Chapter 1788 - No Regrets About the Promise Made

Chapter 1788 - No Regrets About the Promise Made

Wang Lin lowered his head and looked at the familiar space outside the golden gate. He silently pondered.

Xuan Luo’s words echoed in his ears and lingered for a long time. The words revealed to him the preparations of entering the Immortal Astral Continent and the consequences. Wang Lin understood.

“Reincarnate…” Wang Lin muttered.

“Perhaps a few years, perhaps 1,000 years… All those that want to leave the cave world without a bloodline will need to go through this. After a long time, they will appear somewhere on the Immortal Astral Continent...

“When we meet 1,000 years later, I’ll need to release their sealed memories…” After a long time, Wang Lin looked up at Xuan Luo and gave a deep bow.

Wang Lin vaguely understood that to go against the law of the Immortal Astral Continent like this required Xuan Luo to pay a great price.

“Junior doesn’t know who will decide to leave the cave world and how many there will...

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