Chapter 1787 - I’d Rather Be With My Wife Forever

Chapter 1787 - I’d Rather Be With My Wife Forever

As his words echoed, Xuan Luo’s figure slowly appeared in the palace Wang Lin was bowing toward until his figure appeared in the star system.

The moment Xuan Luo appeared, the expressions of Dao Master Blue Dream and Tuo Sen suddenly changed. Their pupils shrank and their expressions became extremely solemn.

They hadn’t noticed the mysterious Xuan Luo who had suddenly appeared. Even now, they could only see him, but if they were to close their eyes, they wouldn’t be able to detect him.

Xuan Luo didn’t even look at Tuo Sen and Dao Master Blue Dream. Instead, he looked at Wang Lin with a smile of interest and waited for Wang Lin’s answer. He was not surprised that Wang Lin knew where he was hiding, but he couldn’t help but make speculate when Wang Lin had called out his name. He guessed a few things.

Xuan Luo smiled and slowly said, “I know. In the first flower in the world, where that little white tiger set up the law, you took a wisp of soul from the little Planet Five Elements...

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