Chapter 1766 - Dong Ling Sect

Chapter 1766 - Dong Ling Sect

Thanks to using the madman as a shield, the destructive force was weakened to a point where Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao inheritance could resist it.

As the madman went back to sleep, Wang Lin rapidly retreated toward the nine Eye Fishes.

Wang Lin moved very fast and arrived next to the nine Eye Fishes while holding the sleeping madman. When he looked over, his pupils shrank.

He saw that only four of the nine Eye Fishes remained!

The other five had disappeared!

Wang Lin didn’t have time to think, so he waved his sleeve. Three Eye Fishes were taken by him. Just as he was about to take the fourth one, it disappeared before him.

Wang Lin’s scalp went numb and he looked toward where the Eye Fish had disappeared. There was nothing there; only the sound of the collapse of the 300 destroyed worlds echoed.

Xuan Luo stood there and looked at the cautious and surprised Wang Lin, revealing a proud smile. Seeing Wang Lin’s expression, his smile became even wider.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed an indiscernible amount. He knew a secret about the Eye...

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