Chapter 1807 - Missing Greed!

Chapter 1807 - Missing Greed!

Wang Lin rubbed his temples and felt a headache.

While he was hesitating, the news of someone named Wang triggering the earth fire, burning the Blue Dragon Sect, killing thousands of Blue Dragon Sect disciples, and defeating four elders while destroying the bodies of three and the arms of another spread.

The Blue Dragon Sect was angry. They sent all disciples out on a crazed search. Many sects laughed at this matter as they were not happy with the Blue Dragon Sect. However, due to Du Qing’s cultivation level and his connection with the Great Soul Sect, they backed down.

Seeing that the Blue Dragon Sect had suffered such great loss, including thousands of disciples dying and the four elders seriously injured, made them all secretly happy. As for cooperating with the search for the mysterious person, it was all just on the surface.

However, there were some sects that fully cooperated to search for Wang Lin.

The Heavenly Bull Continent was simply too big. Even such sensational news didn’t spread too far; it only spread within a region.

As for large sects like the Gui Yi Sect or the Great Soul Sect, they rarely paid attention to such things.

Several days passed, but there were no clues at all. The Blue Dragon Sect’s old ancestor, Du Qing’s, anger intensified. He went out himself and his divine sense swept the area, but he also found nothing. After all, the Heavenly Bull Continent was simply too large!

If a person wanted to hide, finding them would be as difficult as finding a needle in the ocean.

The mountain Wang Lin was in was swept by the divine sense of Blue Dragon Sect disciples. However, due to them being far away and Wang Lin’s restrictions being extraordinary, they didn’t find any clues.

Unless Du Qing came personally, no one else would find an abnormalities. However, although he was angry, without a specific location to search, it was not likely he would come to check personally.

As time passed, the Blue Dragon Sect’s search didn’t decrease but became even more intense.

Wang Lin noticed this while he was pondering about how to open his storage space to take out his treasures.

During this month of time, not only was Wang Lin thinking about his storage space, he was also absorbing the celestial energy here to nourish his body. He was also looking at the difference of the essences here compared to his own essences.

He slowly saw through some clues. The ethereal essences were no problem; whether it was in the cave world or on the Immortal Astral Continent, there was no change. After all, the ethereal essences were formed from Wang Lin’s own comprehension.

However, the corporeal essences had changed, like the fire essence.

The thunder, fire, and water essence that had reached small completion were all the same. As for the slaughter and restriction essences, there were some changes but not much.

“It’s almost time, I can’t hesitate anymore!” On this day, while Wang Lin was sitting inside the cave, he opened his eyes. His gaze was decisive.

He was not an indecisive person. If it wasn’t for the fact that the storage space was too important, he wouldn’t have been so hesitant. However, he had to make a decision now!

“Even if it is destroyed, I must take out some items. Most of these don’t matter since I can accumulate so much; I can obtain new treasures on the Immortal Astral Continent!

“And if I’m fast, the storage space might not collapse completely!”

After making up his mind, Wang Lin no longer hesitated. His full cultivation spread out and gathered inside the cave without leaking out. As his cultivation continued to condense in the cave, the surrounding area began to distort.

This distortion was like a ripple that slowly echoed inside the cave like everything here had become solid. This wasn’t a complete solidification, but it could make everything here move slower.

He spread out his full cultivation to make it feel like the cave was a swamp so that the collapse of the storage space would be delayed.

And what Wang Lin needed was time!

Once his aura finished spreading out and the surroundings slowed down, Wang Lin took a deep breath. His eyes lit up and he raised his left hand. He formed a seal and the Stop spell gathered on his index finger.

Then he raised his right hand and reached at the void before him after clenching his teeth! He had done this many times before, but never had he been this nervous doing it. As his hand reached out, a rift appeared before him.

This rift was Wang Lin’s storage space!

The moment the rift appeared, the Stop spell Wang Lin had gathered on his left hand pointed forward! After using the Stop Spell many times, it had long evolved with his understanding. Now it not only stopped people, but even time, space, spells, and treasures!

However, Wang Lin didn’t know if he could stop the collapse of the storage space he had brought from the cave world to the Immortal Astral Continent!

The moment the rift appeared, a ghostly light came out from within, and signs of collapsing appeared. However, the solidification of the cave that caused time to slow down and the Stop spell caused the collapse to pause for a moment.

But it only paused for a moment before a violent collapse occurred!

Wang Lin’s focus was very high. Just as the storage space opened, his divine sense went in like crazy and was about to take everything out.

However, that pause was not enough time for Wang Lin take everything. He watched as countless rifts appeared in his storage space. The madman and woman in silver were very close to a rift and disappeared within. Some treasures collapsed, and while some didn’t collapse, they were devoured by the rifts.

All of this happened in a flash, and Wang Lin didn’t have time to stop it. He didn’t even have time to see what he had taken out before his divine sense split into several copies. They followed the treasures through the rifts and imprinted on the treasures that disappeared.

With a thought, the storage space that hadn’t collapsed was closed by him and disappeared to prevent it from collapsing any more.

After a short period of time, Wang Lin was soaked in sweat. His breathing was short and his eyes were red as he looked ahead and pondered.

Before him floated a blood sword and a golden print!

The blood sword was filled with killing intent, and the golden print gave off the aura of Void Tribulant. There was also a trace of Grand Empyrean aura, showing that this was formed by one of the nine suns.

“Some not very important treasures have collapsed, but it doesn’t matter that they broke. However, there were still three treasures that didn’t collapse and were taken by the rifts. I was prepared and left my divine sense on them, so perhaps there will be a day when I can find them.

“Madman and that woman in silver… Alas.” Wang Lin let out a sigh. He had tried his best.

“I should be able to open my storage space a few more times, but each time I open it, the collapse will get worse until it is destroyed completely… The Yi Si Puppet is still there and wasn’t swept away…” Wang Lin took a deep breath and scattered the solidification aura around him, allowing the cave to slowly return to normal.

Looking at the blood sword and golden print before him, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He raised his right hand and used the method for creating a storage space inside his body that he had learned from Kang Ren. A rift appeared on his right wrist.

The inside of the rift was completely dark and a suction force came from within. It sucked in the blood sword and the golden print before it disappeared from Wang Lin’ wrist.

“Opening a storage space with one’s bloodline. This kind of thing is something only the people of the Immortal Astral Continent can do perfectly.” Wang Lin pondered, and there was a flash of blood light from his right hand as the blood sword flew out and then disappeared. Golden light appeared as the golden print appeared in Wang Lin’s right hand.

This happened several times until Wang Lin became familiar with the process. He had to make sure he wouldn’t accidently open his storage space during a battle and cause irreversible damage. Only then did he feel assured.

“So what if I lost some treasures? I can obtain more treasures on the Immortal Astral Continent!” Wang Lin looked outside, and his gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the mountain to see the darkened sky outside.

“Greed should also be on the Immortal Astral Continent… As long as he is here, I’ll not be short of treasures! I just need to meet him to solve a lot of problems… Greed, I’m looking forward to our first reunion on the Immortal Astral Continent…” Wang Lin revealed a faint smile.

“However, that Greed is very strange. He is also one of the soul fragments of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign like Qing Shui, but he was able to leave the cave world… Even though he had that Grand Empyrean’s help, Xuan Luo helped as well… This matter is inexplicable.” This question had been in Wang Lin’s mind for a long time, but he couldn’t guess an answer.

“Forget it, once I meet Greed in the future, I may know more. Thinking about it more would be pointless. First, I must resolve the problem of this earth fire and my fire essence. The Blue Dragon Sect’s Du Qing is not weak If he comes to find me, it will be a vicious battle!

“I’ve just entered the Immortal Astral Continent and don’t want to cause too much trouble, but now it seems like I have to be a bit more high profiled so I can have a solid footing!” There was coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes.

In the imperial capital of the celestials, there was a very luxurious palace. This palace was hundreds of feet tall; it was like a heavenly palace.

The golden light from the palace was dazzling. Even from very far away, one could see the blinding light.

In the great hall, there was a huge dragon chair, and a middle-aged man wearing a nine dragon imperial robe was sitting on it. This man had his eyes closed as if he was in a false dream, but at this moment, he opened his eyes. His pupils were like suns and the aura of his noble blood spread out. An unimaginable pressure spread out from his body.

“The imperial teacher has divined that Dao Fei’s disappearance won’t be life-threatening and it will be a fortune… Now his aura has appeared in the God’s Burial, so let’s bring him back… Eh, there is a woman next to him…” The eyes of the middle-aged man in the imperial robe flashed and his right hand reached toward the void before him.

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