Chapter 1808 - Large Supplement!

Chapter 1808 - Large Supplement!

The middle-aged man in the imperial robe reached out and a vortex appeared in the hall. A ghostly light came out. It seemed to lead to the unknown.

A howling sound echoed inside the vortex and two fuzzy shadows appeared before being pulled out by the man in the imperial robe.

The unconscious man and woman were the madman and the woman in silver!

The middle-aged man ignored the woman in silver and focused his gaze on the madman. He frowned and walked forward. As he walked forward, the madman’s body strangely floated into the air, and the middle-aged man pressed his right hand against the madman’s chest.

A powerful celestial energy rushed into the madman’s body. In an instant, popping sounds echoed inside the madman’s body as if thunder was echoing inside the hall.

The powerful celestial energy was like a river rushing through the madman’s body. It opened up the closed meridians and triggered the madman’s bloodline power.

However, the madman was still unconscious and didn’t...

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