Chapter 1767 - Seize the Remanent Soul

Chapter 1767 - Seize the Remanent Soul

Wang Lin silently pondered and sat not far away from the woman. Her words echoed in his heart. He had not heard of this before; after all, he had not fused with the third soul.

Looking around, this place was covered in endless ice, similar to what the woman had said.

A moment later, just as Wang Lin was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed and he looked into the distance. He saw bursts of fuzzy ripples echo. This was caused by someone else entering.

The woman also noticed the ripple and quickly said, “You’re the first person to enter this place, so you are the master here. If you wish, this place will become a formation that stops everyone else from moving forward.

“However, if the person who rushes in is too powerful, it can’t hold them off for long.” 

After she finished speaking, she looked at Wang Lin. After she saw Wang Lin nod, she waved her hand. Crackling sounds echoed and ice appeared...

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