Chapter 1812 - Comparing Essences With Wang Lin

Du Qing had cultivated for many years and had experienced a lot. His body was even made of wood. He had seen through many things in life, and few things could terrify him so.

But the white-haired cultivator before him had made he feel shock, and his scalp had tingled many times.

First, it was all the withered earth fire veins. Then, once he caught up, it was the spells from the Dong Lin Sect, the World Sect, and the Three Dao Sect.

All of this made it impossible for Du Qing to judge wang Lin’s identity and origin. From his point of view, Wang Lin was shrouded in veils of mystery. After one layer was lifted, there were countless more.

“He might have really stolen them, like entering all those sects to learn these spells that are not passed outside!

“Or he has a very deep background… To get these spells from those sects…” Du Qing’s face turned as he retreated 100 steps and countless speculations appeared in his heart.

“If it is the former, then that person is very cunning and is good at hiding. His...

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