Chapter 1799 - Immortal Astral Continent Trembles!

Chapter 1799 - Immortal Astral Continent Trembles!

Wang Lin looked at the fruit-like shell. He couldn’t see through it at all, but he could feel another self inside there.

It could be said that when he closed his eyes, he wasn’t sure if he was inside or outside the stone shell. He could feel himself sitting inside the shell and also feel his original body outside.

This strange feeling was something Wang Lin had felt before, but nowhere near as strongly as now.

“This is…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with confusion. The mosquito king continued to rub its mouth on Wang Lin, letting out cries of joy.

The mosquito king’s body was a lot smaller than before. At this moment, it looked like a cloud of fog that could disappear at any moment, but it gave off a powerful life force.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed at the mosquito king’s change. He raised his right hand and tried to touch the mosquito king. His hand touched nothing, he couldn’t feel anything solid.

However, the mosquito king revealed a comfortable feeling, as if it would be very satisfied and happy as long as it was near its master.

The mosquito king had followed Wang Lin for a long time, so their thoughts were aligned. As Wang Lin’s hand reached out, his divine sense spread out and fused with the mosquito king.

Soon, memories of what happened after Wang Lin forced the mosquito king away appeared in Wang Lin’s mind. This was not a soul search but a transmission. Wang Lin had done such a thing before, and it would bring no harm to the mosquito king. They could do this because they had been together for more than 2,000 years.

Wang Lin gradually saw the mosquito king’s crazed metamorphosis and the desperate evolution. It had even devoured its nine companions, all to look for him.

Wang Lin saw the mosquito king split into 100,000 smaller mosquitos and search the void to find him, who was already dead or asleep. He felt the sadness and despair from the mosquito beast as it brought Wang Lin and Li Muwan here.

Wang Lin also saw everything that happened after.

After a long time, Wang Lin felt a warmth surge in his heart. He looked at the joyous mosquito king, who kept rubbing him with its mouth. He raised his hand and gently patted the mosquito king a few times.

“It’s been hard on you…”

Master’s soft pat, gentle gaze, and understanding worlds made the mosquito king even more happy. Light shined from its body and ripples echoed. This was the happiest moment in its life.

Wang Lin had never found loyalty like the mosquito king from another beast! Whether it was the time when Wang Lin became a mortal, or when they had been separated, and with what happened in the void, it all pointed to the fact that the mosquito king was willing to give up its life for Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was a grateful person. He was also willing to do everything for the mosquito king! This mosquito was no longer his pet but his family.

He gently patted the mosquito’s body, and his gaze fell on the fruit-like, stone shell.

“From the mosquito’s memory, this place seems to be the same as where its ancestors were born… What is this stone shell…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he walked toward the stone shell. He raised his right hand and touched the stone shell. However, the moment he touched it, a rejection force came from the stone shell, knocking his hand away. It wouldn’t allow him to touch or reach into it.

He tried from several different positions, but the rejection force was still there. In the end, Wang Lin gave up the idea of controlling his avatar to walk out. He had a vague feeling this would be a great fortune for him.

The fortune was the avatar that had unknowingly grown inside the stone shell. Perhaps in the future, this avatar would break out from the shell and contain a terrifying power.

This power was the law of the Immortal Astral Continent because this avatar was born in the law of the Immortal Astral Continent just like the ancestor of the mosquito king!

It wasn’t worth it to break it by force. Wang Lin also understood that the reason he was able to awaken and recover his cultivation was because of that avatar in the stone shell.

With his connection to the avatar, it seemed like the growth of the avatar would make his original body stronger. This kind of thing was very strange and couldn’t be explained clearly.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a long time. When he was in the cave world, he had encountered some ancient jade regarding feng shui. This matter seemed very similar to feng shui.

“In feng shui, a lot of attention is focused on the location of the burial. Then, having my avatar here would be equal to making this a burial spot… In this way, as my avatar grows, my original body will become stronger...

“I thought these kinds of things were nonsense back then, but now it feels similar…” Wang Lin pondered and slowly retreated. He looked at the stone shell and gave up on the idea of breaking it or for his avatar to walk out.

“Mortal emperors care deeply about the dragon vein. If they were buried in the dragon vein, their future generations would become prosperous… Now that I’ve buried my avatar here, I want to see what kind of fortune I’ll obtain in the future…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he turned without hesitation to charged into the void. The mosquito king was very happy as it let out a cry and immediately carried Wang Lin off into the void.

As they moved forward, Wang Lin looked back at where his avatar was. His eyes shined brightly. Compared to the nonsense that was feng shui, Wang Lin had more expectations for the growth of this avatar. He could clearly feel the connection with the avatar that couldn’t be cut off. One day, the avatar would finish growing, and once it came out of the shell, Wang Lin believed it would change the world!

As the mosquito flew, Wang Lin carried the Heaven Avoidance Coffin with Li Muwan inside as they charged toward the exit!

At this moment, inside the void, he didn’t know the huge change that had occurred across the Immortal Astral Continent the moment the mosquito king brought the blood to the platform and the blood was absorbed by the platform.

This huge changed shocked the entire Immortal Astral Continent. Countless powerful cultivators came out of closed door cultivation. The leaders and elders of countless sects all came out. Their divine senses rushed into the sky.

This upheaval even caught the attention of the nine suns, creating a rare occasion of all nine suns appearing!

No one could forget this scene; it was still remembered countless years later. It became a mystery everyone speculated about.

When the Celestial Ancestor was born, there were three signs. The golden sky and black earth was one sign! When the Ancient Ancestor was born, there were nine songs. The silver eyes was one of them!

Although ordinary cultivators didn’t know this, anyone who had reached a certain cultivation level or belonged to a powerful sect knew some of it.

On this day, a distortion appeared in the sky above the capital of the celestials on the Celestial Ming Continent that ruled over all of the celestials. A huge vortex formed and began to spread in all directions.

It was too fast,far faster than any cultivator. It immediately covered the surrounding 37 continents and caused the sky to turn golden!

As the golden light appeared, the earth strangely turned black due to the reflection of the intense light. This caused the appearance of the golden sky and black earth that signalled the arrival of the Celestial Ancestor!

At the same time, a vague shadow appeared inside the vortex. This figure was blurry, but one could vaguely see that the figure was wearing a golden robe and a crown. It stood in the vortex and gave off a shocking amount of celestial energy!

Anyone who saw this figure would immediately think of a name that made them tremble in excitement!

Celestial Ancestor!

The Celestial Ancestor had disappeared into the void countless years ago. It was the first time since then that the shadow of the Celestial Ancestor had appeared once more. This set off a huge wave among the celestial race.

All the Grand Empyreans of the celestial race appeared and bowed at the sky!

At the same time, in the 36 states of the ancient country, a huge vortex also appeared. This vortex was black and spread across the 36 states as if it was competing with the celestials!

A terrifying and tyrannical aura poured out from this vortex. This caused everyone in the ancient countries to kneel on the ground in excitement.

At the same time, Xuan Luo and the other remaining two of the four ancient Grand Empyreans all rushed out. They floated in the air and looked at the vortex in the sky with disbelief.

There was no shadow like the Celestial Ancestor, but a pair of eyes. This was a pair of silver eyes, and it looked toward the Celestial Ancestor. The eyes released a monstrous, silver light!

The entire Immortal Astral Continent seemed to enter a boiling point. All nine suns appeared at the same time, and the pressure they released caused everyone to tremble.

If this was it, it would only shock everyone but not cause so much speculation. After the shadow and pair of eyes appeared in the sky… a third giant vortex appeared between the celestial and ancient lands!

The appearance of this vortex set off an unimaginable wave of shock and terror!

“This… This is impossible!! How could a third vortex appear as the illusions of the Celestial Ancestor and the Ancient Ancestor descends?!”

“A third vortex has appeared below the Celestial and Ancient Ancestors… What does this mean!?!”

“Is this indicating that inside the third vortex, there is an existence similar to the Celestial and Ancient Ancestors!?!”

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