Chapter 1793 - Shake the Entire Immortal Astral Continent

Chapter 1793 - Shake the Entire Immortal Astral Continent

Deep inside the sea, Miao Yin had a fierce expression, but his pupils shrank and his eyes were filled with fear.

“You’ve already killed my avatar and taken my avatar’s soul. Our grudge should have been over, so why are you here to kill me?! It’s difficult for cultivators like us to reach this cultivation level. If you treat me like this today, someone will definitely do it to you in the future!”

Dao Master Miao Yin’s voice was sharp and it echoed from the bottom of the sea. The sound spread across the golden ocean and set off a huge wave. A large vortex formed, and it rushed toward Miao Yin.

At this moment, Wang Lin was in the sky and Miao Yin was below the sea. They were separated by the vortex, but they could clearly see each other.

Miao Yin didn’t escape like Nine Heaven. He knew that his cultivation level had dropped too much and he had no chance of escaping from Wang Lin.

“I’m not going to kill you today. I’m just here to send you to reincarnate!” Wang Lin looked at Miao Yin, who was inside the vortex. He raised his hand and casually reached toward Miao Yin.

A giant palm appeared and charged toward the sea below.

Miao Yin’s expression changed greatly as he stared at Wang Lin. He struggled greatly in his heart. He understood Wang Lin better than Nine Heaven. When Nine Heaven heard Wang Lin say “reincarnate,” he thought Wang Lin was going to kill him, so he had tried to escape.

But Miao Yin didn’t think so.

“Reincarnate where?!” As the giant palm reached toward him, Miao Yin let out a sharp scream.

“Immortal Astral Continent!” As Wang Lin’s words echoed, a thunderous rumble rang out. The giant palm penetrated the sea vortex and grabbed Miao Yin.

Miao Yin’s heart trembled and he bitterly gave up all useless resistance. He closed his eyes and allowed Wang Lin to grab him. After he was sealed, he was placed inside Wang Lin’s storage space and fused with his avatar.

The sea became calm, like nothing had happened. Wang Lin turned and walked toward the sky.

“There is still Heaven Master Void God!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he looked into the distance. He found where Heaven Master Void God’s original body was.

Wang Lin had killed Heaven Master Void God’s avatar and seriously injured his original body. After that, he never entered the Inner Realm, so their problems ended there.

But leaving this person would be a big problem in the future. He didn’t want to leave all the problems for Blue Dream and Master South Cloud. He was going to resolve it himself!

His gaze swept past the stars and his body disappeared.

In the southern part of the Ancient Star System, there was an area filled with debris. There was originally a planet here, but it had collapsed, creating an area of death covered in rocks.

Heaven Master Void God remained here. He had given up going to the Inner Realm and even the idea of fighting. However, even he didn’t know if this was temporary or permanent.

At least for now, he didn’t dare to enter the Inner Realm. He felt extreme fear in his heart toward Wang Lin.

At this moment, he was sitting above a rock, cultivating. He was absorbing the power from the stars to nourish his body and feeling the changes around him. If no one disturbed him, he could sit here for thousands of years.

Until his cultivation was fully restored, until he reached his peak once more, until he could come out and shake the cave world! He was confident if no one came to bother him.

In truth, even if someone came to disturb him, Heaven Master Void God didn’t mind as long as that person was not Wang Lin.

However, while this thought was beautiful, reality was cruel. On this day, the star system looked normal, but an invisible pressure descended on this area.

The arrival of this pressure caused this place to become unstable. Large amounts of scattered rocks shattered and were blown away. From afar, it looked like a halo scattering.

Heaven Master Void God suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a bitter expression. He saw the white figure he could never forget walking toward him.

That head of white hair was like a nightmare that caused his heart to tremble.

“He… Still came....” Heaven Master Void God silently pondered as he looked at Wang Lin gradually closing in, and his eyes were filled with despair.

“Wang Lin, back then I wanted to possess you and wanted to kill you, but I failed. My avatar died and I made a vow to never enter the Inner Realm in my life… You… Can you let me go just this once?” Heaven Master Void God rarely talked like this, but he had to at this moment.

As he spoke, he stood up and clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin stood on a rock 1,000 feet away from Heaven Master Void God. After silently pondering for a bit, he slowly spoke.

“You’re not suitable to exist here. I’m going to the Immortal Astral Continent. Many people have decided to reincarnate to the Immortal Astral Continent. You go as well so I can be at ease.”

“You…” Heaven Master Void God’s face changed and countless thoughts flashed through his mind, but in the end, he let out a long sigh.

“You are going to leave and don’t feel safe leaving this old man here. Have you thought that once you have been gone for a while, new generations will be born in the Ancient Star System? Some might be stronger than this old man! Are you going to wipe them all out?”

“I can’t kill them all, but I can seal the various clans of the Ancient Star System and take the third step cultivators to be reincarnated! If they don’t obey, then I’ll kill them!” Wang Lin’s words were calm, but the meaning in his words would shock anyone.

Heaven Master Void God didn’t speak for a while. He looked at Wang Lin with an even more fearful gaze.

“Crazy… He is really crazy… He is forcing me to reincarnate, what choice do I have…” Heaven Master Void God revealed a miserable smile as he gave up resisting and closed his eyes.

Wang Lin waved his sleeve and put Heaven Master Void God in his storage space before leaving.

The Cang Meng Clan was a clan of the Outer Realm that had also participated in the war. Although the clan wasn’t large, they had a third step ancestor.

This ancestor had chosen to escape when he noticed the situation wasn’t good, and he no longer came out.

The clan was located in a region with almost 100 planets, but on this day, Wang Lin closed in on the Cang Meng Clan.

His arrival caused a thunderous rumble with each step, sending powerful shockwaves toward the Cang Meng Sect. He stepped into the atmosphere of a planet and calmly walked toward the highest peak.

On the top of the mountain, there was a large temple, and a middle-aged man was sitting inside. The moment Wang Lin arrived, his eyes opened, revealing fear.

He was about to get up when his body trembled and a right hand appeared behind him. It gently pressed down on his shoulder, keeping him pressed on the ground, and he was unable to struggle.

“I’m sending you off to reincarnate.”

This was the last thing he heard before his vision went black. A terrifying force that filled him with fear entered through his shoulder and sealed him.

A moment later, Wang Lin left the Cang Meng Clan. No one knew he had arrived and no one knew he had left. As he left, Wang Lin raised his right hand and gently waved at the area where the Cang Meng Clan was located.

More than a dozen Ancient Leaves appeared and formed a vortex. It flew toward the Cang Meng Clan, sealing the star system and the entire clan!

“From now on, the entire clan’s power to enter the stars are sealed. Their cultivation can never break past Nirvana Shatterer! They are never to step foot among the stars!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and walked away.

As he walked forward, all the clans with a third step cultivator suffered the same fate in the Ancient Star System. The third step cultivators were forced to reincarnate and the entire clan was sealed.

In order to keep the Inner Realm safe for countless years, Wang Lin did this shocking and tyrannical thing! He took all the remaining third step cultivators with him!

He sealed all the clans he passed along the way, even ones without a third step cultivator. As a result, it would become very difficult for third step cultivators to appear in the Ancient Star System! For countless years, there wouldn’t be a cultivators among the stars, as they wouldn’t be able to leave their planets!

Because Wang Lin had left mysterious seals around their clans and planets!

“There is no need to worry about the Ancient Star System… As for the other places, it is not time to explore them yet…” Wang Lin stood outside the formation separating the Inner and Outer Realms. He looked back at the Ancient Star System for a long time before he entered the formation and headed to Allheaven.

At this point, Wang Lin had done the last thing he needed to do in the cave world, so he was about to leave!

In Allheaven, the golden door gave off a dazzling glow. Xuan Luo was sitting there as he looked into the distance, and he saw Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared and he bowed at Xuan Luo.

“Junior has finished all my preparations and has brought a few more people. I hope Senior will cast the spell to reincarnate them!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and eight people appeared. Their expressions were gloomy and their hearts were filled with reluctance, but they didn’t dare to resist.

“After you all reincarnate, there will be no grievance between us. I hope you all know what’s good for yourselves!” Wang Lin’s words were calm, and he waved his right hand. A powerful wind pushed the eight of them into the dark door.

“Senior, Junior is about to leave. We will meet in the Immortal Astral Continent!” Wang Lin looked back at the stars and suddenly turned around. He turned into a ray of light as he charged at the door and disappeared inside.

Xuan Lou stood up and looked at the door with a serious expression.

After Wang Lin entered, the door rumbled and slowly closed. Half an hour later, when it was about to close completely, a ray of ghostly light suddenly came from the depths and disappeared into the door.

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