Chapter 1810 - Pack of Dragons, One Vermillion Bird Devours the Earth Vein!

Chapter 1810 - Pack of Dragons, One Vermillion Bird Devours the Earth Vein!

Du Qing looked up at the sky in the distance. He vaguely felt like the person he was chasing was a terrifying existence. His heart couldn’t be helped but be overwhelmed by hesitation. He didn’t know if he should continue his pursuit.

After a long time, Du Qing clenched his teeth and there was coldness in his eyes.

“I’m not willing to give up now. No matter what, I must catch up and have a look. If all of this is just a false illusion of strength, then I’ll kill him… If… If his cultivation level is good and equal to mine, then I need to change my perspective. The Blue Dragon Sect is destroyed and it can’t be changed. If he were to join the Blue Dragon Sect…. the influence of the sect would increase greatly!” Du Qing was the old ancestor. Even though he was moody, his mind was not ordinary.

After making up his mind, Du Qing reached at the void before him and a paper crane appeared before him. He threw it and it expanded into a smoke crane. It let out a cry and flew forward.

Du Qing followed it into the distance.

“With this exotic treasure from the Great Soul Sect, this person won’t be able to escape for long!”

A thunderous rumble echoed across the earth of the Heavenly Bull Continent, then a giant Vermillion Bird covered in fire rushed out. The world 

became distorted and the earth dried up, seeming ready to collapse.

Wang Lin’s white hair fluttered as he stood on the head of the Vermillion Bird, his eyes shining brightly.

It had been half a month since he devoured the second earth fire soul. During this period, Wang Lin hadn’t wasted any time; he had been rapidly moving forward. Everytime he encountered an earth fire vein, he would absorb its soul.

During this half a month, Wang Lin had devoured nine earth fire veins. Combining with the two from before, there were now 11 earth fire dragon souls.

His fire essence was far more powerful than back in the cave world; it had more than doubled its strength! This kind of shocking change seemed to have made Wang Lin’s eyes turn red as he continued to devour like crazy!

Wang Lin had long become aware of the fact that someone was chasing him. Even though he hadn’t seen the person chasing him, he clearly knew who it was.

This person had to be the old ancestor of the Blue Dragon Sect, the Void Tribulant Du Qing!

This matter was not difficult to analyze. To dare to pursue him and for this long meant that that person was confident in their strength. Among the people Wang Lin had provoked since he came to the Immortal Astral Continent, only the Blue Dragon Sect’s old ancestor had the strength.

“From Kang Ran’s memory, the old ancestor is at the early stage of Void Tribulant… But whether that is true or not is not something Kang Ren is qualified to know!

“He may have indeed gone through nine Arcane Tribulants to reach the early stage of Void Tribulant, or he could still be in the Arcane Tribulant stage!” Wang Lin would obviously not believe Du Qing’s cultivation level from just Kan Ren’s memory.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and the Vermillion Bird under him let out a shocking roar. The more earth fire veins it devoured, the faster the Vermillion Bird became. Although it couldn’t compare to the mosquito king, it was almost as fast as Wang Lin.

The Vermillion Bird let out a roar and disappeared without a trace. Half a day later, a ray of light closed in and Du Qing appeared. He had chased for half a month, getting closer and closer to Wang Lin, but his mood was becoming more and more gloomy.

During this half a month, he had seen nine withered-up fire veins. That feeling of disbelief became stronger and stronger, and this shocked him greatly. Even his earliest thoughts began to shake.

“Another place!! Damn it, how many will this person devour before he stops? How can I chase? How could I dare to keep chasing…” Du Qing looked at the withered earth fire vein below and his scalp went numb.

“By the time I catch up, not only will I be no match for him, but I will get injured by him. Then my pursuit will become a big joke…” Such a thought keep surfacing in Du Qing’s mind.

He hesitated for a moment before he let out a roar at the sky. He was going to risk it. Until he saw the other party’s exact cultivation level, he was unwilling to retreat like this!

“I have declared to the outside world that I’m at the early stage of Void Tribulant, but in truth, I’m only at my seventh Arcane Tribulant. Nevertheless, my fire wood body has strength far beyond ordinary cultivators. My physical body is like that of the people from the ancient country. I don’t believe I can’t battle him!! Even if his cultivation level is comparable to mine, his body can’t be as powerful!!” Du Qing seemed to have found confidence in that roar. He charged even faster under the guidance of the smoke crane.

After seven days, the Vermillion Bird under Wang Lin had become even larger. It seemed to cover the sky as it flew. During the last seven days, he had absorbed three earth fire dragon souls!

The 14 earth fire souls had caused the power of Wang Lin’s fire to increase greatly. It was twice as powerful compared to back in the cave world!

Behind him, Du Qing arrived at the withered fire vein Wang Lin was at before, and his face was pale. These days of pursuit were a type of torture he had never suffered before.

This kind of torture was not affecting the body, but the mind! He had seen the withered earth fire veins one after another. This feeling was enough to make him go crazy. He would rather never pursue Wang Lin, or damage his own cultivation while fighting Wang Lin than to continue suffering this torture.

Four days later, in another part of the Heavenly Bull Continent, the roar of a dragon slowly dissipated. A giant Vermillion Bird charged out from underground.

Half an hour later, Du Qing’s figure appeared once more. He stared dumbfoundedly at the earth for a long time...

“16…” At this moment, Du Qing wondered if this mysterious person named Wang was a soul of the earth fire vein...

Two days later, in the northern part of the Heavenly Bull Continent, where there were the most mountains. The mountain ranges were endless here, and there was no trace of vegetation. It was completely black, giving a depressing feeling.

The ground was dry and cracked, and a hot aura seemed to exist and spread across the void.

This place was very remote and few cultivators came here. Most of the time, this place was silent, but at this moment, a shocking roar came from the depths of these mountains.

This roar was the roar of the fire dragon soul, and it was different from the ones Wang Lin had heard before. This roar shook the world and almost became corporeal. Not only could he hear it, but all living beings could hear it!

This was no longer a soul roar, but a soul powerful enough to let out a real roar!

After devouring so many earth veins, this was the first one Wang Lin could not devour, as it contained such a terrifying soul! A giant Vermillion Bird flew out from the mountain, and on the head of the Vermillion Bird, Wang Lin suddenly looked back.

Behind him, the mountain trembled and hundreds of thousands of feet of mountain range collapsed. A fire dragon with the head that was 100,000 feet large with a body of unknown size charged up.

This fire dragon was clearly a soul, but it looked like it was real. It was obvious that this branch was far stronger than an ordinary branch.

“This is a child branch and not a sub branch!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He had carefully scanned the area before. When he saw how powerful the soul was, he was even more confident in his speculation.

A main fire vein could have countless sub branches. However, a child branch was very different. A long time ago, it might have been connected to the main vein, but it had separated and become an independent existence!

A child vein was basically a child of the main vein. Aside from its strength, there was no difference between it and the main vein!

“I wonder how many child veins are in the Heavenly Bull Continent… However, there obviously shouldn’t be a lot. Devouring a child vein is the same as devouring a large amount of sub veins. Since I have encountered it, there is no reason to let it go!” The Vermillion Bird under Wang Lin let out a cry and turned around in the sky. It charged at the incoming earth fire dragon soul.

The earth fire dragon soul was fierce and large amounts of fire spread out, covering the surrounding hundreds of thousands of feet of area in the sky. This included Wang Lin and his Vermillion Bird.

The surroundings were sealed off by fire and the black smoke of the fire burned all breathable air. At the same time, even the space in the area began to distort, causing everything here to become blurry.

Only the giant fire dragon closed in, its ferocious eyes revealing its tyrannical nature as it charged at Wang Lin’s Vermilion Bird.

Wang Lin let out a cold snort. Although this child vein was strong, equal to a mid stage Arcane Void cultivator, it wasn’t enough for Wang Lin to retreat. His right hand formed a seal and pointed at the fire dragon.

“16 earth fire branch veins, appear in my name!” The moment Wang Lin’s words echoed, 16 fire dragons appeared around the Vermillion Bird and rushed at the incoming fire dragon.

It was at this moment that a ray of light closed in from the distance. Du Qing had finally caught up!

He spotted the cloud-like flame that was hundreds of feet wide. He heard the roar from the flame, and at that moment, his body trembled. Cracks appeared on his originally juvenile body and he turned into a purple wooden man!

The moment he turned into a wooden man, fire spread out from his body and surrounded him, but it didn’t damage the wood at all.

Du Qing also had a fire essence!

The reason the fire essence had appeared on its own was because that roar represented the fire of the Heavenly Bull Sect! And Du Qing was a fire essence cultivator recognized by the Heavenly Bull Continent!

If it was an ordinary vein, it wouldn’t have the power to affect Du Qing’s fire essence. However, this child vein was no different than the main vein, so it could achieve such an effect.

Du Qing’s expression changed. His gaze landed on the cloud of flames in the distance. He could see the strange scene of 16 fire dragons and a Vermillion Bird devouring a fire dragon hidden inside the flames!

There was also a person with white hair standing on the head of the Vermillion Bird. His white clothes were extremely conspicuous in the fire. Although Du Qing only saw the back, he had the illusion that he was looking at a mountain!

“That’s him!” Du Qing’s eyes lit up.

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