Chapter 1805 - The Old Ancestor Returns!

Chapter 1805 - The Old Ancestor Returns!

The dao mutter echoed across the burning Blue Dragon Sect, forming a strange sound. This sound was not sharp or harsh, but it had a strange power that made Wang Lin’s soul separate from his body. Even his thoughts were affected, as well as his seven essences.

This technique was very difficult to perform alone, so it had to be used by a large group of cultivators. The Blue Dragon Sect disciples obviously wanted to use this technique to stop Wang Lin from leaving!

Wang Lin had encountered this kind of spell in the cave world, but none had such power. It has to be said that he could currently fight against people who had gone through several Arcane Tribulants, yet he was still affected. This showed how terrifying it was.

However, Wang Lin had comprehended the Heartbeat Thunder in the Ancient Tomb, and it was similar to this spell. His heartbeat was like thunder that echoed across the world. It became more violent as it touched the tens of thousands of Blue Dragon Sect disciples, making their hearts beat wildly.

With this, they were evenly matched!

Although Wang Lin was from the cave world, with his cultivation level, he was not weak even on the Immortal Astral Continent! He stepped out from the cave as the four elders rushed in. His hand reached toward the ground.

The earth of the entire Blue Dragon Sect rumbled and the fire that was underground surged out. The fire erupted from the cave and was even more intense than before.

Wang Lin used the spell that extracted the souls of mountains and planets from the cave world. This time, he was extracting the soul of the earth fire vein!

The entire Heavenly Bull Continent contained a huge network of earth fire veins that branched off into many directions. It was like a large formation that was sealing some existence.

With Wang Lin’s cultivation level, he couldn’t extract the soul of the main vein, but the branch under the Blue Dragon Sect rumbled loudly.

As the rumble echoed and the fire surged, the expressions of the tens of thousands of cultivators and the four elders changed. The moment the four elders entered the cave, they personally saw Wang Lin surrounded by fire. Under Wang Lin’s hand was a giant dragon head that was already too large for the mountain to contain!

This was a fire dragon, and its whiskers were waving. The moment it appeared, the mountain collapsed!

The rocks scattered everywhere, but they didn’t fly far before turning to ash. The tens of thousands of cultivators watched as the mountain Wang Lin was in disappeared!

The rumbling was still echoing in their ears as an entire mountain disappeared before their eyes!

When the mountain disappeared, a fire dragon 100,000 feet long and with a head as big as a mountain came out from underground. The fire dragon had no physical body. It was made of fire and gave off an ancient soul aura.

What kind of fire dragon was this? It was clearly the soul of the earth fire vein!

Above the dragon’s head stood a man. His white hair fluttered and his eyes were like the stars, with a coffin behind him. He stood there as if he was standing on top of the world!

He gave off an aura that looked down upon the world. The fire that shined behind him made him hard to look at directly!

The dao mutter of the tens of thousands of cultivators in the sky completely stopped. Fear filled the hearts and souls of these tens of thousands of cultivators.

It was as if the man on the fire dragon was one of the nine suns. Their vision went blurry, and the only thing that remained was their trembling hearts filled with fear.

This kind of person, this kind of momentum, and this kind of fire dragon was something they couldn’t fight!

The four elders were knocked back. The impact from the earth fire and the might of the soul of the earth fire was something the four of them could not resist. They had to retreat!

Although their cultivation levels weren’t low, they were like ants before Wang Lin and the fire dragon!

This was Wang Lin!

He was at the peak of the cave world! Although he had just entered the Immortal Astral Continent, it was still the same!

All of this happened in a few breaths of time. Standing on the fire dragon, it let out a heaven-shattering roar!


This roar was heaven-shattering and caused the cultivators in the sky to cough out blood. They all retreated, and no one dared to block Wang Lin; they even made a path for him.

The fire dragon’s 100,000 foot body appeared and carried Wang Lin into the sky.

“We can’t let him leave!! Old Ancestor is on his way back and will be here soon. We just need to hold him for a moment!” The middle-aged man’s face was pale as he let out a hoarse roar. He charged out toward Wang Lin.

The remaining three all gritted their teeth and desperately rushed out. Although they were afraid, they were afraid of the old ancestor’s rage even more. If the old ancestor become angry, not even their Nirvana Void cultivation could withstand it.

The entire Blue Dragon Sect was almost destroyed at this point. One could imagine the anger of the old ancestor once he returned.

The four of them charged out once more toward Wang Lin. They were going to give it their all to stop Wang Lin from leaving.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm when the four of them arrived. He fused with the fire dragon and charged into the sky. He didn’t care about the four of them blocking him at all.

The middle-aged man was the fastest and instantly appeared before the fire dragon. His hands formed a seal and pressed down on the fire dragon. The veins on his face swelled and he let out a heaven-shattering roar.

Shortly after, the white-haired old man appeared behind the middle-aged man. His hands formed a seal and he bit the tip of his tongue to spit out essence blood. The blood turned into a blood mist that seemed to be filled with evil ghosts and blocked the fire dragon!

There was also the man and woman. Both turned into giant dragons to seal all paths! 

“Mere fireflies dare to compete with the shining moon!” A cold voice came from the fire dragon. The fire dragon closed in on the middle-aged man, and a thunderous rumble echoed.

The middle-aged man’s body was surrounded by large amounts of water vapor, but it all instantly evaporated. His hair began to burn and fire spots appeared all over his skin. This fire not only injured his body but also his origin soul and soul. After all, this wasn’t ordinary earth fire but the soul of an earth fire vein!

The soul of a branch of the earth fire vein was not something he could resist! Not to mention how Wang Lin’s shocking cultivation made the impact of the fire dragon even stronger!

The middle-aged man couldn’t even last one breath. He felt like he was inside the furnace of the heavens and earth. If he didn’t retreat, he would be burnt to ashes!

The feeling of fear at this moment surpassed his fear of the old ancestor. He didn’t hesitate to spit out blood and retreat hundreds of feet. Then he coughed out blood again and retreated like crazy. Only his arms, which had touched the dragon, had been mostly burnt.

Although he had retreated, his arms were hit by wind and turned to ashes.

The blood mist from the white-haired old man collapsed when it was hit by the dragon, and it smashed back into the old man. Popping sounds echoed as his body collapsed and his origin soul escaped with a scream of terror. At this moment, he no longer dared to stop Wang Lin!

As for the two elders that had turned into dragons, they were swept by the fire dragon. The two dragons they formed collapsed and they coughed out blood. Just like the white-haired old man, their bodies exploded!

Their origin souls escaped with a sense of fear they would never forget.

The power of those four wasn’t able to delay Wang Lin and the fire dragon for even a moment. With one sweep from the fire dragon, they were all seriously injured! The tens of thousands of Blue Dragon Sect disciples looked at this and were dead silent.

The fire dragon charged into the sky and Wang Lin appeared on the head of the dragon. He looked down below. 

“I didn’t kill anyone. Today’s matter happened because your sect desired to refine me into a puppet. Behave!” Wang Lin left those cold words and left with the fire dragon under the fearful gazes of everyone here. He went further and further until he disappeared over the horizon.

An entire sect couldn’t stop one person for even a second. This kind of power and aura caused Wang Lin’s figure to be deeply imprinted in the minds of all the people of the Blue Dragon Sect.

This battle was destined to make Wang Lin famous in the Heavenly Bull Continent!

One incense stick of time after Wang Lin left, the three elders that had lost their bodies and the middle-aged man that had lost his arms were still pondering when the middle-aged man trembled. From the other direction of the world, a shocking roar of anger echoed!

The moment the roar rang out, the world changed colors and the burning fire on the ground extinguished and turned into strands of black smoke that rose into the air.

This roar caused the four elders’ hearts to tremble. When they looked up, they saw two rays of light close in, and one of the rays of light almost tore the world apart.

There was a figure inside the ray of light, it was a youth. His lips were red and his teeth were white. He had sword-like eyebrows and should’ve looked very handsome, but the anger he revealed made him look ferocious!

He was too fast; he looked like he was far away and then instantly arrived above the Blue Dragon Sect. He looked at the ruins below and silently pondered.

His silence brought great pressure and fear to the four great elders.

At this moment, another ray of light arrived and turned into a woman. This woman was extremely charming and beautiful, but when she saw the ruins below, her expression changed greatly. She moved away from the youth without hesitation.

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