Chapter 1812 - Comparing Essences With Wang Lin

Du Qing had cultivated for many years and had experienced a lot. His body was even made of wood. He had seen through many things in life, and few things could terrify him so.

But the white-haired cultivator before him had made he feel shock, and his scalp had tingled many times.

First, it was all the withered earth fire veins. Then, once he caught up, it was the spells from the Dong Lin Sect, the World Sect, and the Three Dao Sect.

All of this made it impossible for Du Qing to judge wang Lin’s identity and origin. From his point of view, Wang Lin was shrouded in veils of mystery. After one layer was lifted, there were countless more.

“He might have really stolen them, like entering all those sects to learn these spells that are not passed outside!

“Or he has a very deep background… To get these spells from those sects…” Du Qing’s face turned as he retreated 100 steps and countless speculations appeared in his heart.

“If it is the former, then that person is very cunning and is good at hiding. His cultivation level should not be what it seems, and he will be very difficult to deal with… Such a person, although difficult to deal with, should have no problem if I kill him...

“But if it’s the latter…” Du Qing’s pupils shrank.

“If it’s the latter, this person can’t be provoked! To make the Dong Lin Sect and the World Sect give him those spells is already difficult. But to make Song Yun Dao from the Three Dao Sect, who was appointed by the Celestial Emperor, give up the Realm Burning Umbrella. That’s… That’s simply too terrifying...

“What kind of background can do this…” Du Qing thought of something, and his face became even more pale.

Although Du Qing was hiding his shock, Wang Lin still saw through some of it. He was standing on the dragon soul and was absorbing the power of the fire. It would take some time before he would finish, and although he wasn’t afraid of being disturbed, the effect would be better if he could absorb it in peace.

He originally thought he would have to have a vicious battle with Du Qing, but looking at it now, it didn’t seem like he would need an intense battle for Du Qing to leave.

“Do you still want to battle with me…” Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he stood on the head of the dragon. He spoke while absorbing the fire.

The majesty in his voice echoed across the world.

“The chance of the latter is not likely. He might only knew these three. Perhaps he used them before me to scare me away! This should be his limit!” Du Qing had cultivated for many years; how could he be easily fooled? When he heard Wang Lin’s words, he laughed.

He charged at Wang Lin. Distortions appeared around him, revealing his purple, wooden body. Fire surged out from his body and surrounded him.

From a distance, this was a shocking sight!

“I don’t believe that you know a fourth spell from one of the great sects!”

As Du Qing spoke and closed in, Wang Lin laughed. When Du Qing heard this, he felt a hint of mockery in that laughter, and his heart trembled.

Wang Lin sat there controlling the 16 fire dragon chains and waved his right hand at the sky.

The world was surrounded by black wind. The black wind churned and roars came from within. 13 black dragons moved within the black wind.

At the same time, the 13 black dragons opened their mouths and breathed out the wind of extinction. Countless raindrops moved within the wind. It was like the dragon king summoning the rain!

If that was it, it wouldn’t be surprising, but every drop of rain gave off a dazzling, golden light as it fell. Each drop of rain turned into a soul that let out a sharp roar as they charged at Du Qing.

“Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, Magic Arsenal… Lands Collapse, Mountains Crumble…” Wang Lin’s cold voice echoed as the earth rumbled. Large amounts of cracks appeared on the earth and illusionary volcanos appeared on the land above the earth fire vein. The volcanos all exploded with black smoke, and endless lava erupted.

“Dark Moon Clear Sky!” Wang Lin pointed at the sky with a roar. A bright moon suddenly appeared in the sky covered by the black wind.

It was clearly day, so the appearance of this moon was extremely strange!

The moment the moon appeared, Wang Lin pointed at the incoming Du Qing. The mark of a moon quickly appeared on Du Qing’s face and quickly spread.

“How is this spell!?” Wang Lin waved his sleeve as he stood on the head of the fire dragon and looked down at the pale-faced Du Qing, who was shocked once more!

“Dark… Dark Moon Sect… The first spell of the Dark Moon Art…” Thunder rumbled in Du Qing’s mind. The Dark Moon Sect was one of the nine sects and thirteen factions of the Eastern Continent!

Du Qing suddenly raised his head, and his eyes were bloodshot. He had been shocked by Wang Lin’s display of spells, but he had already chased Wang Lin for a long time, so he had no face to retreat!

Even now, he had only attacked once!

“So what if you have large amounts of spells from the other sects!? Your cultivation level must be lower than mine, or else you wouldn’t use such methods to stop me!

“You doing this just means you wouldn’t dare to attack!” Du Qing roared. He had never encountered such a situation that was difficult to back out from. He decided to go all out as he suppressed the shock in his heart and charged out. He waved his right hand and a large amount of fire condensed in his hand from his body. A large amount of purple gas also came from his wooden body and flew toward Wang Lin.

“This old man’s cultivation was obtained all on my own. Although I don’t have as many fancy spells as you,I have three essences! This old man has suffered the Arcane Tribulants with three essences; how could I be scared of someone like you who only has the fire essence!?

“This old man wants to see how many essences you have to be so arrogant!” Du Qing let out a roar at the sky and the fire in his right hand combined with the purple gas and turned into a sea of purple fire. The purple fire colored the world as a heat wave surrounded Du Qing while he walked toward Wang Lin.

“Great earth essence!” Du Qing stepped forward and his left hand reached at the ground below. Cracks came from the land below, making everything tremble, and specks of yellow, sand-like crystals flew out. They gathered before Du Qing’s left hand like a cloud of yellow mist.

Inside the mist was a dense earth essence aura. The aura spread out and the earth became twisted. The surrounding area seemed to turn into a large desert!

“Weight essence!” Du Qing looked up at the sky and let out a roar. The reason he was able to become an Arcane Void cultivator and pass through several Arcane Tribulants, aside from his body, was due to his weight essence.

The reason he was sheltered by the Great Soul Sect was also related to this essence!

Weight essence, the comprehension of all weight in the world, from as small as a grain of sand, to as large as a continent. When it expanded, it would include the understanding of the changes in weight, and he would be able to change weight with just a thought.

This weight essence was not common on the Immortal Astral Continent, and it required a special talent to comprehend. Du Qing originally didn’t possess the qualification, but his wooden body contained a trace of weight essence, which had allowed him to slowly comprehend it.

It was invisible after it appeared, but it gave Du Qing’s purple sea of fire weight!

Since ancient times, there were two different kinds of comprehension of fire. The key difference between the two was whether the fire had weight!

One side said there was weight to fire, and the other side thought that fire was merely a phenomenon, so there was no weight!

Even now, people were still divided on this subject, but it had no effect on spells. With his weight essence, Du Qing gave his fire weight!

As a result, the power of his fire increased greatly!

At the same time, the earth essence mist in his left hand changed under the effect of the weight essence, and it felt like Du Qing was holding a continent in his hand!

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. After displaying his three essences, Du Qing charged at Wang Lin like a war celestial.

“It doesn’t matter who you are! Die for this old man!”

Wang Lin was still standing on the head of the fire dragon soul, and his pupils shrank. With a thought, the fire dragon roared and retreated. At the same time, the spells Wang Lin had used earlier all flew toward Du Qing.

The Seven-Colored Lance, the War Spirit Print, the opened Ancient Umbrella, and the Dark Moon Clear Sky inside the black wind all flew forward. They were all famous spells on the Immortal Astral Continent, and this was Wang Lin’s full power!

Due to the existence of the fire dragon, Wang Lin was connected with it. With the dragon offsetting a majority of the aftershock, Wang Lin could battle Du Qing!

He had even sealed the Sovereign and dared to fight against Old Ghost Zhan and the Seven-Colored Daoist. How could be afraid to battle this little Du Qing?

If it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Lin couldn’t open his storage space, Du Qing would certainly lose once the Yi Si Puppet came out!

Thunderous rumbles echoed, but Du Qing’s cultivation was too powerful. Even though he hadn’t used any spells, those three essences were his most powerful attacks.

The thunderous rumbles echoed and all four of Wang Lin’s spells collapsed, but the power of Du Qing’s essences still created a shockwave and reached Wang Lin. The fire dragon soul under Wang Lin could no longer bear it, and it let out a cry as it suddenly collapsed.

The fire dragon turned into a giant ball of fire that surrounded Wang Lin.

Du Qing charged through the impact of the four collapsed spells. He was going to close in to deliver a fatal blow to Wang Lin.

But just at this moment, Wang Lin’s voice slowly came out from the fireball.

“Do you think I only have one essence… Do you think three essences is a lot…”

If someone else said this, Du Qing could ignore this, but since Wang Lin had said it, Du Qing felt his heart tremble for some unknown reason.

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