Chapter 1799 - Immortal Astral Continent Trembles!

Chapter 1799 - Immortal Astral Continent Trembles!

Wang Lin looked at the fruit-like shell. He couldn’t see through it at all, but he could feel another self inside there.

It could be said that when he closed his eyes, he wasn’t sure if he was inside or outside the stone shell. He could feel himself sitting inside the shell and also feel his original body outside.

This strange feeling was something Wang Lin had felt before, but nowhere near as strongly as now.

“This is…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with confusion. The mosquito king continued to rub its mouth on Wang Lin, letting out cries of joy.

The mosquito king’s body was a lot smaller than before. At this moment, it looked like a cloud of fog that could disappear at any moment, but it gave off a powerful life force.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed at the mosquito king’s change. He raised his right hand and tried to touch the mosquito king. His hand touched nothing, he couldn’t feel anything solid.

However, the...

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