Chapter 1791 - The Four Spirits Pave the Way for the Dream Dao

Chapter 1791 - The Four Spirits Pave the Way for the Dream Dao

Holding the Dragon Emperor Whip, Xuan Luo lashed out. The whip flew directly toward the door and entered.

A thunderous rumble echoed and the door trembled. The golden chaos inside became a blur and suddenly collapsed. A powerful force rushed into the door and tore an opening inside the chaos within the door.

The opening was very deep, and it was unknown where it went. At a glance, it was dark, but a strange pressure came from the chaos. As the pressure squeezed, the opening rapidly closed.

Xuan Luo’s eyes lit up and he waved the whip once more. He lashed out nine times in a row, thunderous rumble echoing each time, and the dragon whip expanded to tens of thousands of feet long. In the end, the whip flew into the door and tore through the chaos, forming a path with its body!

This road led to the Immortal Astral Continent, it was like the path of reincarnation!

“When you reincarnate, aside from going against the law of the Immortal Astral Continent, there is also the danger of being lost. Remember to follow the dragon and you will be on the path to reincarnate!” Xuan Luo’s words echoed as his hands formed a seal and pulled apart.

“Second spirit, Mountain Demon, appear in the name of his old man!” Xuan Luo’s hands moved and an illusion appeared before him.

It was a snowy world and a heaven-piercing snowy mountain! The mountain was tall and seemed endless. It was covered in white and could shock anyone who saw it.

“There will be an illusion blocking the path to reincarnate. This mountain is a demon that was an ancient mountain on the Immortal Astral Continent, but it was refined by me. I sacrificed countless souls until it became a celestial demon!

“This can protect your souls from scattering!” Xuan Luo waved his right hand and the snowy mountain flew toward the door. Cracking sounds echoed as the road made by the dragon was frozen in white. It extended endlessly.

The path of reincarnation was now protected by the snowy mountain, but it was still not complete!

“Third spirit, Sword Celestial, I summon you!” Xuan Luo waved his left hand  and a slit appeared between his eyebrows. A palm-sized sword flew out.

“I refined 99,999 broken planets around the edges of the Immortal Astral Continent to make this sword. I then slaughtered my way into the celestial land to kill an equal amount of celestials and refined their souls to make this sword!

“This sword is fierce; the moment it appears, the celestials feel fear! Today, I’ll send this sword to escort you all on the path of reincarnation! This will keep you all safe along the way!” Xuan Luo waved his left hand and the sword revealed a fierce aura as it flew toward the door. It was surrounded by shocking sword energy!

This path had the dragon as the road, the snowy mountain as the guard, and the endless fierce sword to lead the way. Although the path was long, aside from the law of the Immortal Astral Continent, all other issue had been resolved and the risk of reincarnating had been reduced greatly!

“Fourth spirit, Wind Devil, appeared before me!” Xuan Luo’s preparations didn’t just end there. The reincarnation this time was not happening on the Immortal Astral Continent, so the key was to resist the law of the Immortal Astral Continent.

As he spoke, Xuan Luo bit the tip of his tongue and spat out his precious essence blood. Blood was red, but the moment it appeared, it turned black. The black blood moved and gave off black gas. It instantly formed a figure that was surrounded by black fog before Xuan Luo.

This figure was blurry but was filled with devilish energy. This devilish energy was not from an ancient devil but from all the evil intent of living things. Once enough of these evil intents gathered, a devil would form!

“I have refined this devil for three reincarnations, and over the countless years, I have gathered the evil intent of 3.6 billion evil people. It has already gained intelligence and can be considered a devil spirit!

“In my Ancient Dao Clan, there is a devil tablet that absorbs the power of worship. It is one of my strongest three weapons!

“With this, it can turn into a seal so that your memories won’t be damaged or go missing when you all reincarnate. Then, once you all are awakened, all your memories will be restored!

“It will also make it so that unless another Grand Empyrean searches your soul, no one else can find out the identity of your previous life!

“With this, the reincarnation will be complete!” Xuan Luo waved his right hand and the black fog flew toward the door. The path of ice inside the door was covered by black fog.

The fog moved and looked terrifying, but it seemed calm and became something like a mirror.

After taking out four of his strongest treasures, Xuan Luo’s expression didn’t change at all. His cultivation was heaven-defying, and he was already prepared, so he recovered from this consumption instantly. He raised his right hand and formed a seal. A blood-colored sun suddenly appeared above his hand.

This sun was originally invisible, but as Xuan Luo looked at it, crackling sounds echoed. The originally illusory sun immediately turned corporeal!

It could be touched, felt, and held!

“Wang Lin, this is made from this old man’s Grand Empyrean power, and it can infinitely increase the power of your dao spells. Use this with your Dream Dao!

“Use this method to seal their memories in a dream until the day you arrive to awaken them!

“For them, this reincarnation will be a dream!” The fist-sized blood-colored sun floated toward Wang Lin and was grabbed by him.

When Wang Lin touched the sun, his heart trembled. He could clearly feel an aura flickering inside the sun that he couldn’t understand but made his soul tremble.

“Is this the power of the nine suns…” Wang Lin looked at the blood-colored sun in his hand and silently pondered for a moment before he closed his eyes. His Dream Dao activated the moment he closed his eyes.

The Dream Dao was Wang Lin’s original spell and was already a powerful spell. With the treasure from Xuan Luo, its power increased several fold and almost reached the point of dreams becoming reality!

An invisible ripple spread out from Wang Lin’s body and shrouded everyone. Slowly, everyone, including Li Qianmei, closed their eyes and were immersed in a dream.

Time slowly passed. In a flash, one incense stick of time passed. A blurry mark appeared between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. The same mark flashed between the eyebrows of everyone else here as well.

These marks seemed to resonate with each other like there was some strange connection between them. This connection would allow Wang Lin to find them in the future.

With a crackling sound, the sun in Wang Lin’s hand shattered.

The moment the sun dissipated, Wang Lin opened his eyes and everyone else opened their eyes. The marks between their eyebrows were no longer flashing but extremely clear.

An indescribable feeling appeared in everyone’s hearts. Whether their eyes were opened or closed, they could feel each other. This was especially true for Wang Lin; he felt it even stronger.

“After you all reincarnate, this feeling will be a lot weaker. However, if you’re not far away from each other, you can all feel it. Now step onto the dragon’s body and this old man will send you guys off to reincarnate!” Xuan Luo’s voice was filled with might, causing Wang Lin and everyone else to silently ponder.

Qing Lin let out a long sigh and walked forward. He was the first to walk toward the door out of the cave world, and his daughter, Qing Shuang, followed. Zhou Yi was about to step forward, but something wrapped around him, causing him to stop.

“Big Brother Zhou, please wait for a moment. I’ll try to help you with your matter when you reincarnate.” Wang Lin’s words echoed in Zhou Yi’s mind.

“Wang Lin, we will meet on the Immortal Astral Continent!” Qing Lin looked to be at ease. He turned around and clasped his hands toward Wang Lin. However, the reluctance in his eyes revealed his true thoughts.

Qing Lin turned around and walked into the mirror-like fog. Qing Shuang’s expression was cold, as if nothing in the world could affect her. However, before stepping into the fog, she stopped for a moment and looked back at Zhou Yi.

“I hope you won’t bother me…” Her words were as cold as her expression, but it felt like there was a deeper meaning. Qing Shuang disappeared into the fog.

Zhou Yi silently pondered and revealed a bitter expression.

Wang Lin looked at Zhou Yi. They had known each other for more than 2,000 years, and he was aware of Zhou Yi’s infatuation with Qing Shuang and their story. Seeing Zhou Yi’s bitter expression, Wang Lin let out a sigh. His right hand wiped past his own forehead and the mark between his eyebrows seemed to dim a bit, like something had been taken out. He then pressed it onto Zhou Yi’s forehead.

“Go, Big Brother Zhou. I gift the seal on Qing Shuang’s memory to you. After you two reincarnate, there might be some connection between the two of you. Perhaps the two of you will meet.”

Zhou Yi bitterly nodded and clasped his hands toward Wang Lin. He walked toward the door with confusion, not knowing if he should hold on. He disappeared into the door.

The fourth to leave was Qing Shui. He arrived next to Wang Lin and looked at Wang Lin with a smile.

“Junior Brother, I’ll wait for you on the Immortal Astral Continent. If you find my daughter first, please take care of her for me.” Qing Shui smiled and looked at Red Butterfly. His fatherly love was very strong.

Red Butterfly’s eyes were red and tears flowed. She walked out a few steps to say something, but she bit her lower lip and didn’t speak in the end.

She watched Qing Shui walked toward the door and watched him disappear within. Tears flowed nonstop as she turned into a ray of red light and flew toward the door like a butterfly.

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