Chapter 1792 - This Evening, the Wang Family Will Deliver Reincarnation!

Chapter 1792 - This Evening, the Wang Family Will Be Delivered Reincarnation!

The people beside Wang Lin departed one by one. Before leaving, each of them would clasp their hands at Wang Lin and then head for the door to pursue their dream.

Thirteen knelt down in the void before Wang Lin. He raised his head, and his eyes were filled with determination.

“Teacher, Thirteen will be going. Even when my memory is sealed, I won’t forget the kindness Master has shown me. Even when I reincarnate, I won’t forget it!” Thirteen’s words were filled with determination. His determination was extremely strong, and because of this, even if his memories were sealed, his instinct would remain.

This instinct was the thing he cared the most about: his relationship with Wang Lin as Wang Lin’s disciple.

After Thirteen, it was Situ Nan. Situ Nan had always been careful, and at this moment, he laughed as he flew toward the door. He took out a wine jug and threw it back at Wang Lin. Wang Lin caught the wine jug

“I like to drink this life, but I don’t know if I will in the next life. I’ll give this jug to you. When you find me, give it to me. Hahah, this old man must reincarnate as a king! Damn, it must be a king!” Situ Nan’s laughter echoed as he disappeared into the door.

However, it was unknown if his wish could be fulfilled. To reincarnate as a king on the Immortal Astral Continent was something both Wang Lin and Xuan Luo were uncertain about.

“I hope it goes as he wishes…” Wang Lin had a strange expression. He had a feeling things would not go as Situ Nan had imagined.

The last to leave was Li Qianmei. She smiled at Wang Lin and didn’t say much. She only said one line and then walked toward the door.

“I’ll wait for you… If you can’t find me, I’ll wait for you reincarnation after reincarnation…”

Her words were gentle, but the determination in those words revealed her true personality. Li Qianmei had made a choice and wouldn’t regret it!

Outside the door, only Wang Lin and Xuan Lou remained.

Xuan Luo looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “They have all gone inside. This old man will activate my spells to resist the law of the Immortal Astral Continent. When will you go in?”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He looked at the door and suddenly said, “Can Senior send a few more people to reincarnate in the Immortal Astral Continent?”

“No problem. I originally thought there would be hundreds or thousands of people. Since there were less than 20 people, it’s not too stressful for me. As long as you don’t bring too many people, it won’t matter.” Xuan Luo smiled.

“I’ll bother Senior to wait another five days for me. I’ll bring some more people to reincarnate!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and his words were calm.

There were a few people Wang Lin hadn’t brought because he didn’t want to put too much pressure on Xuan Luo. There wasn’t any direct hatred or any hatred between them. However, for the peace of the cave world, they were in a “could be killed or could not be killed” situation. After hearing Xuan Luo’s words, Wang Lin changed his mind.

Wang Lin clasped his hands at Xuan Luo and then turned around, taking a step. His figure distorted and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was at the edge of the formation between the Inner and Outer Realms.

The new formation was something Wang Lin had made himself. With his familiarity with it, he didn’t hesitate to step through. It only took half an incense stick of time for him to enter the Ancient Star System!

“The Five Masters of the Ancient Star System. The Sovereign has been sealed by me and Blue Dream has moved to the Inner Realm. That leaves Miao Yin, Void God, and Nine Heaven. If I leave them, these three will be trouble. Since their weakened, I’ll find them one by one and send them to reincarnate!” Wang Lin’s gaze was cold as he entered the Ancient Star System. His divine sense suddenly spread out in all directions.

After the events at the core of the cave world, he had reached the peak of Spirit Void and his Ancient Dao inheritance was almost complete. At this moment, Wang Lin had the power to battle late stage Arcane Void cultivators!

At this time, with this cultivation, along with his seven essences and Ancient Dao spells, these three injured masters of the Ancient Star System were not his match at all!

As Wang Lin’s powerful divine sense swept by, his eyes shined. He took a step forward and disappeared.

In the eastern part of the Ancient Star System, there was a crescent-shaped planet. This planet had an irregular shape that was rare and was filled with death aura. There were even a few fierce beats on it.

The planet was covered in yellow sand. There was no day on his planet, only night. Due it being incomplete, there was no grass or trees, only large rocks that rotated around the planet.

At the top of the crescent shape, the yellow sand was floating in the air and the ground was dark. There was a rift there, and in the middle of the rift sat an old man. His face was pale and his eyes were closed as he healed. However, black blood would burst out from the corner of his mouth and drip to the ground, creating sizzling sounds.  

As he healed, smoke-like auras spread out from the planet and entered his body to help him heal.

This old man was none other then Devil Master Nine Heaven, who had been seriously injured by Blue Dream!

Back then, his Joss Flame Realm had been destroyed and his soul had taken damage. He had barely survived and had managed to maintain the remaining life force inside his body. He was using the death aura from the planet to restore his Joss Flame Realm. The surroundings were silent and the sky was dark, but the old man suddenly raised his head. His eyes opened and his pupils shrank.

At the same time, a bright light erupted in the dark sky. As the light shined on the planet, a young man in white walked out.

He had a head of white hair and a cold expression. Wang Lin’s appearance caused Nine Heaven to gasp. He didn’t hesitate to enter the rift to head to the depths of the planet.

Wang Lin’s body remained unmoving and his right hand tore at the earth below. The void before him rumbled and a giant rift expanded to the planet below. The rift touched the planet and the planet trembled as a cracked open. This crack quickly expanded.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the earth split too fast. In a flash, Wang Lin saw Nine Heaven, who was charging into the depths of the planet!

Devil Master Nine Heaven almost lost his mind. He clearly felt the earth behind him being torn apart by a powerful force. He could feel Wang Lin’s gaze locked onto his back.

“Wang Lin!! Are you going to kill me!?! There is no deep hatred between us! Let me go and I promise to never enter the Inner Realm!!” Devil Master Nine Heaven’s scalp went numb and a huge wave was set off in his heart. Wang Lin’s power surprised him; he never expected Wang Lin to become even stronger in such a short period of time!

“Don’’t be afraid. I won’t kill you, I will send you to reincarnate!” As Wang Lin spoke, he raised his left hand toward the planet below. He used both his hands to use Heaven Ripping at the planet below.

“If you want to kill, then kill. What is this about sending me to reincarnate!?” Nine Heaven screamed and desperately formed seals. He arranged all his spells before him and took out a large amount of treasures to resist this shocking force.

The earth rumbled and the planet began to collapse. Cracks spread like crazy, and in just a moment, the crescent-shaped planet was torn in half by Wang Lin!

The impact from the collapse turned into a powerful force that spread across the star system.

Under this impact, popping sounds came from before Devil Master Nine Heaven. All his spells and treasures collapsed. He coughed out blood as he clenched his teeth and wanted to escape. However. Wang Lin silently appeared before him, and Wang Lin’s palm landed directly between his eyebrows.

“I’m indeed here to send you off to reincarnate and not kill you!” Wang Lin’s calm words echoed. This was the last sound Nine Heaven heard. When Wang Lin’s palm landed, his soul was sealed and put away by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin easily sealed Devil Master Nine Heaven, who had been injured by Dao Master Blue Dream. From when he arrived to when he sealed Nine Heaven, it had only been a few breaths of time. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he looked to the west.

He could feel that that was where Miao Yin was healing.

Miao Yin was on a planet filled with spiritual energy. From afar, the planet was a water planet; there were no continents on it, only some islands. The rest of the planet was covered by the sea.

The sea was not blue, but golden. Waves were set off in the golden sea by the wind. There were some beasts swimming in the sea, sometimes revealing their shadows. They were very large.

Miao Yin was sitting in the deepest part of the sea, surrounded by darkness. However, if you looked closely, you would see a sea of white bones.

These white bones were mostly animals bones. As Miao Yin healed in the depths of the sea, there seemed to be a roar that spread through the water through a special method.

“Wang Lin, Blue Dream, the two of you will not die a good death!!” Miao Yin’s eyes opened wide, his expression distorted. He had been injured by Blue Dream and his cultivation level had fallen to Spirit Void. It would take at least 100 years to return to his peak. He could only heal like crazy to try to shorten the time.

As he roared, Miao Yin reached at the sea with his right hand. A vortex appeared and a long, black sea snake trembled and didn’t dare to struggle as it was caught by the vortex.

Miao Yin grabbed the head of the sea nake and bit its neck. He inhaled and drained all the essences of the sea snake. The sea snake instantly turned into a skeleton and was thrown aside.

He was about to continue to cultivate when his expression changed greatly and he looked up.

The sky distorted above the golden ocean and Wang Lin walked out. His eyes were like lightning as he looked at the sea below.

“Miao Yin, today I came to send you off to reincarnate!”

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