Chapter 1801 - There is Something Strange, There is a Problem, There is a Treasure!

Chapter 1801 - There is Something Strange, There is a Problem, There is a Treasure!

The Heavenly Bull Continent was part of the Eastern Continent, the land that belonged to the celestials. It was a remote region filled with mountains. If one looked from above, most of the Heavenly Bull Continent was filled with mountains.

Rumor had it that in the early years, the Heavenly Bull Continent was a vicious heavenly beast that the Celestial Ancestor killed and then placed here. There were even more rumors saying that all 72 continents were, in fact, 72 seals to suppress 72 fierce extraterrestrial beasts!

Even the 36 states of the ancient countries had similar legends. However, because it had been too long, no one knew if it was true or not. Perhaps only people like the Nine Suns and the royal families of the two races knew.

For other cultivators, this was irrelevant, and they couldn’t sense the existence of the fierce beasts anyways.

The rumor of the Heavenly Bull Continent came from ancient times. The reason there were so many mountains was because each mountain was formed by a bone of that fierce beast.

In the Heavenly Bull Continent, there were two famous sects. The Gui Yi Sect and the Great Soul Sect.

These two sects were very large and were part of the nine sects and thirteen factions of the Eastern Continent! These two sects had a large number of disciples, but because the Heavenly Bull Continent was equal to dozens of cave worlds, it was rare for them to encounter each other, so there weren’t much friction between them. 

The Great Soul Sect was very strange. They cultivated large amounts of different methods, but the most important were soul and illusion!

Fan Shanmeng was a disciple of the Great Soul Sect, and her various illusion spells showed the power of the Great Soul Sect. Rumor had it that there were nine layers to the illusion spells of the Great Soul Sect, and in the end, they would turn illusion into reality. It was extremely terrifying.

As for the Gui Yi Sect, they focused on the five elements. In addition, they had their unique armor-forging method that made them famous.

Below the Gui Yi Sect and the Great Soul Sect were the scattered small sects. They were controlled by the Gui Yi Sect or the Great Soul Sect. Every once in a while, they would need to send out offerings to the two sects.

The Seven Dao Sect that was created by the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign was one of such sects. However, he had taken a Great Soul Sect disciple as a dao partner and was therefore protected by the Great Soul Sect in the Heavenly Bull Continent. His talent was also amazing, so he was valued by the Great Soul Sect for a reason.

However, during the recent decades, a core disciple of the Gui Yi Sect named Yun Yifeng had become famous. Rumor had it that he had gone into closed door cultivation for a long time, and after coming out, he was extraordinary. He had challenged many core disciples of the Great Soul Sect and had won against all of them. Even ordinary elders of the Great Soul Sect were not his match.

As a result, Yun Yifeng’s reputation rose and he gradually became rank one among the new generation of disciples of the Heavenly Bull Continent!

There were also people who put him among the previously named four heavenly geniuses of the Eastern Continent and called them the Five Peaks! 

However, this Yun Yifeng was very modest and would often shake his head when people compared him to the four heavenly geniuses of the Eastern Continent. It wasn’t that he felt like he was lesser than them, but he felt contempt toward them.

Ten years ago, during a competition between the Great Soul Sect and the Gui Yi Sect, Yun Yifeng injured nine disciples and three elders of the Great Soul Sect with one hit.

When people compared him with the four heavenly geniuses of the Eastern Continent, he said something that shocked the entire Heavenly Bull Sect.

“My sword can injure a lot of people; I even dare to fight against those four heavenly genius. Although I might not win, I won’t retreat a half a step!

“However, I met a cultivator that only cultivated for a little more than 2,000 years in this world, and when I stood before him, I… didn’t dare to draw my sword!

“Forget me, even those four heavenly geniuses are not worthy of being called geniuses! In my opinion, in the new generation, no one is his match!”

This line set off thousands of waves and caused an uproar. Everyone who heard this was shocked, and they all thought of the same thing.

Who was this person?

Who can make Yun Yifeng say such words? To make him not dare to draw his sword before that person?

And that person had only cultivated for a little more than 2,000 years and could do this. If this was all true, then the four geniuses of the Eastern Continent were really not worthy of being called geniuses before that person!

While this line set off a huge stir, at the same time, a lot of people questioned it. However, no one in the Great Soul Sect questioned it, as if the people of the Great Soul Sect knew this person!

This strange phenomenon seemed to set off a huge uproar. The Great Soul Sect’s silence caused a lot of people to speculate!

Who was this person?

He could make Yun Yifeng not dare to draw his sword. He could make the four geniuses not worthy of being called geniuses. He could make the Great Soul Sect not dare to rebut this. It was as if the Great Soul Sect had silently agreed that such a person existed! Even the Gui Yi Sect didn’t say anything after their disciple had said something like this. They seemed to know that such a person existed!

Who was this person?

“He will appear. Once he appears, you will know!” This was the last thing Yun Yifeng said about that mysterious person.

Although several years had passed, the rumor about this mysterious person didn’t stop spreading throughout the Heavenly Bull Continent. As it spread by word of mouth, the rumor became even more exaggerated.

However, this was a question without an answer. As for the people who knew the answer, none of them spoke!

After more time passed, this rumor was no longer as intense, and it slowly hid inside everyone’s hearts. Perhaps one day they would find out who this person was...

The Blue Dragon Sect was a mid-level sect, and its land was comparable to less than half of the Brilliant Void. From the perspective of a cave world cultivator, it was not as large as the Thunder Celestial Temple or the Cultivation Alliance, but it was still a behemoth. However, on the Immortal Astral Continent, it was just average.

The Immortal Astral Continent was rumored to have 30,000 celestial sects. No one knew if that was true or false, but every sect was indeed very different. The name “Blue Dragon Sect” would make you think they were related to a dragon, but the cultivation methods their disciples used had nothing to do with dragons.

The Blue Dragon Sect disciples were all good at making puppets to help them in battle. Disciples often needed to refine their life puppets first before they could go outside. As for the puppets, they had different rankings and powers as well.

Besides using special wood or mechanics, beast or cultivator corpses could be refined into puppets as well.

Puppets weren’t that mysterious; cultivators of other sects all knew a bit about them. However, the Blue Dragon Sect’s puppet spell had its own specialty. It would convert one’s body into a puppet in order to achieve immortality.

Rumor had it that the first person who reached the Void Tribulant stage in the Blue Dragon Sect, Grand Elder Du Qing, was a person made of wood. Normally, he looked like a normal person, but once he used spells, one could see his wooden body.

In the Heavenly Bull Continent, the Blue Dragon Sect had a vicious name. The disciples and even elders would use various means to obtain what they wanted, which included killing others for treasures.

However, Grand Elder Du Qing has a deep relation with the Great Soul Sect, so they would do as they wished, and few sects dared to provoke them.

The Blue Dragon Sect also carefully chose the people and sects they targeted. If the target was not to be provoked, they would avoid them. Their main targets were people from the other continents. If a cultivator from another continent passed by, that was their best target.

Throughout the year, the disciples were mostly outside, wandering, searching for information to send to the sect. If  they encountered an enemy that was difficult to deal with, they would often call for more people to attack in a group.

Kang Ren was a third generation disciple of the Blue Dragon Sect. He was cunning and cruel and was very famous among the third generation. He was also quite valued by the sect. He had a good eye and could often tell at a glance if a person could be provoked, thus avoiding getting the sect into trouble.

He was a handsome man, which made it hard to imagine that he was a vicious person. Even some second generation disciples didn’t want to provoke him.

On this day, Kang Ren was flying through the sky. He went to the border of the Heavenly Bull Continent to see if he could find any foreigners passing by. As he flew, there was a sudden change in the distance!

He saw a rift appear over there, and with a flash of ghostly light, a figure fell out. The figure seemed to be carrying a coffin as it fell into the distance.

All of this happened in a flash. The moment the figure fell, the rift in the sky disappeared as if it had never appeared.

This sudden changed shocked Kang Ren, and he rubbed his eyes. He had never encountered such a thing before. He looked at where the rift was and felt like he was hallucinating.

However, he soon became excited and his eyes shined brightly. He charged toward where the figure carrying the coffin fell.

“There is something strange, there is a problem, there is a treasure!” Kang Ren’s heart pounded. The Blue Dragon Sect was founded by Du Qing, and this was the first sentence of the sect’s rules!

Over the years, this line had been memorized by every disciple of the Blue Dragon Sect!

Something that was strange had to be a problem, and if there was a problem, there was likely treasure! Kang Ren flew at full speed but still cautiously protected himself with treasures. As he flew, he heard a muffled rumble.

In the distance, the figure carrying the coffin landed on the mountain. More than half the mountain collapsed from the collision, revealing a motionless, white-haired youth!

“What a powerful body!” Kang Ren’s eyes were filled with greed as he carefully closed in.

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