Chapter 1769 - Entering the Ancient Tomb Once More!

Chapter 1769 - Entering the Ancient Tomb Once More!

A sting of pain came from Wang Lin’s left arm. He felt like something was drilling into his heart. Cold sweat broke from Wang Lin’s forehead, but his expression remained unchanged. He slowly raised his right hand and looked at the gas that was drilling into his left arm.

The gas seemed to have no end and continued to enter Wang Lin’s left arm. Wang Lin’s left arm gradually became rough, and complicated runes flickered on it.

It wasn’t until one incense stick of time passed that the last strand of gas entered Wang Lin’s left arm. That feeling of being able to tear open the world that he felt when he obtained the right arm emerged in Wang Lin’s heart.

He slowly moved his five fingers on his left hand and cracking sounds echoed. After a long time, Wang Lin formed a fist and walked forward. He appeared at the center of the ice pool.

Wang Lin raised both his hands and felt a powerful strength fill his body. After absorbing...

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