Chapter 1775 - Ancient Tomb Inheritance!

Chapter 1775 - Ancient Tomb Inheritance!

Wang Lin felt no joy in taking the Sovereign’s soul. Instead, he felt somewhat sad. Wang Lin had heard the Sovereign’s name when he was only at the second step and then, once he had gone to the Ancient Star System, they had encountered each other many times.

This person could be considered the leader of a generation, but his life had been sad. He was but a slave to the madman. Then, after the madman had gone missing, he had been forced to worship the Seven-Colored Daoist as his teacher and listen to the Seven-Colored Daoist’s commands.

Now he had half his soul taken by Wang Lin and had fallen into such a state.

All of this was very similar to how the Sovereign had gathered the third step cultivators of the Outer Realm to attack the Lord of the Sealed Realm until the Lord of the Sealed Realm was only a sliver of a soul inside the Heaven Defying Bead. It was like a reincarnation cycle.

The killer had been killed!

Wang Lin let out a sigh and clasped his hands at Dao Master Blue Dream and c...

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