Chapter 1809 - Du Qing’s Horror!

Chapter 1809 - Du Qing’s Horror!

“The change in the earth fire vein must have attracted some attention. It is not convenient to remain here.” Wang Lin stood up and waved his sleeves. He cleared out all the restrictions left here.

Wang Lin didn’t want to leave any clue to the people chasing him, especially the fact that he was good at restrictions. In this strange continent, one extra layer of mystery was an extra layer of protection.

The restrictions disappeared without a trace. Even if someone noticed, it would be difficult to see if they had been made by a person or treasure. As Wang Lin waved his sleeves, he burned the walls of the cave more than a feet so no traces remained.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin walked out of the cave and stood in the sky. The sky was clear without any clouds, looking very beautiful.

Breathing the aura of the Immortal Astral Continent, Wang Lin quickly flew off into the distance.

He was extremely fast and disappeared over the horizon as a ray of light. His speed was faster than before. At this moment, he moved at full speed and flew more than 100,000 kilometers in a flash.

On the third day after Wang Lin left, rays of light arrived over this mountain range. One of these rays of light was the Blue Dragon Sect’s old ancestor, Du Qing. He gloomily looked at the mountain and then pressed his hand down on the mountain peak.

The world rumbled as a giant wooden arm more than 1,000 feet thick appeared. It was covered in fire and smashed into the mountain.

A thunderous rumble echoed as the mountain collapsed and countless fragments scattered.

“Three days ago, the earth fire here changed. That cultivator named Wang was obviously hiding here! Despicable, I have used my full speed but was still late…” Killing intent appeared in Du Qing’s eyes and he waved his sleeve.

“Scatter from this place and continue to search. I don’t believe he can escape from the Heavenly Bull Continent!” Du Qing took a deep breath and clenched his fist.

“If this person hides, it will be difficult to find him… Looks like I need to ask the Great Soul Sect for help…”

Wang Lin didn’t want to avoid the other party. If he really wanted to hide, he could find a mountain far away and hide inside. After eight to 10 years, there would be no problems left.

The main reason he had left was because he had found something that could nourish his fire essence greatly!

As Wang Lin flew across the sky, his divine sense spread out, covering the earth. His eyes shined brightly with excitement.

“This Heavenly Bull Continent has many branches of the earth fire vein, at least thousands. If I absorb them all and even absorb the main earth fire vein... Will I form an essence true body like back in the Dong Lin Pool?” Thinking about this made Wang Lin’s breathing become short.

He vaguely guessed that no one had ever absorbed the fire from the Heavenly Bull Continent. They had all obtained the recognition of the fire to comprehend its essence and become third step cultivators.

If they reached a certain cultivation level and their essence was strong enough, they perhaps would become a king of fire. But in the end, it was very different from Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was not someone from the Immortal Astral Continent, and he didn’t comprehend the fire here. He didn’t obtain the recognition of the fire here, so there would naturally be rejection.

It was like following the will of the heavens and defying the heavens. But it was also because of this that Wang Lin was about to devour an earth fire soul and increase his fire essence greatly!

“Xuan Luo said that no person of the cave worlds has ever managed to walk out by force by themselves. I didn’t reincarnate in the Immortal Astral Continent, so I didn’t grow up here!

“The Immortal Astral Continent is not a dangerous place for me, but a treasure trove!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he moved forward to another mountain range.

The mountain here was completely green with no trace of fire. However, with Wang Lin’s fire essence, he looked down and sensed a giant fire dragon sleeping under the mountain.

The moment Wang Lin’s gaze landed on the fire dragon, the fire dragon suddenly opened its eyes. Its eyes were a sea of fire that stared at Wang Lin through the flames.


A roar echoed and the earth trembled. The mountain peak swayed like a powerful wind was blowing through the mountains. However, ordinary people couldn’t hear it. Even cultivators would find it difficult to detect. Only someone with a different type of fire essence, like Wang Lin, could clearly hear this roar of extreme rejection.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he let out a cold snort.

“A mere soul of a vein dares to roar at me? What courage!” Wang Lin stepped forward and landed on a mountain. He suddenly reached out below him with his right hand.

“Extract earth fire soul!”

When his right hand lifted up, the mountain rumbled and a sea of fire erupted from the earth below. The mountain below Wang Lin collapsed and gravel flew everywhere. The head of a fire dragon rushed out from the collapsed mountain.

The moment it appeared, the blue sky turned scarlet red as if it was burning. Crackling sounds echoed from the earth as the earth tore open and lava flowed out.

This fire dragon was a bit bigger than the one Wang Lin had devoured. The fire from it was equal to the full power of a Spirit Void cultivator.

As it roared, the fire dragon’s giant head closed in on Wang Lin and smashed toward him. It was like a flaming meteor from the sky that was heading straight for Wang Lin. This shocking momentum was enough to cause the expression of any cultivator to change.

However, Wang Lin’s expression was calm and didn’t change at all; there was even coldness in his eyes. As the fire dragon rushed toward him, he raised his right hand and threw a punch at it!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. Wang Lin’s body trembled slightly, but he didn’t move half a step. However, the fire dragon let out a miserable roar as its head exploded.

When the fire dragon collapsed, it turned into a sea of fire and showed signs of reforming. The dragon’s eyes were the first to reform, and they gave off an angry gaze.

However, Wang Lin didn’t give the fire dragon a chance to reform. He stepped forward and fire shined in his left eye. A Vermillion Bird appeared in his eye and charged out toward the fire dragon.

“Soul of the earth fire, you still don’t know your place!” As the Vermillion Bird devoured, Wang Lin’s powerful voice echoed in the world.

The fire dragon’s body trembled and its collapsed head was absorbed by the Vermillion Bird. As the absorption increased, the earth trembled and the world changed colors. The entire fire dragon turned into a sea of fire that was absorbed by the Vermillion Bird!

After absorbing two earth fire souls, the body of the Vermillion Bird had expanded to hundreds of thousands of feet wide. It seemed to cover up the entire sky.

The fire raged, causing the Vermillion Bird to let out a heaven-shattering cry.

This cry turned into ripples that spread with the Vermillion Bird as the center. Wang Lin took a step forward and stood on the head of the Vermillion Bird. His body was covered in a sea of fire.

The Vermillion Bird let out a cry and immediately charged forward. From a distance, it looked like a cloud of fire moving forward!

Wang Lin could clearly feel his fire essence becoming stronger! This growth excited Wang Lin because back in the cave world, the fire essence had stopped changing. Wang Lin had thought that was the limit of his fire essence, that it had reached full completion.

But he always felt like something was missing, though he wasn’t able to find out what exactly.

It wasn’t until he encountered the Dong Lin Pool inside the fifth flower that a door to a higher path open for Wang Lin.

It allowed him to know that his fire essence could form an essence true body! He could never forget the powerful feeling he had when an essence true body formed.

The simplest change was that whenever he used a spell, it was not just one, but two overlapping with each other, making it far stronger than before! This was not something Wang Lin had ever imagined possible.

Right now, his fire essence had become stronger and grown closer to forming an essence true body!

In this strange land filled with powerful cultivators, there was nothing more exciting than increasing his cultivation level. Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to move forward while riding the giant Vermillion Bird. His divine sense spread out, looking for the next fire vein!

Two days after Wang Lin left, a ray of light closed in from the distance. The person inside the ray of light was the Blue Dragon Sect’s old ancestor, Du Qing! He arrived very fast this time, and when he landed, he was a bit shocked. He looked at the mountains below and his eyelids twitched.

“Something is wrong. If he causes the earth fire vein to change once or twice, it could be an accident, but this is the third time! He is obviously doing this on purpose, but what is he doing it for…” Du Qing frowned. He couldn’t figure it out.

He landed on a mountain and his divine sense spread out. He carefully looked at the ground and extended his search underground.

This caused him to gasp, and his expression changed greatly!

“The earth fire vein withered and the earth fire dissipated. It is dead!! He is absorbing the earth fire, which… is impossible… Even if a cultivator has the fire essence, they wouldn’t dare to forcibly absorb the earth fire. Once it’s done, it is likely to cause a rejection in their body, and they would be attacked by the earth fire of the Heavenly Bull Continent… He… How did he do it? What is he going to do?” Qing’s eyes were filled with horror.

He had never heard of anyone who could absorb and devour the earth fire vein. The cultivators with fire essence had all offered sacrifices to the fire to obtain recognition. No one had ever dared to devour, or could devour!

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