Chapter 1793 - Shake the Entire Immortal Astral Continent

Chapter 1793 - Shake the Entire Immortal Astral Continent

Deep inside the sea, Miao Yin had a fierce expression, but his pupils shrank and his eyes were filled with fear.

“You’ve already killed my avatar and taken my avatar’s soul. Our grudge should have been over, so why are you here to kill me?! It’s difficult for cultivators like us to reach this cultivation level. If you treat me like this today, someone will definitely do it to you in the future!”

Dao Master Miao Yin’s voice was sharp and it echoed from the bottom of the sea. The sound spread across the golden ocean and set off a huge wave. A large vortex formed, and it rushed toward Miao Yin.

At this moment, Wang Lin was in the sky and Miao Yin was below the sea. They were separated by the vortex, but they could clearly see each other.

Miao Yin didn’t escape like Nine Heaven. He knew that his cultivation level had dropped too much and he had no chance of escaping from Wang Lin.

“I’m not going to kill you today. I’m just here to send you to...

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