Chapter 1800 - Immortal Astral Continent, I’m Coming!

Chapter 1800 - Immortal Astral Continent, I’m Coming!

Even if it was nonsense, according to feng shui, someone buried in a dragon vein would have a noble fate law. Once the fate law was determined, their descendants would all benefit!

Wang Lin didn’t believe in feng shui. He was a powerful cultivator who could move mountains and seas, change the earth, and even create stars. For him, something like feng shui could be created and controlled.

But at this moment, he could still use feng shui to interpret the scene that shocked everyone on the Immortal Astral Continent!

Getting buried in a cave meant that their descendents would have more riches and less disasters! Once they were buried in the master cave, many of their future generals would have riches! Once they were buried in the dragon vein, their descendants would have great fortune. Similarly, once they were buried in the master dragon vein, their descendents could rule a country!

Wang Lin’s avatar was located at the birthplace of the Celestial and Ancient Ancestors. Although it wasn’t the same platform, this platform was part of the original platform!

As a result, it was the same as Wang Lin having the same fate law as the Celestial and Ancient Ancestors! This fate law was not cultivation, it was something far beyond what cultivation could achieve!

This fate law wouldn’t reveal itself too much, but as time passed and his avatar grew, Wang Lin’s future would be unimaginable!

Wang Lin wasn’t clear about this matter. He only understood a few things and had a lot of speculations. However, he didn’t believe all of this; he was more convinced by his own effort and persistence. What he anticipated more was the day when the avatar walked out and threw its strongest punch!

On the Immortal Astral Continent, the moment the third vortex appeared, everyone felt shock no matter what their cultivation level or status was. Even the nine suns had serious expressions when they sensed the third vortex.

The third vortex seemed to have just been born and was still unstable. There were countless distortions, but it existed outside the vortexes of the Celestial and Ancient Ancestors without collapsing. And it was rapidly expanding.

After a long time, the three vortexes slowly dissipated from the endless sky. It was like they had never appeared, disappearing without a trace.

Everything returned back to normal, but the fear left in everyone’s hearts took root and continued to grow.

This matter was like an omen that pressed down upon everyone, making it difficult to breathe, and countless thoughts appeared.

On the Immortal Astral Continent, after the three vortexes disappeared, in a town somewhere, there was a 10-year-old child. He had one hand on his waist with the gesture of a king and was waving a wooden stick in his hand. A group of children were being led by two frowning cultivators to go to a nearby sect to be tested.

If there was anyone who had good talent, they would be taken into the sect as a disciple.

“I will one day become a king!” A persistent voice echoed in the heart of this child.

Also on this continent, somewhere far away, a young child was wearing a dao robe he had gotten somewhere, looking like a heavenly child. He was inside the house of a large family. He had a smile on his face while several people respectfully bowed before him.

“This old man has cultivated for 3,000 years and has now reverted to a child. I need to go through nine reincarnations to recover my cultivation. You all have invited me from the countryside, so I’ll stay for a while and form a dao link.” The ancient aura from the child was something even mortals could feel. It felt like the person that was sitting before them was not a child but an old man who had lived for thousands of years.

In particular, the spirit in those eyes seemed to see through life and made it so you felt like you had to believe them.

The feeling of decay made the entire room feel grim and gloomy.

Looking at the trembling mortal that was hit by this decay, the child looked normal, but in his heart, he was smiling like a flower.

“Hmmph, hmmph, this little lord’s deception is something I have mastered without a teacher. These words sounded real even to me, as if I really did reincarnate! If I really have reincarnated, then I must have been a heaven-shattering liar!

“I’ll spend a while here to not waste the few months I spent with the bodies in the cemetery… There are also the expenses from traveling from the neighboring country. I must earn it all back 100 fold…”

In the void, Wang Lin’s body was surrounded by fog. This fog was the mosquito king, and it carried Wang Lin as it flew forward.

As it charged forward, the law of the Immortal Astral Continent seemed to decreased greatly. The amount he felt was something he could bear. Although he had lost his direction, the mosquito beast seemed to feel something, and it continued toward that direction with Wang Lin.

Along the way, the mosquito beast was very excited. It sometimes looked back at Wang Lin and let out a happy cry. It really liked being around Wang Lin. It felt very comfortable, as if it was with its parents.

However, even with the mosquito king leading the way, as they went deeper into the void, the pressure from the law of the Immortal Astral Continent became even more powerful.

Although Wang Lin had the avatar inside the stone shell nourishing his original body, the pressure became somewhat difficult to bear after a while. The main problem was that he had to ensure that Li Muwan was not injured at all.

If there was no Li Muwan, the current Wang Lin would have no problem with the law of the Immortal Astral Continent. Due to the mosquito king and his avatar, he had already adapted.

He had such an advantage and was still suffering. This just showed how terrifying this void was.

“No wonder no one without the proper bloodline has ever come out of this void… Carrying Wan Er was equivalent to giving up the bloodline…” Wang Lin silently pondered.

He had already forgotten the passage of time. He didn’t know how long he had been here, but he understood that it was already past 10 years.

“I fear Teacher can’t wait anymore. If he has gone back to the Ancient Dao clan, then once I reach the Immortal Astral Continent, I’ll have to depend on myself…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined and were filled with determination.

“This is no problem. Back then, I left planet Suzaku by myself to explore the Brilliant Void. Then I went from the Brilliant Void to Allheaven, then to the Cloud Sea. Later, I went to the Ancient Star System by myself. Now I’ll just go to the Immortal astral Continent alone as well, it is no problem!

“On the other hand, I must quickly increase my cultivation level on the Immortal Astral Continent… There is also the Dong Lin Sect that I must go to once. If I can enter the Dong Lin Pool…” When Wang Lin thought of this. his heart pounded. It could be said that Wang Lin really wanted to enter the Dong Lin Pool!

He longed to make the illusion from fifth flower a reality. He longed to have essence true bodies so he could battle against Arcane Tribulant cultivators!

“There are still some old friends on the Immortal Astral Continent… I don’t know who has managed to reincarnate… Hehe, I wonder if Situ Nan got to be a king. I don’t know if Liu Jinbiao will continue his path of deception. There is also that devil, Xu Liguo. I wonder what kind of fate he will have on the Immortal Astral Continent.

“There are also Qing Shui, Red Butterfly… And Li Qianmei…” Wang Lin had his memories and the mosquito king to accompany him in this ovid, so he was not lonely.

One year, two years, three years...

Three years of time slowly passed as Wang Lin recalled the past. The mosquito king had slowed down a lot. but it had brought Wang Lin to the end of the void. They were very close to the exit.

This exit perhaps was not at the place that Xuan Luo had waited, but a place the mosquito king had followed based on its vague memories. This place may lead to the Heavenly Bull Continent or it may lead to another place. It could even be in the ancient country’s 36 states.

In these three years, Wang Lin focused his full cultivation on Li Muwan. Under his protection, she was very safe.

On this day, he saw light in the void before him. This light wasn’t bright, and it came from a slender rift in the void. He could see mountains beyond the rift.

Bursts of aura unique to the Immortal Astral Continent came from the rift. Wang Lin’s tired body immediately trembled!

The mosquito king was also very tired. It struggled to bring Wang Lin to the rift, but in the end, its body scattered into mist and couldn’t take form.

Wang Lin’s heart ached for the mosquito king, and his right hand reached toward the mosquito king. The mosquito king turned into an ink tattoo that imprinted on Wang Lin’s arm.

He didn’t dare to open his storage space. When he opened it last time, he could sense that it was unstable and about to close. He didn’t know if the storage space was going to explode if he opened it, or if it would still exist on the Immortal Astral Continent.

Wang Lin would have to spend time to figure out these unknowns.

Aside from some pills and treasures, there was the madman and the woman in silver inside. These two had the bloodline from the Immortal Astral continent, so even if they were in the void, there wouldn’t be any problem unless they were like Wang Lin, who was trying to protect someone while entering the Immortal Astral Continent.

After taking away the mosquito beast, Wang Lin carried Li Muwan and adjusted himself. He opened his eyes and stared at the rift. At this moment, it was like back in the Foreign Battleground, when he tried to escape after turning into a soul devourer. He erupted his full cultivation and rushed out toward the rift!

He was very fast and instantly closed in. He was spending all the energy he could on speed, the rest was being used to keep Li Muwan safe. He was using just his body to charge forward!

He was getting closer and closer!

1,000 feet, 500 feet, 300 feet, 100 feet… Until he was only 10 feet away!!

Wang Lin’s body seemed to be burning and he felt intense pain, but his eyes shined brightly!

“Immortal Astral Continent, I, Wang Lin, am coming!!!”

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