Chapter 1797 - Strange White Light

Chapter 1797 - Strange White Light

Immortal Astral Continent, Eastern Continent, the Seven Dao Sect Mountain on the Heavenly Bull Continent. Xuan Luo was sitting inside the pavilion in the mist-covered mountain, and he had waited for several years.

Half a year has passed since the 10-year agreement he had with Wang Lin, but Xuan Luo hadn’t left, even though the mark he had left on Wang Lin had completely disappeared.

The disappearance of the red light meant that Wang Lin had lost his guide, or perhaps it meant Wang Lin’s death.

“Did he fail…” Xuan Luo’s eyes revealed sorrow, and he closed his eyes with a sigh. He was going to wait a bit longer. Perhaps a miracle would occur, even though the chance of this miracle was slim.

In the void between the cave world and the Immortal Astral Continent, Wang Lin was carrying the coffin, moving forward with his hair scattered. He moved forward step by step. He had lost his thoughts and had no strength left. The only thing that was pushing him forward was his will.

With this will, he had used his body to protect his wife and would never give up!

The red light between his eyebrows had disappeared half a year ago. He could no longer feel the path ahead. The only thing he could do was not retreat and keep going forward in order to find the way out.

Ten years of time in this dark void was enough to make one mad from the silence. Wang Lin gritted his teeth and continued moving forward. If he didn’t have the will, his mind would have collapsed a long time ago.

In truth, he would not have lasted this long if it wasn’t for the fact that he had a fortunate encounter after the red light disappeared half a year ago. After all, not much of his Ancient Dao cultivation remained.

Just at this moment, a ray of light appeared in the void. This light was very weak, and it seemed to come from a corpse.

As he closed in, the corpse became even more clear. It was an old man in a purple robe. His eyes were closed and there was no sign of light in them. However, the light coming from his body was very eye-catching.

This old man came from an unknown place, but with the white light shining, one could see a mysterious force gathering in his body.

The moment the corpse with the white light appeared, Wang Lin’s dim eyes shined brightly. He looked up and moved very fast toward the body. He struggled to reach it, and the moment he closed in, he placed his hand on the body. He extracted the white light.

The white light around the body gathered in Wang Lin’s hand and rapidly disappeared. The mysterious force in the body also entered Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin felt that this power was cold, but it was this cold feeling that made his mind clear. After absorbing this force, his essences showed signs of recovering, and even his Ancient Dao power recovered a bit.

Wang Lin released his right hand and allowed the old man’s body that had lost the light to continue drifting. Wang Lin’s expression became a bit better.

Wang Lin didn’t know what this force was. Half a year ago, he had encountered a corpse like this too. It was only after absorbing this force that he had the power to continue.

This force was very mysterious. It could help his essences and Ancient Dao power recover. This kind of thing should not exist, but it had appeared in the void before Wang Lin.

During 10 years of time, Wang Lin had only encountered two bodies like this.

Wang Lin’s mind trembled and his eyes shined. He activated his cultivation to resist the pressure from the law of the Immortal Astral Continent. He then touched the coffin behind him and felt Li Muwan’s existence. Wang Lin silently moved forward.

His speed wasn’t fast, but he didn’t stop at all. He moved forward without changing directions.

“10 years have already passed… I wonder where the end is… I shouldn’t have strayed in the wrong direction…” Wang Lin clenched his teeth and quickly disappeared into the void.

“This force is very strange. If I can encounter more, I won’t die of exhaustion!” Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out, searching for the light.

However, encountering the bodies with the white light was completely accidental. It would be very difficult to find more without changing directions.

After one year, he still didn’t encounter a third body like this. His cultivation had reached its limit and he was like a dried-up oil lamp.

Wang Lin had become very thin; so much so that even if someone who knew him were to encounter him, they would find him difficult to recognize. The light in his eyes dimmed until none remained; he was like a dead person.

He didn’t know how much further he had to go. It was this unknown that would turn into a terrifying emotion that would make one’s mind collapse. Even with Wang Lin’s will, his mind was affected.

However, whenever he touched the coffin behind him, a determination would erupt from his heart, pushing him to never give up.

However, the cruelty of reality erased the last of Wang Lin’s consciousness after three months, which was when he passed out.

There was no aura left in his body, but even unconscious, he still protected the coffin behind him. Even though the coffin was covered in cracks, it would have already disintegrated without his protection.

A person and a coffin slowly floated in the void. The moment Wang Lin became unconsciousness, the pressure from the law of the Immortal Astral Continent disappeared.

Wang Lin didn’t know of this strange change. He was like a dead person, and not even the Three Life spell had any use. He was like a dead person, and he floated in another direction while carrying the coffin.

He was like all the corpses he had seen floating forever in this void.

One year, two years, three years… An unknown amount of time passed. Wang Lin’s eyes were still closed as if he was dead.

On the Immortal Astral Continent, in the Seven Dao Sect, Xuan Luo let out a sigh and stood up. Adding the time before, he had already waited 15 years.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to keep waiting, but a powerful surge of celestial energy that wouldn’t allow him to stay came from the distance. The celestial energy hadn’t even gotten close, but a thunderous rumble echoed across the sky. A golden sun appeared in the horizon, and a figure stood inside.

At the same time, another sun appeared in another direction and a cold gaze came from that sun.

Xuan Luo understood that he had to leave.

“Disciple, you… Take care… If you’re not dead, you should come find me…” Xuan Luo let out a sigh and waved his sleeve. A monstrous blood sun appeared and he flew into the sky.

Xuan Luo left. From now on, there wouldn’t be anyone waiting for Wang Lin’s arrival. Wang Lin was still floating in the void, and his direction had changed. It was unknown where he was drifting toward, and he had become one of the corpses in the void.

Several more years passed. Some people had reincarnated on the Immortal Astral Continent. Some people were still on the path and might need hundreds or one thousand years to reincarnate.

Not even Xuan Luo understood why the gap was so big.

A child was born in a mortal town on the Eastern Continent this year… This child was very unusual. At the age of six or seven, he liked to call himself king whenever he played with his companions...

If another child didn’t wish to follow, he would punch and kick them. He was extremely ferocious, and the neighboring playmates became afraid of him. They slowly began to play his game of king.

In the Southern Continent of the Immortal Astral Continent, on a certain year, a child was also born. This child was also very remarkable. Although his family was broken in his early years, by the time he was 10 years old, he was already a famous liar in his city.

However, if a liar become famous, then it wouldn’t be good for them. As a result, this child left home early and took his talent in lying elsewhere.

Time slowly passed for a long time.

Xuan Luo had long returned to the Ancient Dao clan with a bleak expression and had gone into closed door cultivation. When the Ancient Dao Emperor saw Xuan Luo come back alone, he sneered in his heart. He slowly forgot about why Xuan Luo had gone to look for someone.

It seemed a lot of people no longer thought about a person named Wang Lin. The Immortal Astral Continent was like this, and the cave world was the same. However, there were a few people that could not forget this name whenever they remembered the past.

Mu Bingmei was like this. The Immortal Astral Continent’s Tang Shan was the same, and the new genius of the generation, Yun Yifeng, would also think of Wang Lin.

The mosquito king also didn’t forget about Wang Lin. Back then, the beast was stopped by Wang Lin, and then it seemed to have gone mad as it absorbed the law of the Immortal Astral Continent with its companions.

It had metamorphosed four times during the past decade! Every time it went through a metamorphosis, the mosquito king would become several times stronger. The pressure here would weaken until it felt like it no longer existed!

In the end, after the fifth metamorphosis, the mosquito king gave off a pressure that shook the entire void. It’s body was no longer like a planet but had changed completely until it was like smoke.

This smoke was a blur, as if the mosquito had just popped out of an ink painting. However, its ferocity had reached a peak.

Afterward, the mosquito king no longer absorbed the law of the Immortal Astral Continent. Its body spread out as fog and devoured its nine companions before it set off in the endless void. It was going to find Wang Lin, find its master!

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