Chapter 1774 - The Sovereign’s Soul!

Chapter 1774 - The Sovereign’s Soul!

As the Sovereign spoke, ripples appeared on the earth of the second to last layer of the Ancient Tomb, and it instantly turned water-like!

The figures of Wang Lin and company appeared on the water. It was as if they were being drowned by the water in the well.

Unless it was absolutely needed, Wang Lin wouldn’t battle the Sovereign. His enemies were the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan; adding the Sovereign would make it extremely difficult. Although he didn’t want to fight, the Sovereign’s purpose was to kill Wang Lin.

Therefore, Wang Lin was forced to fight!

Wang Lin also held a great advantage. Yun Yifeng, Tang Shan, and Tuo Sen had helped him seriously injure the Sovereign. Coupled with Wang Lin’s previous deduction, he was able to deal a serious blow to the Sovereign’s mind.

Based on various conditions, this perfect situation to kill the Sovereign had appeared. The most important thing was the third person Wang...

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