Chapter 1790 - The Dragon Emperor Appears, the Path to Immortal Astral Continent Opens

Chapter 1790 - The Dragon Emperor Appears, the Path to Immortal Astral Continent Opens

“I hope Lord will be have a safe passage…” Mu Bingmei held the umbrella as she looked at Wang Lin through the rain. Her soft words echoed in the rain; they were very soft and not at all cold.

In the end, she decided not to leave. She had come here to see Wang Lin one last time. Who knew when they would meet again.

Wang Lin couldn’t guess her thoughts. Mu Bingmei was not a simple woman. Since she had decided to say, she had her reasons.

He wouldn’t ask, and he didn’t want to ask.

Half a month passed in the rain. At dusk of the last day, the rain seemed to become more dense and formed a curtain of rain. If one looked closely, they could see the end of this hazy world.

Wang Lin stood up and took a step to the sky. Behind him, everyone that was going to leave flew into the air, turning into rays of light. They released a dazzling bloom in the rain.

Standing in the sky, Wang Lin looked down at the earth below him. Mu Bingmei was still holding the umbrella and standing there. Her figure loomed in the rain as if she was watching Wang Lin.

The gentle figure under the umbrella, the long dress, and the strands of hair that fluttered in the wind. There was a sense of sorrow from the figure as they parted.

Looking at Mu Bingmei, Wang Lin silently pondered.

After a long time, Wang Lin slowly said, “If I’m still alive, I’ll return…” 

Mu Bingmei’s umbrella lowered a bit, blocking her face, and she softly said, “If I’m still alive, I’ll greet you…”

Wang Lin raised his right hand and reached out at the void. His seven essences activated at once and gathered in his hand. As the light reflected off the rain, a crystal sword appeared.

This sword was a fusion of Wang Lin’s essences and his Ancient Dao power, so its power was shocking!

“I don’t know when I’ll be able to return to the cave world. Maybe it will be 1,000 years, 10,000 years, or longer. Maybe I’ll never return… I give this sword to you. Take care!” Wang Lin let out a sigh and stepped into the sky.

Behind him, everyone that wanted to leave flew away. Li Qianmei looked back at Mu Bingmei and then left.

Mu Bingmei stood there and looked at the rays of light flying away. Two streams of tears flowed down from the corners of her eyes, and the world became a blur before her. Right now, she looked like a wife sending her husband off, standing at the front door as his figure went further and further away.

“Take care…” Mu Bingmei said softly, so much so that only she could hear. She held the essence sword Wang Lin had left behind and gently walked away in the rain.

In the sky, Wang Lin looked at the familiar surroundings, and his heart calmed down. He faintly had a feeling that the matters in the cave world were far from over.

“With the formation there, unless someone like the Sovereign appears, there won’t be another war between the Inner and Outer Realms! Even though several of the Five Masters are still alive, they are all seriously injured. With Dao Master Blue Dream and Master South Cloud here, there should be no problem. I have a few other ideas that I need to think about.

“The Vermillion Bird General has left, and if the first generation Vermillion Bird in the Outer Realm has really separated from the Vermillion Bird General, then he should have left… I just don’t know if the second generation Vermillion Bird and the others are still there…” Wang Lin silently led the group of people and left the Celestial Realm.

He didn’t go to the Fallen Land.

“The Fallen Land is not that simple… The pointer of the compass for the Heaven Defying Bead…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. There were speculations in his heart, but now was not the time to seek them.

“There was also Master Scarlet Soul, who I released… And the mysterious person who seemed to be sealed in the Wind Celestial Realm who helped me in my battle against Daoist Water… This person later left the Wind Celestial Realm. I don’t know where they are now, but perhaps they will be lured out by the door opening.

“There are many things and places that can’t be explained…” Wang Lin closed his eyes as he walked forward. He put all those doubts and speculations aside to figure out once he returned from the Immortal Astral Continent.

“The Immortal Astral Continent is not my home, my home is here… This departure is like a child leaving home. There will be a day when I return!” Wang Lin opened his eyes, and his eyes shined.

“If I’m not dead when I return, all the remaining mysteries will be solved by me!” With Wang Lin’s current cultivation level, he could go explore all of these, but he didn’t do so. He left these mysteries as something to remember his home by.

It could be said that this was kind of obsession. With these unresolved matters, even if he were to forget everything due to the passage of time, he wouldn’t forget his home.

More than a dozen rays of light led by Wang Lin flew across the stars. Everyone’s cultivation level was high, so they moved like meteors.

Li Qianmei’s speed was a bit slow, but with Wang Lin’s care, it wasn’t a problem.

When there were a few more days before the one month deadline, Wang Lin brought everyone to the door in Allheaven. The golden door gave off bursts of golden light and looked spectacular from a distance.

This door was too large and seemed to support the star system. Xuan Luo was sitting beside the door, and the golden light shrouded him. A shocking pressure spread out from his body and shrouded the surroundings.

The moment Wang Lin and company arrived, Xuan Luo opened his eyes. His eyes gave off a golden glow, and his gaze swept past everyone.

“A few days in advance, but no problem. These people are all eligible to be reincarnated!” Xuan Luo’s words echoed through the stars. When he saw the amount of people, he relaxed a bit. There were less than 20 people, and that would save him a lot of effort.

He originally thought there might be hundreds or thousands of people. If it was like that, it would have been difficult for Xuan Luo. After all, the more people, the more difficult the reincarnation spell would become. This amount of people was the best.

In truth, Wang Lin hadn’t told everyone that people could leave; otherwise, there would definitely be more people that wanted to try to leave. The reason he didn’t do this was because of Xuan Luo.

Wang Lin didn’t want to owe Xuan Luo any more; this time was already the limit. He didn’t want to cause too much stress and injure Xuan Luo by bringing too many people.

Xuan Luo stood up and his hands formed a seal. The star system trembled and ripples echoed in all directions. A thunderous rumble echoed across the star system.

The sound wasn’t too intense at first, but in just a moment, it was like a thunderous rumble that replaced all sounds in the world. Xuan Luo’s big shirt danced as if there was an airflow inside his clothes. His hair continued to sway.

A giant, blood-colored sun appeared behind Xuan Luo. After the sun appeared, the golden color in the star system became dim, as if it couldn’t compete.

The moment the sun appeared, Xuan Lou’s right hand formed a seal and reached toward the void.

“Dragon Emperor Heavenly Spirit, I, Xuan Luo, summon you!” Xuan Luo’s voice was filled with a mysterious force. As his voice echoed, the rumbling became even more intense. Countless ripples appeared, followed by a huge vortex. The vortex rapidly rotated, and it looked like the entire star system was going to be sucked in.

Within the depths of the vortex, it was completely dark, like it was connected to another world.

Just as the vortex’s rotation speed reached a certain point, a thunderous dragon roar came from the vortex. The roar quickly spread out and buzzed in Wang Lin’s ears.


The roar became even more intense and spread across the star system. The expressions of the people behind Wang Lin all changed, and their gazes toward Xuan Luo were filled with fear.

The roar shook Wang Lin’s heart, but his body didn’t move as he stared at the vortex.

The roar continued to come out of the vortex. Although Wang Lin couldn’t see the inside of the vortex, he could imagine how a dragon was struggling to break out of it.

A moment later, when the roar was about to collapse the star system, a giant head forced its way out of the vortex. The head was too big for the vortex to support. The vortex collapsed and its pieces scattered as a shockwave spread out.

The giant head was a dragon head!!

It had a single horn and two dragon whiskers that were thousands of feet long. It had purplish-black scales and a cold and cool gaze.

All of this formed a behemoth that would shock anyone who saw it.

What was even more bizarre was that the tip of the horn was not sharp but square. From afar, the tip of the horn almost looked like the crown of an emperor!

Just the head was nearly ten thousand feet large. At this moment, only the head had come out. The dragon twisted its body and thunderous rumbles echoed. It seemed like it was going to come out completely!

“This dragon is one of my nine weapons, the Dragon Emperor! It came from the wild lands of the eastern outskirts of the Immortal Astral Continent! There are countless fierce beasts there, and this dragon was one of the pinnacle existences there!

“It had mid stage Void Tribulant cultivation. Back then, this old man killed it, took its soul, refined its body, extracted its bones, and refined it into a weapon! This weapon is a whip. This old man will use this whip to lash the law of the Immortal Astral Continent to create a gap for you all to reincarnate!” As Xuan Luo’s voice echoed, his right hand reached toward the dragon.

The dragon let out a roar and its body rushed out from the void. 20,000 feet, 30,000 feet, 50,000 feet, until it was hundreds of thousands of feet long. It arrived before Xuan Luo and quickly shrank until it was a blood-colored dragon whip about 1,000 feet long!

This whip gave off a shocking pressure. Even Wang Lin’s pupils shrank when he saw the whip, and he was secretly alarmed. He felt that he could not withstand even one hit from this whip!

The power of this whip was unimaginable!

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