Chapter 1772 - Xuan Luo Acts!

Chapter 1772 - Xuan Luo Acts!

Various spells closed in as the Sovereign walked out. The Sovereign was extremely cautious. Although he didn’t know much about the Ancient Tomb, when he had the Seven-Colored Daoist save Miao Yin and company, he had learned some of the secrets here.

That was why he could arrive here so quickly. He had witnessed the fierce battle in the second flower and had seen Wang Lin use the bow three times. With his understanding of Wang Lin, and his own analysis, he was certain Wang Lin no longer had the power to draw the bow again!

Otherwise, with his understanding of Wang Lin, Wang Lin wouldn’t have let the Seven-Colored Daoist go and then let Old Ghost Zhan chase after the Seven-Colored Daoist.

In his mind, without absolute certainty, Wang Lin wouldn’t set up a plan to use the lion to devour the tiger. From his point of view, he couldn’t guess Wang Lin’s limits.

Because he had come to this conclusion, the Sovereign thought that...

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