Chapter 1804 - First Battle On the Immortal Astral Continent!

Chapter 1804 - First Battle On the Immortal Astral Continent!

Following the young man’s gaze, the middle-aged man saw the pillar of fire in the depths of the cave, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

He was someone who already had an essence, and he was at the late stage of Spirit Void. In the Blue Dragon Sect, he was above many and below few. Even on the entire Heavenly Bull Continent, he was among the top.

The moment he saw the pillar of fire, he vaguely saw a figure covered by fire with a coffin on its back. The middle-aged man felt an aura that made his heart tremble looming inside.

“What kind of corpse is this!?” The middle-aged man’s expression was gloomy as stared at Kang Ren, who was stunned from fear. He let out a cold snort and walked toward the fire.

He knew he himself had a high cultivation level, and he didn’t feel an aura that was too strong coming from the person inside the fire. With that in mind, he charged toward the fire.

He was originally not far from the fire, so he closed in on it with one step. The bubble touched with the fire and popping sounds echoed. The fire seemed to be pushed aside, making an opening for the middle-aged man.

“What wild cultivators dared to mix into my Blue Dragon Sect? If I don’t refine you into a puppet, then we will become a joke in the Heavenly Bull Continent!” The middle-aged man took another step and his body was halfway inside the fire. The fire raged, but it didn’t break the bubble around his body.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and a cold gaze flashed. The expression of the middle-aged man changed as he felt a terrifying aura erupt from the white-haired man inside the fire.

This aura was very strong, heaven-shaking even. Compared to it, he was like a firefly next to the moon. Terrified, the middle-aged man’s footsteps stopped.

“Scram out of here!” Wang Lin’s cold words echoed and he raised his right hand. As he spoke, the entire cave seemed to become as cold as ice, and this coldness spread outside the cave. The falling rain seemed to almost freeze, and the sea of fire dimmed as if it was going to be extinguished!

The middle-aged man felt this even more intensely. His body felt cold and cracking sounds came from the bubble around him. The bubble shattered and the middle-aged man turned pale as he coughed out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were filled with fear and disbelief.

He had lost control of his body. When Wang Lin spoke, it felt like 100,000 mountains had smashed into his body. The middle-aged man retreated again and coughed out more blood. He flew like a kite with a broken line and was swept out from the cave.

Before the eyes of the tens of thousands of cultivators outside, the middle-aged man was thrown out and coughed out a third mouthful of blood. He was thrown out tens of thousand of feet before he stopped. His face was deathly pale and the fear in his eyes was indescribable.

“Who are you!?!” The middle-aged man immediately let out a scream.

This sudden scene not only shocked all the disciples of the Blue Dragon Sect, but even the two elders that had turned into dragons. Virtual Cloud’s teacher’s eyes widened and were filled with disbelief.

“Who is inside the cave?! Even the late stage Spirit Void Elder Zhao was instantly knocked back and seriously injured!?”

“Noisy!” Amidst this uproar, Wang Lin’s cold voice came from Kang Ren’s cave.

The moment this voice appeared, everything became quiet. Even the rain that was falling from the sky seemed to stop. The drops hung in the air and seemed unable to fall.

Looking at how the rain was not falling, the white-haired old man’s face was filled with fear.

“Word of law, everything freeze… This means he is at the Arcane Void stage or higher. Who… who is this person!!

“Who did that Kang Ren bring back!? This person must be famous in the Heavenly Bull Continent, he can’t be nameless!”

Inside the cave, Kang Ren’s despair had reached the extreme. He saw the extremely high status Elder Zhao get knocked back and then coughed out blood from just one word from the fire. He watched as the fire broke out, and knew he had caused a huge disaster!

“This… What kind fortune is this? That was an ancestor!!”

Inside the fire, Wang Lin closed his eyes once more. When the fire erupted, his divine sense had already swept the area. There was no one here worthy of his attention.

However, he understood that this was the Immortal Astral Continent and that there were many powerful people here. He also heard the words outside. The sect master and old ancestor of the sect were out and were on their way back.

The area here was vast, so much so that even third step cultivators couldn’t arrive in a short period of time even if they could merge with the world. However, the Immortal Astral Continent was different from the cave world. Wang Lin had noticed this when he awakened.

At this moment, the fire had surrounded his body and was constantly being absorbed and refined by him to nourish his fire essence. After pondering a bit, Wang Lin’s right hand reached out. Kang Ren, who was trapped by Wang Lin, immediately flew into the fire, and Wang Lin grabbed his throat.

His cold gaze looked at Kang Ren.

Kang Ren’s eyes met with Wang Lin’s gaze, and his mind rumble as if 100,000 bolts of thunder had exploded in his mind. He didn’t resist at all, and his eyes were filled with fear. He looked at Wang Lin with despair in his eyes.

“Sen… Senior have mercy…”

Wang Lin ignored Kang Ren. His divine sense rushed out from his right hand and entered Kang Ren’s mind. After finding the memories he needed, he threw Kang Ren out of the fire and restrained him once more.

“Early stage Arcane Void sect master and early stage Void Tribulant ancestor, Du Qing…” Wang Lin frowned. Early stage Arcane Void was not worth mentioning, but early stage Void Tribulant was somewhat difficult.

“It is not convenient to open my storage space, as it is likely an accident will occur. So I can’t take out my treasures and I can’t use the Yi Si Puppet… As a result, I’ll be at a disadvantage while facing a Void Tribulant cultivator…”

While pondering, Wang Lin absorbed a large amount of earth fire to nourish his fire essence, causing his fire essence to become even stronger.

“Forget it, I should leave this place to study the problem with my storage space. In addition, my other essences seem to have changed here as well. I need to familiarize myself first.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he made a decision. He had just arrived on the Immortal Astral Continent and wasn’t too familiar with the place. With his personality, he didn’t want to be too arrogant.

At this moment, he made his mind. His hand formed a seal and he waved it. The earth rumbled and even more earth fire rushed out. The fire filled the cave and some even spread out.

From the outside, the middle-aged man saw this. Being able to cultivate to this point meant that he was not dumb, so he immediately saw through what Wang Lin was trying to do.

“He is going to run!!” The middle-aged man’s expression was gloomy. What had happened before made him feel fear, but what he feared even more was the anger of the old ancestor once he returned!

Once the ancestor became angry, he might just refine him into a wooden person. He had seen the old ancestor do something like this, and now his heart was filled with fear of the old ancestor.

“We can’t let him escape before the old ancestor returns. Once he escapes, we won’t be able to withstand the anger of the old ancestor!” Thinking about this, the middle-aged man gritted his teeth and let out a roar.

“Li Changtian, Sun Mengde, Han Xin, this person is going to escape. Don’t let him escape; otherwise, the old ancestor will be angry, and you all know the consequences!! All Blue Dragon Sect disciples, stop the Heavenly Water Formation and activate the Dao Mumble!” As the middle-aged man spoke, he suppressed his injuries and charged out. Behind him, the expression of the white-haired old man changed. He gritted his teeth and charged out.

At the same time, the two dragons in the clouds twisted and turned into a man and a woman. The two thought about how terrifying the old ancestor was, and they erupted their full cultivation as they charged at the cave below.

The four great elders of the Blue Dragon Sect, four third step cultivators, were going to stop Wang Lin from leaving!

The tens of thousands of Blue Dragon Sect disciples gave up the Heavenly Water Formation under the command of the middle-aged man. Their hands formed seals and they all began to mutter. The mutter of tens of thousands of people echoed across the sky.

The Dao Mumble Spell was a spell of the Great Soul Sect. The Blue Dragon Sect and the Great Soul Sect had a very close relationship, so the Great Soul Sect had given the Blue Dragon Sect this spell as a sect protection spell!

If you listened carefully, you would hear that these tens of thousands of disciples were only saying two words: “dao” and “soul!”

“Dao Soul… Soul Dao… Dao Soul…”

Their voices enveloped the earth below and entered the cave, reaching Wang Lin’s ears. Wang Lin’s heart trembled and he felt a force enter his body. It was melting his dao intent and splitting his soul.

This feeling immediately made Wang Lin feel irritated. There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes as he let out a cold snort and took a step. With this step, he used the Heartbeat Thunder he had learned in the Ancient Tomb.

The sound of a heartbeat came from his body and quickly spread out, becoming more violent. It directly collided with the Dao Mumble spell outside.

At the same time, as the four elders charged into the cave to seal it to prevent him from leaving, Wang Lin raised his right hand and reached toward the earth. He revealed a ferocious expression.

“Extract the soul of the earth fire!”

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