Chapter 1808 - Large Supplement!

Chapter 1808 - Large Supplement!

The middle-aged man in the imperial robe reached out and a vortex appeared in the hall. A ghostly light came out. It seemed to lead to the unknown.

A howling sound echoed inside the vortex and two fuzzy shadows appeared before being pulled out by the man in the imperial robe.

The unconscious man and woman were the madman and the woman in silver!

The middle-aged man ignored the woman in silver and focused his gaze on the madman. He frowned and walked forward. As he walked forward, the madman’s body strangely floated into the air, and the middle-aged man pressed his right hand against the madman’s chest.

A powerful celestial energy rushed into the madman’s body. In an instant, popping sounds echoed inside the madman’s body as if thunder was echoing inside the hall.

The powerful celestial energy was like a river rushing through the madman’s body. It opened up the closed meridians and triggered the madman’s bloodline power.

However, the madman was still unconscious and didn’t wake up.

“Eh…” The middle-aged man frowned and waved his sleeve. The shadow of a giant sun appeared behind him, and this shadow quickly enveloped the entire palace and then spread far into the world. Even from far away, one could see a golden sun shrouding the palace.

“Dao Fei, wake up!” The middle-aged man waved his right hand and pressed it on the madman’s chest. Golden celestial energy rushed into the madman’s body and rushed toward his head. It immediately opened up some closed blood veins and vessels!

After they were opened, foul aura that had gathered for countless years was scattered.

“Big Brother…” At this moment, the madman’s face turned red and he opened his eyes. He let out a cry of surprise as he coughed out a mouthful of blood and passed out again.

The middle-aged man’s eyebrows slowly loosened and the shadow of the sun slowly disappeared behind him.

“Send Prince Dao Fei to rest… This woman, send her as well!” As the majestic voice echoed, two strands of golden smoke appeared in the hall. They turned into two women, and after bowing at the man in the imperial robe, they carried the unconscious madman and the woman in silver out of the hall.

The man in the imperial robe sat in the dragon chair and slowly closed his eyes as he pondered. “Dao Fei has been missing for many years. I don’t know what happened, and he was injured so badly… His bloodline also weakened a little… When he wakes up, I need to get information from him.” 

Wang Lin was currently inside the cave he had created inside a mountain. His hands formed a seal and a sea of fire surrounded his body.

The sea of fire burned intensely and slowly turned into a giant Vermillion Bird behind him. The Vermillion bird circled Wang Lin, causing the sea of fire to burn even more intensely.

The Heaven Avoiding Coffin he had carried the whole time had been put into the new storage space he had opened in his body. At this moment, his hand formed a seal and the fire around him turned into seven fire dragons that rushed into his left eye.

They were absorbed by his left eye in an instant and formed a fire-shaped imprint in his left eye.

The imprint flashed and was very eye-catching in the cave that no longer had the light from the fire!

“My own fire essence has already formed and is even a bit stronger than when I was in the cave world… But it is incompatible with the earth fire of this Heavenly Bull Continent….

“A master must be decided between the two fires… Otherwise, if I encounter another person with a fire essence, they will be able to tell that something is wrong at a glance. Also, the earth fire here is too different, which puts me at a disadvantage!” Wang Lin had already been at the Immortal Astral Continent for a month, and he felt the differences.

In the cave world, all the fire in the world could be controlled by him. He was like the emperor of fire and never had to worry about the consumption of his fire essence. As long as he breathed, he could quickly replenish it.

However, it was different on the Immortal Astral Continent. Not only was he an outsider, even his fire essence was an outsider. It would be very difficult for him to replenish his power of fire.

This situation was not a problem if he met someone who was weaker, but against someone who was strong, it would be fatal! In the Blue Dragon Sect, while it looked simple for Wang Lin to extract the soul of the earth fire, it was not simple.

He didn’t really need to extract that soul to leave the Blue Dragon Sect, but he wanted to check the rejection of the fire here, so he had extracted the soul.

The rejection force was very strong. Under Wang Lin’s forceful manipulation, the fire dragon tried to rebel after he left the Blue Dragon Sect. In the end, under Wang Lin’s suppression, the fire dragon disappeared into the earth.

“The rejection from the fire here is very strong. Since the fire of the Immortal Astral Continent doesn’t recognize me, then I don’t need it to recognize me. I’ll suppress it and absorb it to strengthen myself!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a cold gaze. With a cold snort, he closed his eyes. Wang Lin’s origin soul rushed into his left eye and turned into a Vermillion Bird that rushed out.

The Vermillion Bird was formed by Wang Lin’s origin soul. It filled the cave with a high temperature before it disappeared underground.

The entire Heavenly Bull Continent had a large earth fire vein spreading across the continent under all the mountains. Just as Wang Lin’s origin soul went underground, he felt suffocating heat coming from below.

This aura was very harmful to the origin soul, but it caused no problem for Wang Lin. As he charged toward the bottom, a heat wave was released from his body to resist the earth fire.

Because his origin soul was underground, everything he saw was different from when he was in his physical body. There was no earth here, only sparks of fire. It looked like a world of fire.

As he went into the depths of the earth, a roar came from the distance. This roar could not be heard by one’s ears, but the origin soul would feel it clearly. When the roar came, an even more intense heat wave blasted toward Wang Lin.

The temperature inside the heat wave could melt all treasures and burn the souls of all living beings.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. This roar was more of a challenge - the collision of two different types of fire once they met.

As the roar echoed, the Vermillion Bird formed by Wang Lin let out a sharp howl. This howl was the Vermillion Bird cry. The cry became a sharp sword that pierced into the ground toward the source of the roar!

Wang Lin moved very fast as he charged deep underground. He crossed boundless distances every few breaths and soon arrived at the source of the roar!

It was a fire dragon that was hundreds of feet long, giving off a red glow, and was surrounded by a violent aura. This fire dragon was coiled there and staring at Wang Lin’s Vermillion Bird. When Wang Lin got close, it let out another roar.

This scene was very shocking. In this underground world, the dragon and Vermillion Bird faced off. The roar and cry collided and a battle of fire began between them!

If one’s divine sense swept by, they would see this, but if they were here, they would see something completely different with their naked eyes. They would only see a giant fire vein that expanded for an unknown distance! This vein was red and gave off endless heat while being buried under the earth.

This huge fire vein was the fire dragon that was roaring at Wang Lin! This fire dragon was the soul of this branch of the fire vein!

Similarly, if one looked at Wang Lin’s Vermillion Bird with their naked eyes, they wouldn’t see a Vermillion Bird. they would only see a fire that came from another place, a fire that could not mix with the fire here!

In this world, there was only one word that was called fire! Flames could sometimes represent fire, but they would never replace “fire” as a word!

Fire was overbearing. It couldn’t coexist, it could only fuse into one!

The fire dragon roared and charged forward. Dense fire surrounded its body and charged at Wang Lin’s Vermillion Bird. It opened its mouth to devour the Vermillion Bird.

The eyes of Wang Lin’s Vermillion Bird shined and didn’t flinch at all. The mere soul of a branch of the fire vein wasn’t qualified to make Wang Lin retreat. The Vermillion Bird let out a hiss as it charged into the mouth of the fire dragon.

“All fire in this world must listen to my command and worship me as its master! Even the fire of the Immortal Astral Continent must obey!” Wang Lin’s divine sense echoed underground with the overbearing nature of fire.

The fire dragon devoured the Vermillion Bird and revealed a painful expression. Its body became twisted and fire burst out from its body. The Vermillion Bird slowly appeared within the fire dragon. It became very large until it shrouded the fire dragon and soon became clear.

When it became clear, it continued to absorb the fire coming from the fire dragon. As it strengthened itself, the fire dragon’s roar became weaker. However, as the fire dragon was being absorbed, it began to struggle even more violently.

Thunderous rumbles echoed above ground, where Wang Lin was. The earth trembled and split open as fire spewed out from underground, burning everything.

This process didn’t last too long. After one incense stick of time, the fire that was spewing out from underground immediately shrank and dissipated within the cracks back into the depths of the ground. The dragon had stopped struggling and the Vermillion Bird had finally become fuly clear. It opened its eyes and revealed a cold gaze.

“After absorbing the soul of a branch of the fire vein, my fire essence has strengthened so much!” The Vermillion Bird turned into a sea of fire and charged to the surface. It went back into Wang Lin’s left eye.

Wang Lin’s body trembled when his origin soul returned, and he opened his eyes.

“This was a rare and large supplement for me!” Wang Lin looked at the ground, and his eyes revealed a strange light.

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