Chapter 1776 - Group Against Old Ghost Zhan!

Chapter 1776 - Group Against Old Ghost Zhan!

The powerful aura that had rushed into Wang Lin from the heart below rumbled inside his body like thunder. It washed over him and made him feel like he was inside a violent storm.

The stars of the three clans rotated rapidly and all showed signs of reaching nine stars.

The large heart’s heartbeat beat along with Wang Lin’s heartbeat. Wang Lin even had the illusion that this giant heart was his heart.

The giant heart followed the beat of his own heart. This feeling became stronger and stronger.

In the end, Wang Lin could not hear anything but the beating of the hearts. This sound made Wang Lin felt very comfortable. The warm feeling also caused the stabbing pain in his heart to slowly dissipate.

A sense of enlightenment entered Wang Lin’s mind. This insight came from the heartbeats. In the last layer of the Ancient Tomb, Wang Lin felt like his heart was being stabbed and was about to explode.

Wang Lin vaguely grasped this method of attacking,...

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