Chapter 1798 - The Strongest Avatar in the Future!

Chapter 1798 - The Strongest Avatar in the Future!

It had desperately gone through metamorphosis and taken great risk to rapidly go through its evolutions. It had even devoured its companions with the sole purpose of finding Wang Lin, finding its master!

Its cries of sorrow echoed in the void. It no longer had a body and was only a cloud of fog. It moved very fast through the endless void. As it searched, it became impatient. It paused for a moment and its body collapsed completely.

The fog turned into 100,000 portions, into 100,000 mosquito beasts, and searched in 100,000 directions. They all let out cries, calling for their master!

Deep inside the void, there was a corpse and coffin floating there. The right hand of the corpse was gripping the coffin tightly. Even if the arm was broken, the corpse wouldn’t let go.

The corpse had been floating in the void for decades.

A faint, white light slowly appeared on this corpse. This white light was just like the white light Wang Lin had absorbed from the two bodies. It gathered in the chest of the corpse and was a mysterious force from the void.

On this day, as the body and coffin floated, a palm-sized mosquito made of smoke flew out. The mosquito continued to roar, and it flashed past the body and coffin. However, the mosquito soon trembled and turned to stare at the body and coffin in the distance.

A roar of excitement echoed. The mosquito seemed to have gone crazy and rushed toward the body. When it got close, it cried loudly toward the thin face of the corpse.

It couldn’t speak like a person, but its cries exceeded all words. It was a roar of a sadness, it was the call of despair.

As it roared, strands of smoke came from the void, revealing a mosquito inside each. More than 100,000 gathered to form Wang Lin’s mosquito king!

The mosquito king’s eyes were blood red. As it cried, its large mouth gently touched Wang Lin’s face as if it was trying to awaken the sleeping Wang Lin, but it failed every time.

Countless attempts and countless failures. The mosquito king’s body trembled and its cries became hoarse from despair. It had worked so hard and searched for so long until it finally found its master, but what it saw was a corpse.

The simple-minded mosquito king couldn’t accept it. It grabbed Wang Lin and the coffin and flew off into the distance.

The void would be extremely terrifying for others, but for the mosquito king that had metamorphosed five times, there was no discomfort. It carried Wang Lin and the coffin through vast distances in an instant.

After going through five metamorphoses, it had some vague memories about this void. It felt that there was a place here that could allow its master to awaken.

However, this location was very well-hidden, and even it had to look for a very long time to find it.

It flew for an unknown amount of distance and time. The mosquito king searched for a very long time until it finally saw a round continent!

Or rather than a continent, it was more of a large platform.

The platform’s shape was irregular and looked like it was part of something else. It was about 100,000 feet wide, not very large. It gave off bursts of white light that was exactly the same as the white light Wang Lin had absorbed from the two bodies.

The platform was empty, but it was surrounded by an invisible barrier that prevented anything from entering.

This barrier was formed completely by the law of the Immortal Astral Continent. Forget Wang Lin, even Xuan Luo would find it difficult to break the barrier to enter.

Only the Celestial Ancestor, Ancient Ancestor, and the nine strange beasts that were born from the law of the Immortal Astral Continent could enter the barrier.

In the mosquito king’s fuzzy memory, it saw that its ancestors were born on a round platform like this… So once its master entered such a platform, then its master would certainly wake up!

The mosquito king brought Wang Lin and the coffin toward the round platform. The mosquito king entered, but Wang Lin and the coffin were stopped outside.

The mosquito king was startled and immediately came out. It took Wang Lin and tried again, but it failed several times in a row.

As a result, the mosquito king became anxious and began to cry. It took a strand of Wang Lin’s hair with its mouth and charged inside once more. Again it entered, but the strand of hair was blocked outside.

The mosquito king went crazy and charged out from the platform. It floated beside Wang Lin and roared at the platform. A moment later, madness appeared in its eyes and its huge mouth narrow. It pierced Wang Lin’s body and carefully sucked out a drop of blood from Wang Lin’s dried-up body. 

This blood was devoured by the mosquito king and was protected by layers of smoke inside its body. It rushed toward the platform again, and this time, after it was halfway in, it was stuck. It let out a painful howl and seemed to be stuck there. It seemed like unless it spat out that drop of blood, it couldn’t enter.

The mosquito king let out a heaven-shaking roar and it struggled to enter. However, the barrier was very strong, and the mosquito king could only enter halfway. No matter how hard it struggled, it couldn’t move in further.

After several attempts, the mosquito king’s eyes became red and its mist-like body shrank as if it had condensed all its essences around the drop of blood. It opened its mouth and spat out the drop of blood.

The front half of its body was on the other side of the barrier, including its long mouth. It spat out the blood, and the blood entered the inner part of the barrier!

However, the inside of the barrier wouldn’t allow anything from the outside to enter. Wang Lin’s blood began to evaporate, and just as it was about to disappear, the mosquito king’s body rushed in. The mosquito king used its body to protect the blood, and it let out a painful howl.

Its body immediately showed signs of dissipating, and it shrank a lot. However, under its protection, although a lot of the blood had evaporated, a sliver still landed on the round-shaped platform!

For the first time ever, a drop of blood that was not formed by the law of the Immortal Astral Continent had landed on this platform! Most importantly, this happened after the white light had appeared on Wang Lin’s body after he had died or gone to sleep.

It was precisely because all of this happened that he obtained the greatest fortune in his more than 2,000 years of cultivation. This fortune was enough to shake the heavens!

This platform was located in the void of the Immortal Astral Continent. Not many people could enter this void, and most that entered had died or become lost. The position of the platform was also not fixed; it was always moving. If not for the fact that the mosquito king had a vague memory after going through several metamorphoses, it would’ve been very difficult to find, even if one looked for countless years.

These two conditions were already very difficult to complete, and very few could complete them. In addition, this platform prevented anything not formed by the law of the Immortal Astral Continent from entering. This was like a wide rift that made it even more difficult.

Unless it was like the mosquito king, who desperately tried at the risk of its own life, it would be almost impossible to accomplish. To make the mosquito beast that would never recognize an owner to do this was really a fortune!

However, these weren’t all the conditions. The final condition was that the person had to either died or go to sleep and for the white light to appear! This white light was, in fact, part of the law of the Immortal Astral Continent. It only appeared on the corpses of very few people after they died!

No one knew the specific condition for the white light to appear!

Only after all of this was achieved would what was about to happen to Wang Lin occur. When the blood fell on the round platform, it was immediately absorbed by the platform. The entire platform trembled and invisible light spread out, filling the void. White light came from all directions from the void and rushed toward the platform.

The platform rumbled. The mosquito beast flew out in joy and guarded Wang Lin.

The rumbling became even more intense and the platform began to move. It became soft and the edges curled up. It was like a palm forming a fist and gradually becoming an empty shell!

Inside the empty shell, there was a mist of blood. The mist of blood absorbed the white light and was flashing constantly. Finally, a human shape slowly condensed inside, and one could faintly see that appearance of the human figure was Wang Lin!

As the shadow formed and slowly became clear, after sleeping for decades, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes. He could clearly feel that a force had come from somewhere and appeared in his blood, nourishing his body. The Ancient Dao power in his body suddenly recovered.

At the same time, his seven essences reached their peak in an instant.

He could vaguely feel that another version of himself existed in this world. As he slowly opened his eyes, Wang Lin could hear the mosquito king’s cries of joy.

He saw the excited mosquito king and saw the giant, shell-like stone. For a moment, he seemed to see his other self!

“This… What is this…” For a moment, Wang Lin’s mind was filled with confusion.

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