Chapter 1778 - Ancient Dao, No Celestials!

Chapter 1778 - Ancient Dao, No Celestials!

“This was a battle between gods and celestials…” Wang Lin’s cultivation slowly disappeared and his essences hid themselves. Right now, his entire body gave off a dense Ancient Dao aura.

“Back then, the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign battled Ye Mo, and in the end, Ye Mo died… It was a pity. Today, I’ll continue that battle with you!”

Wang Lin raised his right hand and mercilessly formed a fist. Popping sounds came from his hand. Wang Lin’s silver eyes shined as he waved his sleeve and walked toward Old Ghost Zhan.

While moving forward, the heartbeat in Wang Lin’s body rumbled, causing chaos in Old Ghost Zhan’s heart. Old Ghost Zhan felt pain in his chest, and his expression was gloomy.

In the sky, the Yi Si Puppet turned into black fog and rushed toward Old Ghost Zhan.

“Heartbeat, thunder echo!” Wang Lin spoke calmly, and as he spoke, the thunder-like heartbeat became even faster.

As the heartbeat violently raged,...

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