Chapter 1802 - Bring It Back to the Cave

Chapter 1802 - Bring It Back to the Cave

Kang Ren first circled the area a few times. After carefully observing for a while, he slowly closed in on the collapsed mountain where Wang Lin was.

He stared at Wang Lin, who was lying there, and his eyes were filled with excitement and greed he couldn’t hide.

“Such a powerful body. This is very rare for people not of the ancient country! Looking at his appearance, he lacks the stars between his eyebrows and doesn’t have the aura that those brutes from the ancient country have. This person should not be an ancient country cultivator!

“For a cultivator to have such a powerful body, I wonder how he managed!” Kang Ren licked his lips and his heart began beating even faster. He felt like his chance had arrived; this was a fortune given to him by the heavens!

He didn’t expect such a thing to fall before him while he was just flying through the sky.

“This person’s aura is all gone and he is in a semi-dead state, just perfect for me to refine into a puppet. With...

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