wang Lin’s words were like a heavy punch that landed on Du Qing’s body, causing him to retreat more than 100 feet. He saw blood lines appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. They flew out and formed a restriction.

The aura of the restriction essence erupted.

“Seven!! It wasn’t six, but seven! He… He…” Du Qing retreated once more and looked at the seven essences floating between him and Wang Lin. His scalp went numb and thunderous rumbles echoed in his mind.

The shock Wang Lin had given him was too much! But the shock he felt now was even stronger than before. The thought of turning around and escaping kept appearing in his mind.

“To have seven essences, to have spells of powerful sects, to be able to absorb the earth fire vein by force, to cause the change in thunder… This kind of person can’t be provoked!!”

It wasn’t that his cultivation was lacking, but he didn’t know how many terrifying things would appear if he faced Wang Lin. How many aces had Wang Lin not taken out yet?

When he attacked twice before, he didn’t even injure Wang Lin at all. From that, he deduced that even if Wang Lin’s cultivation level was not his match, it should be similar!

In such a situation, combining Wang Lin’s mysterious nature and Du Qing’s caution, how could he battle?

“So what if you have seven essences!? Do you dare to come and fight with me!?” Du Qing clenched his teeth. Even though he wanted to escape, he had to say a few words first; otherwise, this pursuit would simply be too humiliating.

“Do you really want to fight?” Wang Lin’s face inside the ball of fire said, and his eyes lit up. As he spoke, a terrifying pressure erupted from the fireball.

This pressure was shocking, and the moment it spread out, the fear in Du Qing’s eyes increased greatly. He quickly retreated without hesitation, and a look of horror appeared on his face. He looked at Wang Lin’s face on the fireball and golden light spread out from the distorted face.

The golden light spread far and wide like a sun. A golden print the size of a head slowly flew out from the fireball.

After it appeared, the golden light shined brightly and shrouded the area. The golden light gave off the aura of an extremely pure celestial bloodline, but there was another force within. When Du Qing felt this aura, he gasped once more!

That aura coming from the golden print, although there wasn’t much, it could split the world apart!

It was enough to make anyone who felt it and understood it go insane!

“Grand… Grand Empyrean…” Blood flowed out from the corner of Du Qing’s mouth and he quickly retreated. The shock from the print had injured his origin soul. He could tell at a glance that this print was a spell that was condensed into a treasure by a Grand Empyrean.

The strength of this treasure was secondary; the real power of this treasure was to shock people. It could shock everyone! Forget Du Qing, even the Great Soul Sect, even all the powerful sects on the Heavenly Bull Continent would tremble in fear after feeling the aura from the golden print!

Because unless a Grand Empyrean had personally given this treasure to someone, it would immediately collapse once it was in someone else’s hand. This was common knowledge on the Immortal Astral Continent!

Grand Empyreans often gave treasures like these to their close disciples. This was their method of telling everyone that no one could touch this person!

With Du Qing’s cultivation level, he couldn’t tell which Great Empyrean had made it. Over the countless years he had been alive, he wasn’t even qualified to see a single Grand Empyrean.

But this aura that made him tremble in fear and far exceed all other powerful cultivators was something only a Grand Empyrean could have!

Du Qing coughed out a mouthful of blood. He retreated while looking at Wang Lin with an accusing gaze and roared!

“Damn it, if you have that kind of treasure, take it our earlier!! If you had taken it out earlier, then only ghosts would try to hunt you down. Even if you had slaughtered the entire Blue Dragon Sect, I’d pretend I hadn’t seen!!

“You… You’re too vicious!! Simply too vicious!! There is no one like you!!”

Du Qing’s performance even shocked Wang Lin. He didn’t expect this golden print to have such a powerful effect. It made Du Qing cough out blood and roar out such words while completely ignoring his status.

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