Chapter 1792 - This Evening, the Wang Family Will Deliver Reincarnation!

Chapter 1792 - This Evening, the Wang Family Will Be Delivered Reincarnation!

The people beside Wang Lin departed one by one. Before leaving, each of them would clasp their hands at Wang Lin and then head for the door to pursue their dream.

Thirteen knelt down in the void before Wang Lin. He raised his head, and his eyes were filled with determination.

“Teacher, Thirteen will be going. Even when my memory is sealed, I won’t forget the kindness Master has shown me. Even when I reincarnate, I won’t forget it!” Thirteen’s words were filled with determination. His determination was extremely strong, and because of this, even if his memories were sealed, his instinct would remain.

This instinct was the thing he cared the most about: his relationship with Wang Lin as Wang Lin’s disciple.

After Thirteen, it was Situ Nan. Situ Nan had always been careful, and at this moment, he laughed as he flew toward the door. He took out a wine jug and threw it back at Wang Lin. Wang Lin caught the wine jug

“I like to...

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